A/N: A story born from randomness, but it made so much sense! Probably to remain a one shot, but I don't know...

Chapter 1: Mornings Suck

Sora yawned for the umpteenth time that morning. He'd managed to yawn more times than he can count on his hands, and generally when that happened, he didn't feel like using his toes to continue.

He checked his silver watch for the time, and as usual, he was going to be late for first block. Did he quite care? Negative. The teacher was a sadist anyway. She always called him down for taking notes. He took his notes the way he wanted to, and he just learned better with pictures than with words. Why was that so hard to believe? All he needed to do was remember that day, and he could. Based on how he drew the teachers death, he could figure out what day it was, whether it be Monday or Friday's notes. Then, based on the attacker, he could determine the exact day (He had exactly 31 good guys that killed the sadist teacher,) And by the background, he could figure out the month. So with all those important clues, he could steal someone else's notebook and copy the notes at a later date.

Time passed by slowly, and for some odd reason, he found himself standing in front of the school. Doing one last check of his watch, he determined he was late. When he went to open the door to enter, it was locked. Sora began to panic, he knew they locked the doors at 9 every morning, but he was here at 8:15! Was his watch wrong? He quickly texted his best friend, who did not reply within the timely two minute time limit for a texting conversation.

He began pacing around, this was not good. He knew he was late, but to lock him out was beyond rude. Not to mention cruel. He paced the steps, and heard someone close their car door. He looked over and saw the principle, finally! Someone could let him in! "Oh, hey Sora! You're here early!" The principle waved.


Did he say early? That wasn't correct, no way it was. "Uh, Mr. Ansem, it's about quarter past eight, we're both late." He pointed to his watch to emphasize his correctness.

Ansem looked at the watch, "Ah. It would seem that you're watch is an hour ahead, it's only seven fifteen." Sora looked at the man confusedly, what did he mean an hour ahead? "I guess you forgot about the time change?" Sora mentally kicked himself. What a way to start the day. One failure down, and more to come.

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Sora was allowed to put his stuff in his first block class, all thanks to Ansem and his master key. But now, Sora thought that he should try an attempt at suicide to cure his boredom. He'd been here for no more than ten minutes, and he was beginning to show signs of being insane. And he thought for sure he was insane when he asked if he could...

Organize the Papers.

What had he been thinking? He knew the secretary only played solitaire and pretended to sort this stuff, but had she really neglected it so it would look like a mini city of papers? His smile twitched, as he moved his iris across to look to the right, and found the folders. They were there, but there were only six. How was he to organize this? He sighed as he began to take one folder and wipe away the dust.

This job, despite its appearance, was actually proving to be quite beneficial to him. In the giant stacks of papers that resembled mini skyscrapers, he found some of his D-hall slips he'd acquired throughout the week, they had found themselves 'accidentally' dropped into the paper shredder. He had also stolen a popsicle from the freezer in here. He should be early more often if this is what he can do. He got up to stretch, and let his arms drop to his side. He had eaten more than half the popsicle, and was just chewing on the stick now. When he heard a knock on the door he turned his body, but not his feet, to see who it was.

In stepped Kairi, his good childhood friend, and crush since... Was it sixth grade? He couldn't remember anymore. It was a long time, that's for sure. Riku has told him numerous time that she likes him also. However, he doesn't believe him. He's lied about many things before, and not to mention he's managed to get all of Kairi's friends in on this lie, too. "Oh, hey Sora! What're you doin'?"

He quickly finished his popsicle, afraid he was looking like an idiot. "Well, as hard as it is to believe, I'm doing work."

Kairi about fell over, possibly out of shock. "You? Doing work? The Apocalypse is coming!" She flung her hands into the air, in fake shock. "But seriously, why are you doing work? Especially organizing papers?" Sora had found himself quickly distracted in a piece of paper, namely an office referral. "Sora, are you listening to me?"

Sora grinned, "Kairi, you got sent to the principles office last month? What for?"

Her face turned a very slim shade redder, "I was doodling! And the teacher about read it out loud, so I took it from her." She crossed her arms and looked at the paper. She caught a glimpse of her name and office referral. "That's the referral! Give it here!"

Sora was keeping it away from her, holding it above his head, "Why? It's just a referral."

"But it might say what the doodle was about!" She blurted. Immediately, she covered her mouth.

Sora immediately became highly interested in this one piece of paper. "Oh? Now I'm interested to see what you wrote." Using one hand, he kept her out of reach of the paper, "Name: Kairi Yamato. Reason for referral: Class disruption, please explain. Kairi had made a doodle on her note sheet about-" His arm slipped, and Kairi bolted directly for the paper, which meant she had to go through him. When she collided with him, he fell and knocked over a pile of papers, which in turn knocked over another, then that stack knocked over another, and another... Until they were swimming in papers.

They both popped their heads above large stack of papers, and Kairi had the paper already placed in the paper shredder, "Whew, now he'll never know that-"

"Never know that you what, Kairi?" He asked, 'swimming' over to her.

"None of your business." She growled. Sora knew he was treading on a very thin border between pleased, and angered. He figured it would be best if he fell towards the pleased side. "But, we should probably leave, if the secretary walks in we are so screwed." Sora nodded his head, he knew all to well of being caught in a bad spot. They quickly opened the door to the outside of the office, and quickly slipped away, just as the school began filling up.

Unbeknown to the best friend/ unknown lovers, was Riku smacking his face in with his hand. He'd planned this out so perfectly, he'd set Sora's watch an hour ahead, told Kairi that Sora would be at school early, and even paid the janitors to use the back door. He'd have to try harder. He might... Riku gulped at the thought,

Get help from Selphie.