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It was four thirty-two a.m.; May first, a Wednesday morning. While most of the residents of Newport, California were nestled away under the covers of their warm beds in the privacy of their own home, Ryan and Marissa Atwood sat cuddled together in a hospital bed at Newport Presbyterian Hospital. Wrapped in a soft pink blanket, a baby slept soundly in its mother's arms.

It started about nine the night before, when Marissa was relaxing on the couch about to watch a movie. Her husband, who had been grabbing a snack in the kitchen, was startled by a sudden burst of noise emitting from his wife.

"RYAN!!!" she had screamed at the top of her lungs. "IT'S TIME!"

Fifteen minutes later they arrived at the hospital and fifteen minutes after that Summer and Seth had arrived, both on their cell phones, having been given the position of heads of the phone tree.

At four-oh-six Ryan had entered a waiting room filled with family and friends, to announce the birth of Amy Summer Atwood who weighed seven pounds even and was twenty and a third inches long. She had the faintest dust of blonde hair resting upon her head, and was an exact replica of Marissa except for the eyes and ears, which were his.

"We'll see her tomorrow." Kirsten had told him. "You should all get some rest."

Seth nodded. "Yeah dude, you kinda look like hell."

"We'll bring breakfast." Summer added giving him a hug. "Tell them both that we love them."

He walked back to the room to see his wife talking softly to their sleeping daughter.

"…and daddy is going to spoil you rotten. I know it seems like he puts up a tough front for most people but with us it's different, you'll see. He's probably not going to let you date until he's dead though, but I'll try and loosen him up. And your Aunt Summer and I will take you shopping and turn you into a diva, yes we will. And Uncle Seth will try and turn you into a geek but we won't let him. Grandma Kirsten and Grandpa Sandy will probably let you have anything you want, and Grandma Julie says she's too young to be called Grandma so we'll have to figure something out. She wasn't the best parent when I was growing up but she really has changed for the better. And Aunt Kaitlyn will probably try to turn you into a rebel so you'll have to promise me to watch out for her."

"I'm going to let her date before I'm dead. Just as long as I'm old and senile and can't remember."

Marissa glanced up and smiled. "See Aim? I told you he was a good guy."

Ryan let out a small laugh and climbed in bed next to her, pressing a kiss to her lips and then on the baby's head. He sighed. "Can you believe that we're parents?"

"No. Wasn't it yesterday that we were sixteen and I was sneaking over to the pool house in the middle of the night?"

"You know Sandy always said not to blink, because life will fly by before you know it."

Marissa nodded. "We blinked."

"And now we're twenty three years old and have a kid."

"Did you ever think we'd get here?"

He frowned. "Honestly? Sometimes. But back then I didn't think about the future very much, it was a lot just to deal with what was going on at the moment."

"I know what you mean. But I did think about a life with you. And I'm glad it happened."

"Me too." They shared a gentle kiss. "I love you Marissa."

"I love you too Ryan." They both glanced down at the pink bundle. "And we love you too."


"Shut up Cohen, the nurse said they were still asleep."

"Well I'm sorry for hitting my foot on the corner!"

"Watch where you're going next time, you almost took down a lady on crutches!"

"Guys, seriously, calm down."

"Sorry Mr. C."

"Yeah, sorry dad."

"Let's just sit in the waiting room so we don't stand here in the way."

"Great idea mom, we're right behind you." Thump! "Ow! I'm sorry ma'am."

"Oh my god. Seriously Cohen, I'm admitting you here so they can monitor you 24/7. Please excuse him miss, he's mentally retarded. Is your leg okay?"

"I'm not mentally retarded, I'm just clumsy. Here, let me help you back into your wheelchair…"

Ryan and Marissa let out yawns and looked around. The clock said nine thirty but it might as well have said midnight. They were both exhausted.

"You'd better go tell them we're awake before they kill someone." Marissa said as she listened to her friend's commotion out in the hallway.

"Or we could listen for a little while longer."

She laughed. "Go."

Ryan sighed and did as he was told. "Come on in." he said, pulling the door open wide.

"Oh thank god Chino!" Summer rushed in to hug her best friend. "Coop! Ohmygod, you're a mom!"

"And you're an aunt!" Marissa replied happily.

Sandy and Kirsten moved to hug her as well and, surprisingly, so did Seth.

"When do we get to see her?" Kirsten asked.

"I just buzzed for a nurse." Ryan replied sitting down next to the bed. "Now I remember being promised food?"

"Right! It's just McDonalds but we didn't think it really mattered." Summer handed he and Marissa each a bag displaying the golden arches.

"Sum, I love you- so much. Seriously, they wouldn't let me have anything last night and when I finally was allowed to eat I couldn't stay awake." Marissa dug in to her food eagerly. "This is perfect. Thank you."

"Yeah, thanks." Ryan repeated, his mouth full as well.

"Mrs. Atwood! Good morning!" A tall, full figured red head with glasses and who looked to be in her mid-twenties entered the room wearing pink scrubs adorned with kittens. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm good Chelsea." Marissa looked up at the woman and smiled, and the nurse immediately returned her grin.

"I see you finally got something to eat. And Ryan too, awesome. I'm guessing you buzzed me to request something?" she giggled. "I'll be right back."

"She seemed nice." Sandy observed once the girl had exited the room.

Marissa nodded. "She was the one who was assigned to me last night and she's really great. Nice, but not annoying."

"And she knows where her boundaries are." Ryan put in. "She's cool."

"You're lucky. I can remember when Seth was born," Kirsten grimaced at the memory. "I think I had the oldest nurse on the planet and she couldn't remember anything, let alone my name."

They laughed and Ryan and Marissa continued to tell the group about their hospital adventure for awhile before Chelsea appeared again, this time pushing a crib on wheels. She came to a stop next to the bed and smiled as she gently placed the baby into her mother's awaiting arms.

Marissa stared down at the child, who slept soundly.

"She's doing great." Chelsea informed them. "We changed her and fed her last night, gave her a bath and she went to sleep easily. Didn't wake up much, which is impressive, and her test results came back fine."

Marissa looked up. "Tests? What tests?"

"Just the required tests for each newborn- it's done to everyone and its routine, to make sure everything internal is working okay." Chelsea explained quickly. "Amy is fine, I promise. A little tired from the big event yesterday, but other than that, she's great."

The young blonde's face relaxed. "Oh. Okay. Thanks Chelsea."

"When you need a break or anything else, just call for me and I can take her back to the nursery for you. We have the best staff in the world, so there's nothing to worry about." She nodded to everyone else and headed to check on her next patient.

"Coop! Oh my god!" Summer looked at the baby in awe. "She's so perfect."

"You want to hold her?"

The brunette nodded and took the child into her arms. "Hi there Amy. I'm your Aunt Summer. I'm gonna make sure you have lots of inappropriate phrases to say around your daddy."

Kirsten took a turn holding baby Amy next, then Sandy, and finally Seth reluctantly allowed the infant to be placed in his arms.

"Since I'm your Cool Uncle Seth I'm gonna have to come up with a super cool niece nickname for you." He told the child.

Summer smiled at her husband's interaction with her new niece. "Cohen, you're a pro."

Seth nodded. "Well I am Cool Uncle Seth. I guess I just have a way with kids."

"Good thing." Summer said quietly.

The curly haired boy turned to eye her. "What?"

"I said it's a good thing you have a way with kids because that will come in handy in about…. seven and a half months." She mumbled nervously. "Surprise Cohen, I'm pregnant."

Ryan removed his daughter from Seth's arms as a blank stare came across his face.

"Seth?" Summer waved a hand in front of him. "Cohen? You alive in there?"


"I can't believe he passed out." Marissa laughed later that day. The family was long gone and it was now just the small family of three in the room.

"He did better than I expected." Ryan admitted. "For a second there I thought he was going to go into cardiac arrest or something."

"Don't say that! Oh my god, that's terrible! But you may be right." She finally said.

"All I'm saying is that once the nurses got him up and alert he seemed okay."

"Yeah, he was pretty excited when they left."

Ryan glanced down at the baby sleeping in his arms. "I just hope Summer knows what she's in for. He's going to want to name the kid Clark Kent or Bruce Banner or something."

"Well Summer isn't going to be a pleasant experience either. I know I was bad with the hormones but imagine what she's going to do."

Ryan thought about it. "We'll help her raise the kid after she kills him." He decided.

"Knock knock." Chelsea stuck her head in the door. "How are we doing?"

"Good." Marissa reported.

"That's good to hear. I've come to check your vitals and take a blood sample." The nurse explained as she entered carrying a small box filled with medical supplies. "Then Dr. Glass is going to examine you and see how you're healing. And while she's doing that I'm going to take Amy and clean her up in the nursery."

Marissa frowned. "Do you have to take her?"

Chelsea laughed. "Getting attached? Yes, I'm afraid I have to. Besides, you need all the rest you can get since you're being discharged tomorrow."

The blonde's eyes went wide. "Really?"

"As long as Dr. Glass agrees that you're okay, then yes. I need your arm." She took the extended arm and wiped it with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. "Little stick in three, two, one-"

Marissa winced as she felt the familiar prick in her arm. "Ow."

"All done." Chelsea held up the small tube now filled with blood. "Good job. Now I'll just take Miss Amy here and Dr. Glass will be with you shortly." She laid the baby in the wheeled crib and grabbed her box. "I'll be back to check on you later."

"Thank you." Ryan called. He turned to his wife. "How are you feeling?"

"Very anxious to get out of here." She answered honestly. "I'm so ready to go home. We have everything ready, right? All of the stuff is put together and-"

"It's all taken care of." He assured her. "The stuff that wasn't done when we left, Summer and Seth took care of yesterday. It's all set up and waiting."

"Hello there." A young, curly haired brunette grinned as she entered the room. She wore a white lab coat with her name stitched across the upper left corner, revealing to everyone that her first name was Sara, and had simple black pumps on her feet. Her eyes were soft and warm, and the smile on her face made her only that much more beautiful.

"Hi Dr. Glass."

"Hey guys. How are we doing?" she sat down on the edge of Marissa's hospital bed, acting as if she was more of a friend than a doctor, which was one of the qualities Marissa liked about her.

"Great. I'm feeling really good."

"And how's parenthood?"

The couple grinned. "Amazing."

"You like her okay then?" Dr. Glass laughed. "Good to know."

Ryan shrugged. "I think we'll keep her."

"Nice choice! She seems like a good one." She patted Marissa's leg affectionately and grabbed her chart, glancing it over. "Well, how about we get this exam out of the way and then we can focus on getting you out of here tomorrow? Sound good?"

"Sounds great."

The exam didn't take long and before they knew it, it was Saturday afternoon and Chelsea was entering the room with a wheelchair.

"Miss Marissa, are you sure you don't want to stay a little longer?" she teased.

Marissa smiled. "I'm positive." She was back in her normal clothes and sitting on the edge of her bed while Ryan sat the bag of necessities they had brought next to her.

"Well then, according to hospital policy you have to be wheeled out." The nurse informed her. "And Ryan, I have a few last minute papers here that I need you to sign."

Ryan quickly looked over the papers she handed him and scribbled his name at the bottom.

Chelsea double checked them and nodded. "Great. So Marissa, let's get you in the chair and we'll head to the nursery to get your daughter."

Taking a hand from each of them Marissa was gently moved to the wheelchair. Ryan grabbed the duffle bag and gave the room one last glance to make sure nothing was left behind and followed the girls out and down the hallway. A few minutes later they arrived at the nursery where they found Dr. Glass placing baby Amy into the carrier Seth and Summer had dropped off earlier, a diaper bag next to her.

"Ready to head out?" she asked happily picking the carrier and diaper bag up and walking over to the door.

"Very." Marissa replied.

Dr. Glass smiled and went with them down the elevator and out to the car by the entrance where Ryan had pulled it a few minutes earlier.

"Well, it has been a pleasure to work with you Atwood family." She said finally.

Ryan nodded and shook her hand. "Thank you for all of your help. And you too Chelsea."

"Yeah, thanks." Marissa mimicked his actions.

"If you need anything at all just call me."

Chelsea smiled. "Good luck guys!"

Marissa was soon helped into the passenger's seat and the baby was strapped into the back before Ryan climbed into the driver's and started the car.

"You ready?"

Marissa nodded and he smiled.

"Good. Because we just got in way over our heads."


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