Hello! This is my first fanfic (or at least the first one I put on this site). I really like the character Izzy, so I create a lot of stories about him. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think about my fic and, if you find something strange while reading my text, it's probably because I have inspired my fic on the Brazilian version of the show (yeah, I'm Brazilian and I live in Amazon!). By the way, there are characters and places (like the Institution) that I made up.

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Chapter 1: The incident

Germany, August 31, 1989

The Beleuchtung Institution is the largest center for research and academic training in Europe and, as some people tend to speak, the best in the world. Not only do the most intelligent people in Europe live and study there, but students from other countries make their residence there too. It is common for young foreigners to study for free and then become researchers of the institution. That night though, a catastrophic incident happened and its consequences would be unimaginable.

A group of scientists worked on an experiment for a few years; their goal was to prove the Theory of the Multiverse. It was part of the group a Japanese mathematician, Shunsui Yukimura, who was also a lecturer and lived in the institution since he was 12 years old. His wife was a French physicist called Catherine Renoir. She was pregnant, but wanted to continue working until the end of the experiment. That night, all scientists involved with the project were in an underground laboratory.

"You should rest a little, look how big you are," Shunsui told his wife while they were preparing the computers.

"When you say this kind of thing, monsieur, I ask myself why I'm married with you," Catherine said, joking. Suddenly, the laboratory was shaken and a bright light began to appear from nowhere. The light spread and reached all the scientists. The pain they felt was terrible, they thought their heads were going to explode. Then they lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

When Shunsui came to his senses, he realized he was in a hospital bed. His colleagues were under the same conditions. He heard a commotion coming from people outside. Shunsui realized that his wife was not around, and that worried him.

"Where is Catherine?" he asked Dr. Weiss, who was taking care of him and the others. He replied that she was having the baby.

"What?" Shunsui was more worried "Koushiro...? No, it's too soon."

"They will be fine, don't worry..."

Shunsui fainted. When he awoke, he went to see his wife and son. They seemed to be fine, but Catherine was frightened. Dr. Weiss and the other doctors examined the child and the members of the group of scientists, but none of them found anything wrong. Everything seemed fine. The underground laboratory was closed; no one else had permission to go there. Nobody knew what had happened or what would happen. Everyone involved survived but strange accidents began to happen. The scientists began to die, some in car accidents, others in laboratory accidents but all the involved ones in that experiment started dying one after another.

One night, Shunsui, Catherine and their baby were going to Berlin by car. They wanted to stay a little away from the institution; the trauma had not been overcome. In the middle of the road, Shunsui saw a man wearing a white cloak that covered his entire body from head to toe. Before he could ask himself what that man was doing there, he saw that the strange man was holding a large silver spear. He made a movement with the spear, making a shock wave hit the car. It was thrown against the trees on the roadside. Sunshui tried to help his wife, but he felt the spear cross his heart.

Catherine was panicking. She saw the face of the enemy. He was pale, had red eyes, and some red lines drawn on his face. The woman realized that he was not human.

"Please," she begged with a trembling voice. "Do not hurt my son. Do what you want to me, but don't hurt my son."

The creature did not seem to care about her words and stabbed her heart with his spear as well. After she died, he glanced at the red-haired baby crying in the backseat of the car. He wanted to kill that child, he was a "heretic human" after all but the creature had been ordered to take the child to her. "He's important to us,"she said, "he's the Heart." When he was going to take the kid, he was hit by an attack from behind. The attack made him fall to the ground. When he saw who was the aggressor, he felt shock and anger.


The assailant took the child gently from the car.

"What do you think you're doing?" the one on the ground asked.

The aggressor answered: "Maybe I cannot stop you from killing the 'heretics.' Maybe I cannot stop your plans to our world and the human world but I will do everything I can, starting by saving this child."

"You fool. It's useless! You alone can do nothing against the rest of us! We will control our world and destroy this heretic world. We will exterminate all humans and you cannot do anything about it."

The aggressor gave him a sad, but determined look and said, "I'll try." Before leaving that place with the child in his arms, he looked to the other again and said, "I'll make you a promise: the next time we meet, I'll kill you for sure."

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