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(READ: Because fan fiction has issues with author's notes by themselves, what's below is, in a way, another 'preface,' even though the official preface is the chapter after this one (Preface: Breakdown). This particular excerpt is from a much later chapter. My chapters are nevergoing to be this short- this is an excerpt. Do not ask me what's going on; you'll have to read to find out ;) FYI: 'She' is Bella.)

The not too distant future

(Jacob's POV)

I always asked myself why I let these thoughts take me over. It was too much to handle sometimes. We were done, even though a part of me, small, stored away deep inside, wanted nothing more for it to be farfrom over.

Things had happened that were beyond my control, and I didn't see us ever being one again.

Yet, I began to reconsider that thought, when fate decided to smack me in the face shortly after NYU's graduation and she was abruptly thrown back into my life again.

And that was when things got complicated.

Because, for the first time in my life, the moment I saw her again, I didn't know what I wanted.