Okay, I needed a release from my coursework before it all suffocated me. To be honest, I think these little one shots are a bit pointless – but I'm in the mood for Troyella fluffiness, and so, I couldn't resist.

Basically, they're teeny tiny one shots that are from the scenes of HSM3 that I think there should have been a kiss, if that makes sense. Every time I watch the movie, I always say that there should have been a kiss in that scene, this scene, and that scene etc. You get me?

Anyways – just read, and you'll understand what I've been blabbering about :D

Desired Kisses

Chapter One – 'Right Here, Right Now'

"But right now there's you and me…"

The two of their voices blended perfectly together as they sang the last line of their touching song. Gabriella closed her eyes in contentment, basking in the feeling of Troy's protective arms wrapped tightly across her front, shielding her from the slightly chilly breeze of the evening. Troy nudged the side of her temple with his nose, before pressing a soft kiss into her curls, and Gabriella smiled serenely as her petite body fell back against his sturdy chest, her head resting on his shoulder.

She gazed up in wonder at his handsome face, her deep chocolate orbs sparkling with love as she watched him smile softly at the people dancing below them, the championship party still in full swing. Feeling her eyes on his, Troy cast his gaze down to her, his strikingly cobalt eyes locking with Gabriella's immediately, and he leant down to press a gentle kiss against the elegant curve of her neck, grinning against the smoothness of her skin as she shivered in delight. After a second kiss, Troy lifted his head, his lips trailing across her silky cheek before they stopped at the corner of her mouth causing Gabriella to sigh in delight before she turned her head slightly to capture his lips tenderly, her breath hitching as Troy responded fervently.

Neither of them grew tired of this. Each kiss was sacred, special, meaningful, and it allowed them to show their love for one another in a gentle, simple way that made both of their hearts flutter in enchantment.

Lifting one of her hands, Gabriella cupped the back of Troy's head, tilting it slightly, her slim fingers ran through the messy strands of hair at the top of his neck. In response to her affectionate move, Troy brought one hand up to stroke down the soft skin of her throat, the motion making Gabriella moan softly, her body tingling deliciously.

Breaking the kiss a moment later, Troy leant back in to gently suck on her bottom lip, initiating another kiss before slipping his tongue through her parted lips, allowing Gabriella's to curl around his gently, starting a slow, romantic dance. Feeling her neck ache slightly at the strained position, Gabriella gently disconnecting their lips, turning quickly within the confinements of his comforting arms, before leaning up on her tiptoes to connect their lips once more, their tongues tangling quickly, as if they'd missed the two seconds of separation.

Minutes later, the two of them pulled away, the need to breathe becoming slightly desperate, but unable to resist , Troy swooped back down the press a quick, chaste kiss against Gabriella's delicately swollen lips, grinning against her mouth before pulling back.

"Hey," he whispered, his warm breath ghosting over Gabriella's features, causing her eyes to flutter.

"Hey," she responded, her thumb rubbing his cheek affectionately as she smiled radiantly up at him. Sighing reluctantly, Gabriella pulled away from his warm body, the smile on her face not diminishing as she took in Troy's delirious expression.

"So, you wanna head back to the party?" Troy asked, wrapping Gabriella's white wrap around her shivering shoulders. Gabriella smiled in thanks before shaking her head.

"I'd rather spend the rest of the evening up here," she replied, reaching forward to twine their fingers together. "It's a bit hectic down there, and I'm enjoying the privacy up here, with you." She smiled softly as Troy nodded in agreement before his eyes closed in exasperation and incredulity as he heard someone calling his name.

"Troy!" the unmistakeable voice of his mother's invaded their blissful bubble. "You have guests. Don't make me come up there and get you…again." Her voice was slightly teasing, and Troy smiled ruefully at Gabriella as she giggled.

"Hi, Gabriella," Lucille called again, her tone knowing and Gabriella's eyes widened in shock before she giggled again. Troy grinned at her, before calling down to his mother.

"We'll be right down, mom," he said, grimacing slightly before making his way to the ladder. Gabriella remained where she was, unable to control her giggles, her head shaking slightly in disbelief, that yet another blissful moment with Troy had been disrupted. Troy suddenly appeared at the window of the tree house, his face earnest.

"She really will come up here if we don't go down," he admitted, and Gabriella's giggles died, her face turning serious.

"Oh," she muttered glumly, before dashing round to where Troy was waiting, his hand outstretched as he offered to help her down the ladder. Smiling sweetly at his chivalry, Gabriella kissed his cheek in thanks and laughing as he winked cheekily back, before slowly descending the ladder, Troy right behind her.


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