Chapter 5: The Dart Game

One of the many things Sora loved was the random student games that appeared around school. They would be popular for a few days, then be replaced by a new one later on. The process repeats, only some games stay for two months, and some were over by the end of first period. An example would be what Sora called the '10 Seconds' game. In this game, if you said the word 'what' you had ten seconds to get rid of it, or something bad happened to you. Whether it be a light punch on the arm, or being dunked in the clogged school toilet, the ending results varied.

The newest game was by far the most original, the Dart Game. The rule was, if someone called your name, and shot an imaginary blow dart at you, you had to drop to the floor. No excuses. If you didn't play, you were shoved in a locker (because the jocks in the school have that kind of man power.) So simply, you had to call someones name, and when they looked at you, blew on your imaginary blow gun to shoot an imaginary dart into that persons neck. Thus, resulting in them sprawled on the ground, unable to get up unless someone pulled that dart out. You couldn't speak either if you had been shot.

Sora was great at this game. He had claimed ten victims before first period even started (Sora arrived early for to 'help' the secretary.) Absolutely no one had seen his immature acts coming, and were forced to the ground. Anyone who tried to get Sora were quickly taken down by his quick reflexes, and no one had tried to take him down.

As Sora walked into his first block class, he shot Tidus, who dropped down to the floor. Instantly, Yuna pulled the dart out, only for Sora to shoot both of them consecutively. He laughed and sat down in his seat next to Kari, whispering over to her, "I'll help them out if the teacher starts to get angry at them."

Kari, unlike Sora, despised these games. She felt that she was... 'above' them (although she will still play a game of tag with the gang.) She rolled her eyes and whispered back, "It would be better if you didn't play the games at all, you know."

Sora snickered, "Yeah right. These games are fun. I haven't been shot once, and anyone who has tried was taken down." He crossed his arms and smiled triumphantly. "Absolutely no one can beat me right now."

Again, Kari's eyes took a lap around their respective sockets. "Keywords there, 'right now'. Someone is going to get you." About that time, the teacher walked in, and began to lecture class. However, when the classroom broke out into a free for all Dart War, she simply gave up and went over to her computer to catch up on her Jane Austin fan fiction stories... ahem, update grades.

Eventually, the bell rang, and everyone either pulled an imaginary dart out of someone, or shot someone on the way out. Sora tagged four people before slipping into the hallway to get to his locker. Then, he tagged ten before he got to his locker, and countered three while he was at his locker. Sora laughed evilly, "I am unstoppable! No one can tag me!"

"Hey Sora!" Riku called out.

Sora turned to face his best friend, his guard completely down at the sound of Riku's voice. "Oh, hey Ri-" Sora faced true horror, as his best friend tagged him with an imaginary dart. Shaking his head, he pointed and shouted, "No way! You tricked me! You put me into a false sense of security!"

Riku laughed, and pointed at Sora, then at the ground. "Get down, Sora! You were tagged by the unstoppable Riku!" He flexed and laughed. Every time Sora tried to retort, he said "No! No! You were tagged! Get down!"

Finally Sora dropped down. Sprawled about the floor. He didn't mind, someone was bound to help him out. Eventually, Kairi would stop by his locker, and she'd pull the dart out. Sure, he'd face a lecture, but that beat being stuck out here. So, Sora waited with a wide grin on his face, believing that he'd be helped by Kairi.

That is, until the tardy bell rang, and Kairi was no where to be found.

Now Sora began panicking, and given, was a bit mad. There are about seven hundred students in this school. (What could he say? Big island.) And of the two hundred he saw, not ONE even attempted to help him up. He hadn't done anything wrong! Sure, he tagged about fifty of those people...

Sora mentally beat himself mercilessly. Those fifty people have friends. So it was possible those 300 people were in some way connected with those fifty. Even if it was through some obsurdly long chain of the 'friends of friends of cousins of brothers of sisters of unicorns of pets of mickey mouse's kid' deal. He giggled at the last part of the chain. Mickey Mouse's kid...

So, Sora laid there on the floor, unable to move. If he did, he faced the horror of being shoved in a locker. Sora had no want to be shoved in a cramped locker. He laid and waited, before long, the release bell rang. People came out of class, shooting each other with the imaginary darts, and then soon after having said darts removed. Sora grinned, maybe someone would finally pull the imaginary dart out of him this time. Surely someone would see him, here. Or perhaps even step on him, then they'd pull the dart out.

They didn't. And they even stepped on him.

Thus, the tardy bell rang again. And Sora was again stuck in this hallway. This was now a serious issue, he had missed a class, and was preparing to miss another because of this game. He couldn't afford to miss next block. That was Xemnas' class. Missing that class was like waxing a hairy chest... immense pain was always soon to follow.

Speak of the devil, he saw Xemnas walking down the hallways. Sora gulped hard. He could see the smirk on Xemnas' face the moment Sora landed his eyes on the heartless monster. Worst part was, Xemnas had altered his course slightly so he would walk right by Sora. As Xemnas came ever closer, Sora began naming off everything he'd ever done that was bad. Yes, even the time he pulled his Grandpa's last hair out. Then finally Xemnas was right beside Sora, and stopped. Sora's eyes watered, hoping it would save him from whatever was coming... right about the time the unexpected happened.

Sora felt a sharp pain in his stomach, along with the sound of a boot hitting the tiled floor.

Xemnas just kicked, kicked, Sora.

Sora was no longer able to keep his generally open mouth shut any longer. "You kicked me!" He shouted, only causing Xemnas' grin to widen even more.

"Oh dear... you talked when you had one of those imaginary darts in your neck... I don't remember removing it. So... do you know what happens now, Sora?" He asked, clasping his hands together, his smirk now an insane grin.

Sora blinked once. Twice. Three times before his brain processed all the information, and he felt like crying. "W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-what? Y-y-you're kidding, r-right?" When Xemnas' hand grasped Sora's collar, he knew Xemnas was dead serious. "No way! You're kidding!"

"I am not." He laughed lowly, and quite possibly, evilly. "And I have the perfect locker for you, Mr. Sora Hikari..."

"No! Anything but the locker! D-Hall! ISS? Suspension? Anything!"

Xemnas only chuckled more evilly. "Here we are. Locker six, six, six. My favorite number."

Sora's eyes widened at the locker number. "You're a sadist!" Sora shouted, struggling to get out of the grip as he could hear the locker opening... it sounded a lot like someone opening a casket. "No! Don't bury me! I'll be your slave! I'll sell my body! Just don't put me in that grave!" However, Sora's pleading fell on deaf ears, and he was tossed in with the door slammed right behind him, and a lock clicking. Sora was getting ready to start banging on the locker door when he heard a petite voice, that was oddly familiar speak. "Oh my god! This locker is a link to hell! I knew it! I swear, I'm sorry I pushed Riku off his bike! I didn't know it would scar emotionally for life! Honest!"

"Sora, get a grip on yourself."

Sora looked at where the voice was coming from inside the locker and noticed that the locker was a bit more cramped than it looked. Then, as his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he could see a faint outline, and a unique eye color that was like an indigo color almost. "Oh, Kairi, it's you. For a second I thought you were a spawn of Satan or something dangerous like that." Then Sora remembered their tight, and enclosed space. "By the way, how did you get stuck in here?"

Kairi simply replied, "Didn't play the game, and Axel tossed me in here." After a few moments of silence, he heard Kairi mumble, "I-it's kind of dark... and c-cramped in here."

Sora may be slow to catch on, but he knew immediately what Kairi was talking about. He was very close to Kairi. Sora was in the middle between a wall and her. Not a bad position, but not exactly a good thing either. Sora did stupid things in these kinds of situations... not that he's been in something like this before, it was just a hunch. "Y-yeah, it kind of is..." Suddenly, his hand felt uncomfortable. "I'm going to try to move my arm... tell if I, uh... touch something I'm not supposed to." He saw Kairi's outline nod, and Sora began to make his move. Literally.

Slowly, Sora pulled his hand from it's spot and grazed Kairi's arm. She gasped a little bit, but it was short and contained mostly. Then to follow up, his hand somehow managed to land on her ass. "Eep!"

"Sorry! I swear I didn't mean to!" Sora began trying to move his hand again, but found he really couldn't the locker boundaries just wouldn't allow the motion of backwards. "Uh... I can't move my hand..." Next thing Sora knew, there was something pressing up against his chest, and it sure felt like two things. Good thing it was dark... "K-Kairi?"

"I... I can't move back. There's not enough room. I tried to move forward so you could remove your h-hand from my b-butt..." She muttered. Sora could see her looking away, all shy like... that was new. Generally Kairi was never shy. Maybe Riku had something to do with that? He almost always did... "H-hey, Sora... can I tell you something?"

Sora perked up instantly. Was this what he thought it was? "Sure, you can tell me anything. I'll always listen."

"W-well... ever since we've been friends, and especially s-sixth grade, I've kinda..." Sora leaned in slightly, "w-well, I've sort of..." Sora leaned in a bit more, feeling his heart beat faster. "I think I l-" Kairi was interrupted as the locker was opened, and both of them were sucked out like astronauts into space. Except the results wasn't weightlessness.

Nope, it was one hundred percent awkward. Somehow his other hand found its own way to the other cheek (if you catch the drift,) next to his first hand. And Kairi's chest was fully against his, and her arms were around his neck. It really made him wonder how all of this bodily motion happened in just those few seconds. It also amazed him how red their faces got, and how quickly they were three feet away from each other. A few people could be seen whispering, others, texting their friends pictures of what they just saw.

Sora couldn't look up, talk about bad timing. That locker sure was better than out here. Both he and Kairi power walked out of the situation, and stopped by their lockers, unable to look each other in the eyes. "S-so, Kairi... what we're you saying?"

Kairi scratched her cheek nervously, "I think I l... like the dart game." She smiled at him, and Sora felt his heart drop a bit. So much for a good ending. "A-anyway, I better be going to my class... b-bye Sora!" She waved at him and left... a bit faster than usual. Sora left shortly after, a bit slower than usual.

And Riku, poking his head out of the empty trash can bashed his skull against said trash can. Shouting in frustration, "COULD THEY BE ANY MORE CLUELESS!" He climbed out of the trash can, and paced back and forth. It took a lot of planning to get them in the same locker like that. But no. Someone didn't follow through with the plan, and opened it. "Heartless damn it!" He kicked the trashcan over, and calmed himself down. Their were plenty of chances to come... he'd just need to take them and plan more carefully than last time.