The boat made its way back toward the pier. Everyone was talking about how much money this trip would make. There were occasional mentions of how everyone had to gather their stuff up before heading home. It seemed hard for Setsuna to believe they were all going back to Mahora after this. She smiled as she remembered how all this had simply started as her honeymoon. It was definitely going to be something she never forgot. Konoka leaned on her shoulder as they both sat watching the boats go by. Kotaro was heard talking to Chizuru, their voices coming from up in front. Yuna and Kaede were silently up by the wheel as Kaede guided the ship in. Konoka smiled up at Setsuna and said, "You know, when we graduate from Mahora we should come and live here. It is such a pretty place. Not half as pretty as you though. Life's going to change a bit from here on out isn't it?"

Setsuna nodded and said, "It sure will. We're married now, I think at least one couple is getting stronger and another is just starting. Asuna's gonna pitch a fit when we all get home. She'll probably yell at us for acting like Negi-sensei."

Konoka laughed and then gave Setsuna a hug and a kiss. "I bet she will. I do know one thing we'll have to do when we get home."

Setsuna smirked and lowered her voice so no one would overhear, "I'll be sure to follow any of your wishes when we get home. I know we could use the alone time."

The two smiled at each other. They had said everything they needed to in just those few words. The boat finally came to a stop as they reached the pier and tied off the boat. They all got off the boat and Kotaro and Chizuru handed down the chest full of gold and silver to Kaede and Setsuna. Setsuna had already made up her mind to go to the local bank with their find first to see if they would get more for it there than if they sold it to the merchant who had told them what they had found.

The walk into town took them a while. Having to carry their find halfway across town was slowing them down as they had to change who was carrying it every so often so that none of them were overworked from carrying the weight of it. They were asked by several locals what it was they were carrying and they managed to dodge fully answering the question. At the bank they were met by one of the representative of a local museum as well as the manager of the bank. Setsuna had called them ahead of time back at the dock, informing them of their find. The museum curator was expressing high interest in their find, calling it one of the biggest finds that year. The bank and the museum offered Setsuna and the rest of them fifty million yen each for just what was there and told them that, since they held the finder's rights to the dive site, the bank would off them ten times that amount for the rest of what was on the ship. Setsuna asked the rest of the group about it, thinking the question over. Konoka and Kaede both said it sounded like a great offer. Yuna, Kotaro and Chizuru also didn't offer up any argument over it. "We'll take the offer. Fifty million now for what we have and five hundred million for the rights to the rest of the treasure."

The curator nodded and thanked Setsuna for accepting. The bank manager excused himself and went into the back to get the money for all of them. A few minutes later he came back with eight hundred million yen, the total amount of the transaction. Setsuna handed over the treasure and signed the rights over as the curator and the bank manager handed over the money. Everyone shook hands and Setsuna, Kotaro, Konoka, Kaede, Yuna and Chizuru all walked out of the bank far richer than they had ever been in their lives. In front of the bank was the treasure dealer they had met the day before. "It's a good thing you went to the bank with this trip's find. You got far more money from them than you would have me. You see I work for Fate Averruncus. You have all, well all but Yuna there, have been in Fate's hands this entire trip. He played you this whole trip, save for this last day. It was his way of rewarding you all without having to do so directly. Fate-sama has plans that no one can ever see the finish of once it has started. There was some intervention on the part of Maga Nosferatu Evangeline, seeing as she threatened all of us to not kill you, mortal peril was apparently fine but we could not kill you. That meddling High Daylight Walker will one of these days overstep a boundary and find herself wishing she could die when she can't. Be thankful you have such a powerful ally."

Setsuna spoke aloud in wonder, "why on earth would Fate plan all of this and then let Evangeline interfere? He strikes me as the kind of individual who could care less about what Evangeline could say."

The treasure dealer shrugged, "Who knows why Fate does what he does. He's always planning and is so many steps ahead of us all that it is impossible for me to guess what his ultimate goal is. As for why he listened to Evangeline you would have to ask either Fate or the woman herself. Needless to say it has been delightful watching you clean out a ship that Evangeline herself sunk so many years ago."

Kotaro said in surprise, "Eva-chan sunk that ship? I know she's immortal but what reason would she have had for doing such a thing? She's as much told us she wouldn't attack anyone unless provoked after a certain point in her life."

Again the shopkeeper shrugged. "That is an answer I do not know. I shall be seeing you all again very soon I hope. Tell Negi that Fate sends his regards." With those words she turned and walked away.

"Well that was odd." Said Konoka.

Everyone nodded at that. No one could have said it better. To all of a sudden be told that everything that had happened since they had gotten there was being orchestrated by Fate put them all on edge a bit. His shadow had stretched over the whole trip and they hadn't even known it until the very end. The news particularly worried Setsuna , she had seen her whole world turned upside down and backwards. O know it had been thought out and planned made her worry what else she had been through had been like that. Konoka sensed her worry and gave her a gentle hug. "Don't worry about it Se-chan. The trip is almost over and we'll be out from under Fate's weird plans. Just think about what you want when we get home."

Setsuna smiled at this and immediately took her lover's advice. Kotaro broke her thoughts after a short time. "I knew that merchant was trouble. I just couldn't peg why. Now we know. I didn't think Fate was still behind it though. Hearing Evangeline got involved doesn't surprise me though. I had thought she was behind the whole thing."

Kaede bluntly told him to drop the topic for now. Chizuru shut up his forthcoming argument by giving him a kiss. A short little spat between Kaede, Chizuru and Kotaro broke out. Yuna and Konoka laughed as they all argued over dumb little points. Setsuna smiled at the whole thing. This trip really had brought them all much closer as friends. She noticed how much closer everyone seemed with those they loved. Everyone here save Kaede had the terrifying experience of losing one they loved, and even Kaede had learned from the experience. A lot of positive things had really come out but one thing still felt like an ominous cloud. It was the fact that Fate had toyed with all of them and then had gone as far as to tell them that this wouldn't be the last time they dealt with him.

The trip to the hotel was short and gather all of their things together took no time at all. Soon enough they were saying goodbye to those at the hotel for the last time. The fact that they were headed home hit them with a feeling of relief. As they arrived back in Mahora a few hours later they all noticed how out of place their tans were. The time out in the open on the boat and the rest of their time spent outside have given everyone a nice deep tan. Setsuna smiled at how everyone looked when it was out of place. They hadn't noticed it because that was how everyone had looked down there.

A short time later they had all parted ways and Setsuna and Konoka had walked back to their dorms. It felt so good to finally be back home. Konoka flopped down on the bed as soon as she had set her bags down. Setsuna smiled as she looked at Konoka. "We're finally home. After all that hell we went through, we're finally back. I clearly recall you saying you wanted. Me naked on the bed and begging you to do everything to me. What do you say to getting your wish?"

Konoka smiled and sat up. She was about to say something when a knock came at the door. "Hey Setsuna, Konoka, I heard you guys were back." Said Asuna who was standing there smiling. "Am I interrupting anything?"

Setsuna smiled and said, "Give us about one hour and we'll come and explain everything to you and Negi."

"Alright Setsuna, you two have fun then. I'll see you in an hour." Asuna said as she closed the door.

Setsuna laughed and quietly locked the door. "Now what was your answer? I believe Asuna interrupted you."

Konoka giggled and said, "What do you think my answer to that would be? Of course I would love to see you like that. After all I was the one who suggested the idea."

Setsuna leaned down and gave Konoka a gentle kiss. Konoka pulled her onto the bed as they kissed. It slowly turned more passionate as Konoka tugged at Setsuna's skirt. Setsuna was undoing Konoka's top as they let their tongues start playing with each other. Setsuna soon found she was skirt-less and that Konoka had started to quickly work on taking off her top. Setsuna finished unbuttoning Konoka's top and immediately pulled off Konoka's skirt. The two of the kissed more passionately as they soon found themselves in nothing more than their underwear. Setsuna felt her bra and panties leave her body quickly as Konoka finished undressing her. Soon enough afterward Setsuna had Konoka naked as well.

Setsuna slowly broke their kiss and playfully said, "Konoka, do everything to me."

Konoka smiled and then trailed a slow line of kisses down Setsuna's neck to her breasts. Setsuna moaned softly as Konoka gently sucked at one of her nipples. Konoka gently slid a couple of fingers inside Setsuna as she switched to the other nipple. Setsuna moaned a bit louder now that Konoka was inside of her. Konoka slid her fingers in and out of Setsuna, going slightly deeper each time she went in. The feeling was driving Setsuna crazy with pleasure. Her moans were getting louder, urging Konoka to go faster. Konoka then slowly trailed a line of kisses down Setsuna's stomach and stopped just above her opening, teasing her slightly before sliding her tongue inside her. Setsuna gasped in pleasure as she felt Konoka lick at her clit. It was slowly driving her ever closer to her climax. Konoka played with Setsuna a bit more with her tongue, causing Setsuna to finally come, a loud moan accompanying the moment. Setsuna smiled and said panting, "That was amazing Konoka."

Konoka smiled and gave Setsuna a kiss, letting her tongue slide into Setsuna's mouth to share the flavor. "Your turn now Princess." She said with a smirk.

Setsuna smiled and didn't waste too much time with teasing Konoka. She wanted Konoka to feel the same amount of pleasure she just had. She kissed Konoka and slid two fingers inside of her. As she trailed a line of kisses down Konoka's front, Setsuna picked up the speed of the motion of her fingers. Konoka was already moaning rather audibly as Setsuna slid her tongue inside of Konoka. She immediately went and focused on playing with Konoka's clit, working it back and forth with her tongue. Konoka was moaning loud enough to be heard in the next dorm as she finally came. She was out of breath when she spoke. "That...was...amazing." She said breathlessly as she was kissed by Setsuna.

The two of them cuddled for a while in the afterglow and then got up and got dressed. They walked down to Negi and Asuna's dorm and knocked. Asuna answered it and let them in. It took them a whole two hours to explain everything to Negi and Asuna. When they finished another knock came at the door. It was Evangeline. She wasted no time in speaking, "I see all of you made it back safely. It's a good thing Fate held up his end of the bargain, I told him I would personally kill him if he didn't. Did you learn something from that little test? You see, I knew Fate was going to go after you both in Okinawa. So I told him a plan that would teach you both a good lesson and get Fate to leave the country once more. I hadn't reckoned on him involving Kotaro's girlfriend though, so I had to step in once more. As for the ship you found sunk. I personally sank it all those years ago. It was called the "Gale of Zephyrus", a pirate ship. Any gold you sold was already mine in the first place so I had one of Fate's agents act as a treasure seller. I hadn't really reckoned on you going back to the bank the second time though, but I had enough time to have them route what gold you sold to them over to one of my accounts. I did let the Museum curator keep a few though since he was nice about the whole thing. You've been inside a little game of mine since you started training with me. Life is constantly teaching you lessons. I hope this little adventure taught you that."

Setsuna smiled at Konoka and said, "Yes it has, and much more besides. I learned that love is a bond not easily severed and friends are you're greatest asset in life. I guess in a weird way I have you to thank Evangeline for teaching me something I probably would have taken years to figure out."

Evangeline smiled and left without saying anything further. Konoka and Setsuna excused themselves after a few more minutes of talking to Negi and Asuna. When they both got back to their dorm they both lay down on the bed. Konoka snuggled close to Setsuna.

"I love you Konoka, more than anything in the whole world." Setsuna said quietly as they drifted off to sleep.

The last thing Setsuna heard before finally falling completely asleep was Konoka saying, "I love you just as much Setsuna."

The two of them finally slept peacefully. It was going to be a long road but they would get through everything. They had each other and that was enough for them to be completely happy.

(Author's note: Here it is, the last chapter. A lot of time was spent writing this. So many days of writer's block worked through, several classes that interfered with this story being written. Honestly when I started this, I had no idea how long it was going to take to finish. Now here I am on the other side of it, finished. There's a big thank you due to everyone who read this and everything else I write. As always, read and enjoy.)

Shinobi of the Onyx Sands