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Iruka slammed his head down onto his worn desk and sighed loudly. After a full school day, then four hours working in the mission room, he was exhausted and unbelievably bored, and he'd missed his favourite soap opera. He banged his head once more and growled loudly in frustration.

"You'll bruise your pretty head doing that Ru."

Iruka grinned, still face down on his desk.

"Kashi. Its time to go?" He smiled, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Maa Iruka, you act as though this job isn't fun."

The tan teacher lifted his head up to mock glare at him, before jumping up and grabbing his bag. The two men walked slowly towards the door, fingers entwined.

"Kakashi." Iruka grinned, stopping just before the building's exit, "Carry me home?"

"I suppose I could, but I think I'd like a reason first."

Iruka pouted but started his argument all the same. "WELL! First the kids were all excited because it's the weekend, then I got a headache and lost my lesson plans. Then I had to work late in the mission room, someone stole my favourite pen and I missed my show. And Jackie was finally going to tell Don what happened to his father!" Iruka took a deep breath and finished his rant, panting slightly, unaware of the smirking Jouunin watching him sulk happily.

"Climb on."

Iruka grinned and immediately cheered up. He jumped onto the taller man's back and rested his chin on top of his lover's head.

"And you didn't miss your show. I taped it for you this afternoon."

Iruka's eyes widened slightly before he smiled down at the mess of silver hair in front of him and kissed the top of the man's head.

"Hatake Kakashi, I love you."