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When she kissed me I knew instantly that it was Bella so being the vampire I am, I put my hand on the back of her neck and the other on the small of her back kissing her with so much passion. That's when I heard a high pitch voice screaming. CRAP!!!

"HA! I win! I win, win, win, WIN! Eat that SUCKER!" Alice screamed and started doing her happy dance. "WOAH WHO! Now you have to be my SLAVE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Suck on THAT!" She finished gloating and grabbed my love's hand and Rosalie's and tried to head backstage but I wrapped my arms protectively around Bella.

"Where you think you're going?" I whispered into her ear.

She shivered and was about to say something until Alice yanked her away.

"Edward Cullen?!"

Uh oh! RUN!!


After Alice pulled me away before I got a chance to reply but was kind of thankful that I didn't have to.

"Alice, what are you doing?" I asked still flustered.

"Oh, we are just going to change out of this crap," she pointed at her makeup, "and we are letting the boys have fun with their visitor." She smirked at the last part.

"Who's here?"

"You'll just have to see tomorrow!" Alice said while poking my nose.

I just rolled my eyes and walked into a dressing room waiting for Alice to bring me a bag. Once I got it I quickly changed out of the clothes and put on the sweats pants and Abercrombie shirt on.

Alice let me put them in the bag! YAY for me!

After I changed I walked into the bathroom stall to have a girl moment. Once I was done I went out to look for Alice and Rose who were casually sitting in some chairs. I raised my eyebrow at Alice's innocent expression.

"What did you do?" I said cracking a smile.

"Hmm nothing…yet." She said with a glint in her eye and looked at Rosalie.

"Come on lets go." I started heading towards the boys but Rose grabbed my arm and shoot her head.

"No, wait here for a moment." She gave me a stern look. I sighed and sat on the chair next to her.

My mind wondered around for a couple seconds when I thought about something.

"Hey, you still haven't told me why you put those cameras in the gym."

"UGH! Bella stop asking questions that have to do with tomorrow! I need you to be patient so that tomorrow can be a great day for the three of us." Alice got this crazy look in her eye again.

Nuh uh! Not this time!

Without thinking about it I grabbed the brush from the table and hit her with it, hard. She stood still from shock since my human strength couldn't possible hurt her. She and I were transfixed, I for not knowing why I hit her and her from me hitting her. We both jumped at how Rose started laughing. Her laugh was chronic and if she was a human she would be gasping for breath or possibly died from laugher. That broke our frozen state and all three of us ended up laughing with me supported by Alice but ended up falling flat on my face when she dropped to the ground.

"Ow!" My remark just brought another round of laughter for the pixie and model. "Oh shut it. It's not like I can have super vampire reflexes." I mutter the last part while trying to stand up but ended up failing miserably.

"Why did you hit me with a brush?" Alice asked with wide eyes and poked me in the ribs.

"I wanted to take that damn look out of your eye. It scares me to much!"

"Bella, it scares everyone…so get over it!"

I just stuck my tongue out for my response.

"Ok can we go back to the boys I want to go home." Rosalie said with a pout.

"No, both of you are going are going to go to the car while I go talk to Dexter for a….video." Alice smirked and skipped off.

I looked at Rose, shrugged, and walked towards the car.

As we were walking out I asked Rose a question that has been bugging me since we left, "You don't think Alice is going to get a video of us dancing right?"

After thinking about it she said, "No, she wouldn't dare. Plus Emmett and Edward my kill her if she shows people of us prancing around."

I thought about it and figured Rosalie was right and just to wait in the car like a good girl.

Eddies POV!

(The next day)

Something feels wrong. I know it. Ever since the girls left us as the horrible club everything just went wrong. I refuse to think about who we met at the club, so I decided to focus on other peoples thoughts even though I only crave one…

Random student 1: My hands smell like Taco Bell. I don't eat tacos!

Random student 2: Ugh why doesn't he stop talking to me!?

Random student 3: I should make my own bomb. To the internet!

Note to self: stay away from Eric.

Random student 4: Can't let the ninjas find me, must hide in building...

Random student 5: PEBBLE! You are my pebble. Mmm your name shall be François or maybe…


Random student 7: I can't believe I saw him at the strip club...

Random student 8: Tik Tok Tik Tok OWL!


That thought scared me out of my zone. I looked around to see that on the flag pole was one of my old, old, OLD tidy whities and there by the pole was a bunch of girls. I then notice that Lauren was on top of Jessica's shoulders trying to climb their way up to the underwear. Then some girl with red hair punched this other girl in the face and started to climb the pole but said girl that got punched yanked her by the hair which made both of them fall.

Only one person could have done this….ALICE!

Trying to avoid the girls and their animal behavior, I looked around for my freak of a sister.

Where is she?

The bell rang signaling for us to go to calls. Today was the day we were suppose to go to the gym while the principal talked to all of the teachers about worthless stuff like a bat flying into Jessica's purse and teachers finding students a stair way having sex. Yeah that kind of crap that a normal school goes through.

I took each step carefully and keeping an eye, and mind, out for Alice, Rosalie, or my wonderful Bella but mainly that Alice.

As I go through my classes I notice that mainly all the girls were damage in some way. It turns out the janitor lady got my underwear and told the girls she threw it away but secretly has my underwear in her bag.

What a creep.

Plus every time I passed Emmett or Jasper I would ask them if they knew where their partners were at but they too don't know. I was debating on whether or not to go home but by the time we were going to the gym I thought I should stay with my brothers. Once all the students were in the gym I looked around for my sisters and my other half, but to only come up with random kids picking their nose and gossiping. I also notice none of the teachers where in here. Actually there weren't even any adults in here. How peculiar.

A kid with pants up to his belly button and glasses walk up to the laptop and projector that was in the middle of the gym and put a disk inside the computer.

Nerd: I hope she's give me my first kiss by doing this.

Dread filled me when I saw the title of the movie pop up on the screen, "Diamond Club Cabaret". I looked over at Jasper and Emmett to see them freaking out and trying to convince themselves it was just a coincidence. Then I looked at the person we ran into at the club and she also was freaking out.

Then the screen was showing Bella straddling me, Alice shaking her ass off for Jasper, and Rosalie showing her breasts to Emmett. There was a lot of whistling and hooting coming from the boys and jealousy coming from the girls. The screen then centered in on me and Bella making out and Alice dancing her pixie dance.

"HA! I win! I win, win, win, WIN! Eat that SUCKER!" Alice screamed and started doing her happy dance. "WOAH WHO! Now you have to be my SLAVE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Suck on THAT!" She finished gloating and grabbed my love's hand and Rosalie's and tried to head backstage but I wrapped my arms protectively around Bella but Alice yanked her away and ran from us boys.

I knew the next part and lowered myself in my seat.

"Edward Cullen?!" yelled a nasally voice. Lauren Mallory appeared on the screen in hot pink stripper's outfit.

I gagged seeing the image again.

My face showed panic as I said, "Oh crap."

Emmett fell of his chair laughing his ass off while Jasper was scooting his chair away from Lauren.

"I was like totally NOT expecting you and your like stepbrothers to be with you." She said with that nasally voice of hers.

"Well… uh… I didn't expect you here either. Uh I guess I'll see you later…bye!" I was stuttering like a fool and I couldn't even escape from the repulsive girl.

"You can't leave!" She squeaked, "I have to do my job you know so…" That's when she started dancing in front of me. I had a look of pure disgust as I watched Lauren try to dance. Her dancing was so horrible I felt that some part of me barfed and died.

Apparently everyone thought her dancing was bad since they were laughing.

Lauren then started butt grinding in the air and shaking her arms. I saw the shiver of disgust go through me. Emmett was still laughing and Lauren, feeling she was giving me too much attention, walked over to Emmett and started humping his leg. That made him stop laughing. Then she started doing some disco moves that not even Carlisle would do.

Jasper was about to get up when Lauren jumped off of Emmett and landed in front of a panic Jasper. She then put her hands under the skirt and took off her underwear and threw it. Poor Jasper had the underwear land on his head. That's when we ran out like a crazy bat from hell leaving a shocked Lauren behind.

"Damn they're fast!" Lauren said.

The screen went blank and everyone was quiet.

Again Emmett, Jasper, and I appeared on screen walked out.

"I feel like I can throw up!" Emmett yelled.

"She made me feel dirty." I said still grossed out.

"I'm going to kill you Emmett for dragging me there. I don't know when, where, or how but one day I'm going to make you wish you never brought me here." Jasper said dazed.

"Come on guys, let's go find the girls." I said and we made our way around the back of the building.

That's when a hysterical girl came out of nowhere and tackled poor Jasper.

"OH MY GOD! You have to help me!" the girl with red hair, blond high lights and really revealing clothes said.

"Uh…" was all that came out of Jasper's mouth.

"These girls forced me to him and he wouldn't let me go! I had to blind fold him to escape! That old man is…is some kind of cougar!" her makeup was smearing from her crying.

"Veronica! Where are you darling?" I raspy voice called out.

"Oh god!" she hid behind Emmett.

An old man popped out of nowhere like some wizard and was eyeing me and Jasper lustfully then asked, "Hey guys have you seen a girl with red hair?"

Speechless Emmett stepped away from the girl.

"Ah there you are! That wasn't very nice to run off. After all I get to have you as long as I want!" The creepy old man grabbed the girl and walked off with her smacking her butt with his cane.

"Dude that's was creepy." Emmett said.

"Scratch that Emmett, I'm going to kill you slowly REAL SOON." Jasper said with a shiver.

The screen went blank again. Everyone started glancing between Lauren and us Cullen boys. Well great.

Silence broke when Alice, Bella, and Rosalie became visible to everyone and they were laughing hard which caused everyone to start laughing at us. Lauren's face was as red as Mario's hat and not wanting to feel embarrassed anymore I got up and fast ran towards the door to find that its lock. Oh how I wish I could us my vampire strength.

"Sorry Edward but we just love to humiliate our boys." Alice said with a smirk.

Jasper and Emmett was by my side in an instant.

"Man I wish you could have seen your faces," then Alice put on a shock face, "Oh wait you can. I recorded all of your faces including Lauren's." And with that said Rosalie picked up Bella and ran off with Alice at her side. We were shocked.

Emmett: …this isn't right, usually me and Rose do it tag team…

Jasper: I can't believe my sweet little Alice did that to me. Oh the betrayal!

"Well Edward I didn't think you had it in you." I turned around to see Mike Newton smirking.

"Shut up Newton." I was about to exit and track down the girls but he just had to speak again.

"Do you think I can get a copy of that? I'm sure everyone would like to see the beginning over and over again."

"Emmett hold me back before I badly injure him." I said with clench teeth. Emmett grabbed me and started pulling me outside while I glared daggers at the vile Newton. How I wish to hit him with real daggers. I felt my phone vibrate signaling I had a text message.


Remember Girls Rule, Boys Drool.

Luv yo sis Alice.

P.S. You cant kill Newton just b/cuz boys r lust over us.

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