"Edward! Edward! Edward, Edward, Edward!"

"God Alice can you please be quiet!"

All day she has been bugging me. She has been trying to make a bet with me, but I just have that Alice Cullen will make your life a living hell during this bet feeling. After all these years you just have to know not to bet against Alice. It all goes from eating human food (which is awfully grossness!) to walking around somewhere in a diaper asking everyone to marry you until someone actually says yes. Yeah I shall not go there. I shuddered at that memory.

"Please Edward! Please, please, pllleeeaaaasssseee!" she said begging. "Can't you just hear the bet? It's not going to kill you."

"Uh yes it would." I stated and leaving the room to go outside. And of course she followed. I was debating on either running into the forest or to my car.

"Come on Edward and don't even think about it I will find you. Just take one moment out of your somewhat confusing life to hear me out."


"If you don't want to take the bet I'll leave you alone for the rest of the day." she said with a smile.

"Mmm make that a week."

She smiled,"Yay! Alright you're not allowed to touch Bella for a week and I already seen that you want me to not shop for a week. Ok if you win I won't drag you shopping with me for a month," I nodded thinking this will totally be easy to win Alice will go crazy wanting to shop, "and if I win you have to go shopping with me and let me dress you in anything I want." She finished with a grin.

Damn that sounds soo easy, but in the back of my head it was screaming at me not to agree.

"Alright," I said, "I'll do it." I took her hand to seal our bet when I saw her grin that made me want to take it all back.



"Alice do I have to wear this?" I can't believe this.

"Yes and if you don't I swear I'll take you shopping for the rest of the month."

I shut up after that since it wasn't worth it. Trust me. Yeah I woke up this morning with Alice inches from my face saying to go eat real quickly and come back up. I did so and when I came back she completely undressed me (which was awkward in my favor) and put me in the most sluty cloths ever, which brings us back to this fight well disapproval since I can't do shit about it. She put me in a low cut baby blue, sleeved shirt with tears on the sides, a black ruffled skirt, and oxford high heel pumps that are white and black. Ok maybe it's not that bad but it is for me.

"Come on Bella you only have to do this for a week." She stated.

"A week! Why do I have to do this for a week?"

"I made a bet with Edward and I cannot lose."

Alice had that hostile face which scared the hell out of me. So I had to agree. I think I gained 2 pounds because of the make-up she put on me. When we got to the school I really didn't want to get out, but Alice dragged me out carefully yet roughly into the school. It was dead silent when I walked in and it was the longest 2 minutes of silence in my life.

"When I become a vampire I will get you back for this," I said angrily.

I spotted Edward, which had a lot of lust in his eyes, and was about to go run to him when Alice grabbed me and whispered, "Oh Edward isn't allowed to touch you today."

Well there goes this morning's hug, "One hug? Please Alice"

Considering it she nodded and said, "This hug will be the last one for a week."

I quickly ran to him and gave him a hug but it only lasted for 15 seconds because of Alice.

"Remember our deal," she said with a smirk.


Oh god. I'm going to die. I'm going to kill Alice. All day I had to resist touching Bella and every time I thought Alice wasn't looking I tried to touch her but Alice would say in her head, "Are you really going to break on the first day?"

With that I told myself I can do this. Then that's when I heard it. Mike effin Newton and his damn thoughts. We are in biology one of the last classes of the day and Mike just had to think about Bella.

Woah. I'd love to see her in that outfit. Maybe she will wear a skimpy cop outfit asking me if I've been a bad boy. Shit! I need to go to the bathroom but how can I go without anyone knowing? Oh yeah my jacket.

Mike raised his hand and asked, "Mr. Molina can I go to the bathroom?"

Mr. Molina nodded. Mike got up with the jacket in front of him. Just when he was walking by I pulled his jacket to the floor showing everyone his not so big erecting. His face turned bright red. I was one of the first ones to start laughing. Bella just looked back down towards her books giggling.

Crap, crap, crap. Ok Bella isn't looking at you so just grab the jacket and walk slowly out of the room.

Instead of grabbing the jacket he just ran out of the room. Mr. Molina calmed everyone before leaving to go find Mike to make sure he didn't leave school. Using my unique hearing I listened to their conversation while Mike covered his pants the whole time.

"Are you alright Mr. Newton?"


"I'll go call your parents to come pick you up. You can come back tomorrow to pick up your things unless you want to go back and get them—"

"No! Uh I mean I'll get them tomorrow."


I looked over to my angel to see that she looked disappointed.

"Edward I know you did that." She stated.

If I could I would have blushed.