Chapter 28: Where the heart belongs to

It was very noisy in the Izumi apartment the afternoon on the day Izzy had got back. Everybody was talking and laughing happily in the living room, while Yoshie was finally finishing preparing the lunch with the help of her husband. Izzy wanted to help too, but Sabine stopped him, whispering "let them do this for you." The boy glanced at her for a moment, comprehending her reasons later her reasons. His parents had suffered so much and worried a lot, without being able to protect their child. They like to do things for me... Izzy thought. For the first time, he didn't feel bothered by that fact. Persefonemon, Chainmon and Ceresmon didn't talk to him when Izzy returned to his home, preferring to go to the roof. The tiny monster who had already become a Motimon stayed in silence the whole time.

Izzy didn't really want to tell his friends everything that had happened in the palace, just saying that Unschuld had taken the heart back and had her conscience erased. His friends, even being intrigued, seemed to understand that it was too soon for Izzy to give more details. Izzy could tell what happened later, there was no rush. Weisheit's followers suddenly entered the living room by the window.

"Well, we're leaving now." Chainmon informed, "We're going back to the Digital World."

"What?" Auri asked sad, "Why? You can stay with us!"

"We don't have any reason to stay. Koushiro is no longer in danger, right?" Ceresmon asked and Izzy nodded.

"Unschuld took the Heart from me and sent me back. She became an 'it' again."

"I thought you would die if you lost the Heart." Persefonemon commented.

"And I did die." Izzy said, much to the digidestineds shock.

"You died?" Tai asked in a whisper.

"Yes, but she denied my death." Izzy added calmly.

"Tai, don't make such a big deal about it," Sora told him, "we also died and resurrected, right?"

"Yeah, it's true." Tai admited. Persefonemon spoke again.

"It's time for us to go, we've already prepared the code on the roof."

"Wait." Izzy said abruptly. He was quiet, "About Weisheit..."

Persefonemon looked down and clenched her fists, Chainmon faced Izzy and told him what they thought.

"We know that master Weisheit died and that he died to protect you. We understood him more than you, so I want you to believe that there's no reason to feel bad about it."

"But..." Izzy wanted to reply, but Ceresmon didn't give him the chance.

"I'm sure that he was satisfied by dying being useful... he accomplished what he wanted and is in peace now. Master Leben didn't have this luck, but at least she's not suffering anymore."

Koushiro allowed some tears to flow, Persefonemon turned her face to him and yelled:


Persefonemon was trembling in anger. Everybody, including Masami and Yoshie, who had come to check what the yelling was about, stared at Persefonmon a bit shocked. She continued:

"Be glad for what he did for you. He wanted to protect you more than anything. So, if you care enough to be sad over his death, try to have the best and happiest life you can... this way you can show that you respected him... and that his sacrifice was worthy."

Izzy wiped his tears with the back of his right hand, muttering, "You're right... sorry about my foolishness."

"That's fine," Persefonemon said with a smile. Ceresmon turned to Auri and spoke gently:

"It was fun to live with you, I hope you have a wonderful life."

"I will. I'll have a long and happy life, filled with accomplished dreams and much love." Auri replied with an immense smile. Chainmon faced Charles and told him:

"You're a very complicated person and is not usually honest with your feelings, but with the time it will be easier for you to open your heart."

"What was that? An effect phrase taken from a soap opera?" Charles mocked, but Chainmon didn't care, he could say that his words had affected the boy.

"Persefonemon, isn't there something that you want to tell Sabine?" Ceresmon asked.

"No," Persefonemon answered, "Sabine is the strongest and bravest person I ever knew, she doesn't need any sort of advice from me."

Sabine smiled lightly when she heard that, "What are you going to do now?"

"Master Weisheit's researches are scattered in the Digital World, we must go look for them and hide them in a safe place, in order to not let them fall into someone's dangerous's hands." Ceresmon informed.

When the three of them were leaving, Motimon suddenly shouted, "I want to go with you!"

Shock and a mortal silence fell in the living room, nobody believed it. Did they listen right? Motimon wanted to leave Izzy? The boy quickly took the digimon to his bedroom in order to talk to him privately.

"I don't get it, what on Earth is going on with Motimon?" Tai asked incredulous.

"Yeah," Davis couldn't believe either, "I mean, he shouldn't leave his partner after everything that happened. That's selfish!"

"You guys really don't understand, do you?" Tailmon questioned. The digidestineds realized that all the digimons had serious expressions, "You don't understand how it is for us... how horrible we feel if we're not able to protect our partners."

"But it was not his fault that Izzy-" Mimi was going to protest, but Palmon cut her off.

"It's not about fault, Mimi. How would you feel if the most important person in the world for you got harmed and you couldn't help this person at all?"

Izzy's parents and the digidestineds looked at the ground. Sabine was thinking, if they knew what the real problem is...

Izzy put Motimon on his bed and looked at him for a long while in total silence. Motimon just stared at the ground.

"Are you going to tell me why you want to leave?" Izzy asked in low voice. Motimon didn't reply.

"Are you even going to look at me?" The boy questioned, sad. The tiny monster kept his silence, which began to irritate Koushiro.

"Listen, I know how you're feeling, but you have to forget this thing about Glaube. You were used by them, you were a victim, so stop feeling bad about it."

Motimon lifted his head and gave the boy a furious look.

"You think you know how I feel, Izzy?" the tiny monster asked coldly, "You think I can just forget about Glaube? That things are that simple?"

Izzy looked down, "Sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Stop it!" Motimon stated, "Stop apologizing. Don't you realize you're making everything worse?"

Izzy didn't understand. Motimon began to cry. The boy tried to hold his partner, but the little monster didn't allow him.

"Why aren't you angry at me?" Izzy's partner questioned, "How could you be happy by seeing that I was alive? And hold me... even now you're trying to cheer me up... I just told you that I'm leaving and you're worried about me... don't you understand that... the way that you treat me... I feel like dying?"

Izzy didn't reply, he just contemplated how terribly desperate his friend was.

"The first time I realized... I was looking at you on the ground... you were so injured... the city had been destroyed and I could hear Glaube's thoughts... I could remember the things he had done... and he tried to kill you! My body was moving to kill you! He was so strong... or maybe I was too weak, I couldn't stop him for long... he almost..."

"But you stopped him!" Izzy protested, "you were strong-"

"He regained the control and almost finish you off, STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!"

Motimon rubbed his eyes violently, trying to wipe the tears.

"And then, when he was trying to kill you again, I took control of the body... it was hard, but I gave all of me to keep the control... I asked you... I begged you to absorb my code... before Glaube regained the control... why didn't you do that? Why?"

"I wasn't able... I just wasn't." Izzy muttered. Motimon looked at him with his wet eyes.

"Every time I close my eyes... every time I look at you or at Sabine... or Mrs. Izumi or Tai... every time I hear you voice... I can see it all again... as if that nightmare happened again... I see you being stabbed by the spear... the blood coming from your chest... and your mouth... so much blood... he threw you away like garbage, you weren't moving..." Motimon's sobs were becoming more intense, Izzy could feel his own heart tearing, "Sabine stood by your side... he killed her too... my hands... my body... I just wanted to die."

Izzy took Motimon from the bed and hugged him tightly, not letting the digimon repeal him. Motimon tried to break free, but it was impossible.

"You can be very idiotic sometimes, you know, Motimon?"


"Would you feel better if I treated you coldly? If I blamed you, would you be happier? I can't do that. I'm not going to lie to you just to make you feel better. You aren't at fault and I don't blame you at all."

"I-Izzy-" the digimon was going to protest, but Izzy cut him off.

"In my mind, you and Glaube are very distinct people. He's the bastard who killed my parents and hurt the most precious people for me... you're my best friend who told me a long time ago that I wasn't alone because you were with me... the friend that stayed by my side in every situation and, even not understanding me very well, always defended me. I'm not good at expressing my feelings, so maybe you haven't realized how you are important to me."

The two of them stayed like that for some minutes, without exchanging any word, until the pink creature decided to break the silence.

"I'm sorry for not being strong enough... for not being able to be with you now..."

"You don't need to apologize, it's okay. I don't want you to suffer... You can go with them for now."

Izzy and Motimon returned to the living room, getting several looks. The boy put his partner on the ground and he walked to where Weisheit's followers were standing.

"Can I go with you?" He asked.

"Why do you want to?" Persefonemon questioned, Motimon looked at her with determination and answered:

"I want to do something useful... to compensate for everything."

"Compensate?" Kari asked.

"Motimon, you don't have to-" Tai protested, but Izzy interrupted him.

"Let him go, Tai."


"Trust me, it's better for him this way."

Motimon smiled softly when he heard that. Thank you, Izzy.

He felt some energy wrapping him and, when he noticed, he had evolved to Tentomon. Izzy's digivice was shining on a nearby table, where Charles had left it some days before.

"This means that they're not angry at each other, right?" TK asked Patamon.

"Yeah." Patamon replied.

"Let's go, then, Tentomon." Persefonemon called. Before leaving with the three digimons, Tentomon turned to Izzy and told him, "See you later." Izzy looked at him serenely and replied, "See you."

Auri's cell phone received a message at the same minute. She read the text quickly and Charles noticed her surprised face. He asked what the message was about and the girl answered, "Opa is coming."

The next day

Charles woke up early and left Matt's apartment without making a sound. He had agreed in going with Auri to the airport later. The idea of that man coming bothered Grayman, justifying why he had to go to that place so early. However, when he arrived at the hotel, he was informed that his mother had left to the airport a few minutes before. He took a cab quickly. She must already know, he thought.

At the airport, surprisingly, Charles found Auri, Sabine and Izzy waiting for an airplane.

"Charlie!" Auri called him, "You saw my message!"

"What message?" He asked.

"My Opa sent me a second message last night saying that he had gotten a sooner flight. He'll arrive here in a few minutes."

"Why are Izumi and the weird girl here as well?"

"I was worried that you could not see the message, so I called Sabine to not have to stay here alone, waiting. Izzy came because Opa wanted to meet him. If you didn't know about the message, why are you here so early?"

Charles wondered if he should explain the reason. He didn't want to tell Izzy and Sabine about his mother. When Grayman took a quick glance at a small store nearby, he recognized the woman he was looking for immediately. Without saying anything, he headed for her. Auri recognized Felicity right away as well and understood the situation. She was leaving... Charles knew and came after her? Izzy also remembered of that woman's face from Charles's memories. It's his mother, what is she doing here? Sabine didn't know who that woman was.

Felicity, who was drinking a cappuccino and reading the newspaper, realized that the dark-haired boy took a seat next to her.

"Sorry for leaving without telling you, Charlie."

"I assume that you know who's coming." Grayman spoke sounding indifferent.

"Of course I know, if I didn't have my contacts, I would have been arrested a long time ago. But I'm not leaving because of him. I found an opportunity in Korea that I can't lose."

"Humpf, what a sad excuse for a mother you are." Grayman commented. Felicity went pale. What did he just call me? Did he call me "mother?" Then, she saw the other teenagers few meters away and went to greet them, finding Izzy and Sabine oddly familiar.

"Hello, Aurélia. Good to see you again." Felicity said nicely when she approached the three, being followed by her son. "Charlie, are you going to introduce me to your friends?"

Annoyed, Charles introduced them.

"This idiotic redhead is Koushiro Izumi, despite the name, he's the son of Catherine Renoir."

Felicity examined the boy, astonished. A mixture of different emotions invading her heart. The son of Catherine and Shunsui... he really looks like them...

"Are you..." Izzy began, paling, "... Grayman's mother? The one who abandoned him?"

Felicity bit her lip, "Charlie has very good friends," she said, sad, "you must be thinking how horrible I am... you have this right."

"Don't go judging her, Izumi!" Charles scolded Izzy, to everybody's surprise, "She had her reasons for doing that!"

Felicity looked at her son amazed. He defended me... Auri smiled proudly, Charlie is really growing up. Sabine seemed surprised, but didn't comment anything. Izzy just smiled softly.

"I'm not going to judge you, if Grayman forgave you nothing else matters."

Felicity smiled, "You're a really good boy, Koushiro. Your parents would be proud of you." She looked at Sabine after saying that, "Who are you?"

"I'm Sabine Weiss." Sabine answered. Felicity paled deeply, "You're... Joseph Weiss's daughter?" she asked.

Sabine nodded, "You knew him? What's your name?"

"I-I'm Felicity Faraday," the woman spoke nervously, "your father was a person that I knew since I was very young... he was... really dear to me..."

Charles was finding his mother's reaction extremely suspicious. Joseph Weiss was a really dear person for her? And she knew him since she was very young? The shock was invading Grayman while he was putting the pieces together, could this mean? No, it can't be! Can it? Auri was reaching the exactly same conclusion as Charles. Joseph... Jo... and Sabine and Charlie kind of have some resemblances... Izzy was remembering of the other life, in the parallel universe, his mother's name is Felicity here too... could he and Sabine be...?

Ignoring the teenagers's suspicious looks, Felicity questioned Sabine if she knew where Joseph could be. The girl looked at her seriously and said, "He died a few days ago."

The others stared at Sabine in total disbelief and she had to explain what had happened in the palace, where her father was murdered by Glaube. After her explanation, it was more than clear who Joseph was.

"The Jo you told me about... the one you loved... you were talking about Joseph Weiss, weren't you? He was my father, wasn't he?" Charles asked Felicity in low voice, but everybody could hear him. He didn't want to believe he was Joseph Weiss's son, especially after hearing about the things he did from Sabine's mouth. Felicity began to cry and sob in despair.

"Stop it!" Charles scolded her, "That jerk doesn't deserve any tears from you or anyone else, stop being ridiculous!"

Felicity didn't stop crying, "Charlie, I'm not crying because I want to cry... I didn't fall in love with him because I wanted it... if I could control my feelings... if I could hate Jo... I know how pathetic I am, but I had the bad luck to love unconditionally someone who wasn't worthy... it makes me happy, Charlie, that the same thing didn't happen to you."

Felicity looked at Aurélia quickly, nobody said anything. Her flight was announced and she prepared to leave, wiping the tears. "Have a good life, Charlie. You can use that account whenever you need."

"I won't need it, I can achieve anything by myself." Charles replied. Felicity kind of liked to hear that, when she was walking away, Grayman called her once more.


The woman turned her face to him, incredulous. He really... he really...

Charles, faking an indifferent face that fooled nobody, added, "Take care!"

Felicity smiled widely at him, saying "sure." Some tears were still dropping from her eyes, but she wasn't so sad anymore. On her way to the airplane, a man she hadn't seen in a long time approached her, offering a tissue.

"Why are you crying every time we see each other?" the man asked.

"We just see each other in dramatic moments... I've just talked to my son. He told me to take care."

The man didn't expect that, but said, "It seems that Charles wasn't a lost cause in the end."

"He had good people to help him, including a wonderful girl named Aurélia."

The man smiled when he heard that, "She really is a wonderful girl. Where are you going now?"


"You're still having this sort of life?" He asked disappointed.

"Actually I'm going to teach Physics in a college, under a fake name, of course."

"Does Charles know about that?"

"No, I haven't told him about it. I want to see if it works first."

"I understand." The man was about to keep walking when Felicity called him abruptly.

"I'm sorry for everything."

The other looked at her for a while, "Don't be silly, Felicity, I don't blame you anymore."


"Now, I just want my children to be happy. You're still alive, Felicity, that's the most important thing."

The teenagers were waiting in silence, Charles was getting bothered by the big smile Auri was giving him.

"What's with that smile?"

"I'm just kind of happy for you." Auri answered, still bothering Charles, who added, "Sometimes you're worse than Sabine."

"Hey, you shouldn't say this kind of thing about your little sister." Izzy scolded him.

"Don't go expecting any special behavior from my part toward her, I just got to know that she's my sibling today."

"Sibling..." Sabine muttered, " may be interesting."

Grayman blushed a little when he heard that. Perhaps...

"That's right! Charlie needs time before turning into the world's best big brother."

"Shut up, Aurélia!" Charles shouted, embarrassed. An old man protested behind him.

"Don't you dare talk like that to my little girl."

The four turned their faces to the old man. Auri yelled Opa and hugged him.

"I saw you on TV, young lady! Do you have any idea of the sort of danger you've put yourself into?"

"Come on, Schultz," Charles interrupted, "It's seven o'clock and we're tired and hungry. You're seriously going to scold us?"

"Okay, I think we can eat. I don't feel like eating airport's food, though."

"There's a good place near my home, we could eat there." Izzy suggested. Albert Schultz studied the boy for some seconds, then asking, "Are you Koushiro?"

"Yes," Izzy answered, noticing the man's emotional face.

"There's a lot I want to talk to you about. And I want to know exactly what happened here."

"We'll tell you, Opa," Auri said, "but be ready to hear a long story."

Two hours later

Izzy returned to his home alone. He had asked Sabine that because he wanted to have a private conversation with his parents. When he had left, earlier, he had let a note on the table informing that he needed to go to somewhere with Auri and Sabine, without giving further explanations. After entering the apartment, he saw his parents having breakfast.

"Hello, sweetie!" Yoshie greeted, lovely, "Isn't Sabine with you?"

"No, she's with Auri I guess."

"Are you hungry? You left before the breakfast." Yoshie asked.

"I've already eaten, thanks." Izzy replied. He had a serious and thoughtful expression that caught his parents attention.

"Did something happen? You had a fight or-" Masami was questioning, worried, Izzy shook his head.

"There's nothing wrong, it's not a problem."

"But there's something bothering you, isn't there?" Yoshie asked, concerned.

Izzy was taking too much time to answer, which made his parents more apprehensive. "I think I have to tell you what I've been doing until now," he finally said, sitting on a chair across from his parents, "I went to the airport to accompany Auri. She was waiting for her grandfather, who had alerted her that was coming to Tokyo."

Masami paled intensely by hearing that. Yoshie didn't seem really concerned.

"Dr. Schultz must have known about the events and came because he was worried about his granddaughter." She commented.

"Yes, he was worried. We had to tell him everything that happened, which really freaked him out. It took several minutes, but in the end he was relieved that we were okay. He also said that he was going to create a center of research about the Digital World, in memory of his son... Auri was really happy with that and Grayman stated that he wanted to work there in the future... they're going back to Germany next week." Izzy concluded without joy in his voice. Yoshie felt bad about him, while Masami felt a certain relief by knowing that Schultz was going back to his country.

"I'm sorry, Koushiro." Mrs. Izumi said, "I know that you created bonds with them, especially Sabine... but you'll be able to see them once in a while, write e-mails and stuff."

"That's not all," Izzy added, "Dr. Schultz made me an offer."

Masami felt as if cold water had been thrown on him. No, it can't be what I think it is.

"He told me about my biological parents and how much I resembled them... and he checked my grades and was very impressed... he said that, if I wanted to... I could go with them to the institution."

Masami shivered. Yoshie was astonished.

"Go to Germany? To live there? B-but what would you eat? Where would you sleep? What if you were attacked by bandits or gotten sick? O-or-"

"Mom, please, calm down. I would have a place to live there and receive financial assistance."

"B-but you don't even speak German!"

"I would learn it and communicate by speaking English during that time."

Yoshie could see determination in Izzy's eyes, "You... really want to go?"

Izzy bit his lip before answering, "It's not that I'm not scared or worried... or that I want to leave you... but the idea of studying and working there... discovering new things and learning... I think I would regret immensely if I let this chance pass... besides, I wouldn't be alone there! I'd have Auri and Grayman... and Sabine..." he blushed a little after saying the girl's name. Yoshie couldn't help but smile a little.

"I'm still worried, but if this is what you really want-"

Masami punched the table suddenly, scaring his wife and son. His hand was trembling.

"What nonsense is this, Koushiro?" He asked in a frightening tone, "You're not going to Germany."

Izzy heard that without knowing how to react. It was Yoshie who protested:

"Masami, if Koushiro wants to go-"

"He won't go anywhere! I forbid him from going!"

"Forbid me?" Izzy asked, hoping that he had misunderstood what his father had told him, "You don't allow me to go, is it? Why?"

"'Why?'" Masami talked as if Koushiro had said some absurd, "I won't let that man take you away to a different country where he can do whatever he wants to you!"

"What do you mean with 'whatever he wants,' Dad?" Izzy was turning angry at his father's tone, "You mean to put me in some sort of experiment that will go wrong and kill me? That's not going to happen!"

"Don't talk as if you could understand the situation-"

"I understand the situation a lot better than you!" Izzy protested harshly, standing up, "If you don't remember, I fought against the results of that experiment, I almost died! Better said, I died and more than once!"

"EXACTLY!" Masami shouted, "You died..." Masami's voice broke for a moment, "because of him... how can you even consider the idea of going to that place?"

"It was not Dr. Schultz's fault. Nobody had how to imagine what was going to happen and my parents weren't obliged to participate!" Izzy stated, "Stop blaming Dr. Schultz and admit the truth!"

"Truth? What are you talking about?" Masami asked irritated.

"Admit that you're opposing me because of your guilt! That you just want me to stay with you to make you feel better about my father's death!"

Masami frowned, Yoshie watched the argument speechless as Izzy continued:

"Wasn't it to make your guilt more bearable that you adopted me? You hated him until the day he died... you would keep hating him if he hadn't called you before being murdered and you had refused to help him! You think you can compensate your earlier selfishness by forcing me to stay with you? You're just being selfish again!"

"Is that what you think, Koushiro?" Masami replied, standing up too, "After all that I've done for you, that's how you treat me? Okay, then! Go! Leave this house! I don't need an ungrateful son like you! GO!" Masami roared.

"MASAMI, STOP!" Yoshie yelled, turning to her son quickly. Koushiro was staring at his father in total shock. Some fog was formed in his hand and a black spear appeared.

"Koushiro, wait!" Yoshie tried to grab her son, but Izzy teleported before she could do that. She looked at the empty spot where Izzy had been standing a few seconds before and then looked at her husband who still had a furious expression on his face.

"I was wrong all the time, wasn't I?" She asked, without hiding her deception. Masami didn't reply and looked to other direction. Yoshie walked to the door, adding, "You're still a child."

She left the apartment to go look for Izzy. Masami went to the living room. He took a picture from a table and sat on the couch, examining it. In the picture, a seven year old Izzy was with a yellow laptop on his little arms, smiling at the photographer. I remember this, it was his birthday. Koushiro hadn't asked me anything, but, some weeks before, when I was going with him to the park, we passed by a computer store and I noticed that he looked with interest at some computers. When I asked him if he liked computers, he timidly said that they were interesting... he was more honest when he was four or five years old, probably because he didn't know about the adoption... but his eyes shined every time he talked about computers and how much someone could learn with them... he has always loved to learn new things... when I gave the computer to him, he looked at me anxious and asked if it hadn't been too expensive, he was worried about it. I had to convince him that it was fine and I didn't have any financial problem that could prevent me from giving him a gift. Yoshie told me later that Koushiro's behavior concerned her... she said that a child shouldn't have this kind of worry when is gifted by his parents... I told her not to worry about it, that there was nothing wrong with him... I think I was just trying to deceive myself...

A tear fell on the picture.

Deep down, I knew... Something bothered him, something made him sad... but I didn't want to accept it... I wanted to be a good father to him, it was my last chance... I didn't want to accept that there was something hurting him... a good father shouldn't act like that, should he? Perhaps I wasn't doing all that for Koushiro, in the end.

Masami got on his feet in a jump. I must find him.

Meanwhile, Yoshie was walking on the street. Koushiro must be sad and confused...She suddenly remembered of a thing that had happened years ago, I know where he is.

"Teacher Yoshie?" A male voice called. The woman turned her head and saw a young man, around 25 years, with brown hair, coming from a car, in her direction, "Wow, I think I haven't seen you in 15 years."

Yoshie didn't recognize him, what made the man sad.

"It's me, Tamaki Hatori, you were my piano teacher. You had gotten a license for pregnancy and never returned."

"Oh, Tamaki!" Yoshie remembered who he was, "It has been a long time!"

"Don't tell me! There are so many things I'd like to tell you, for example, I have my own music school now and-"

"Sorry, Tamaki," Yoshie interrupted, "I'd love to talk to you, but I have to find my son."

"Your son is lost?"

"He had a fight with my husband... but I think I know where he is."

"I can drive you there, if you want, teacher." Tamaki offered.

"Really? Tamaki, thank you so much! It's a bit far from here."

"Where is he?"

Four hundred kilometers from Tokyo, in north, there was a place called Fujioka Hill. The lonely hill filled with trees wasn't very known by people and, consequently, it had few visitors. A young man with red hair was lying on the top of the hill, looking at the sky. He was waiting for the night, when he would be able to see the stars. The boy, who had been there for hours, sat quickly when he heard someone coming from the trees. Surprised filled him when he recognized his father, Masami.

"Hello, Koushiro." He greeted, Izzy looked in the other direction.

"This spear of yours is really amazing," Masami continued, coming closer and sitting next to his son, "you traveled all the way here in an instant, while I had to pick a train."

"How did you know that I was here?" Izzy asked in low voice, still without looking at the man.

"I remembered when I gave you that yellow laptop and you used it to search information about the stars. Some days later, Yoshie and I brought you here, to see the stars away from the lights of the city. You were so happy... you were smiling in a way that we hadn't seen in years... I still remember what you told us when we asked why you liked the stars so much."

"You remember all that I had said about galaxies, supernovas, stars of neutrons-?"

"Okay, I don't remember all the details," Masami interrupted, embarrassed, "I remember what you said at the end of your explanation... 'stars make everything look small and insignificant.'"

Izzy didn't show any reaction. Masami spoke again:

"When we arrived at home, Yoshie told me she was concerned... she thought there was some deep meaning in your statement. I told her not to worry about that, that it was just a phrase from a child... I was just trying to pretend that I hadn't noticed... I did that many times..."

Izzy finally looked into his father's eyes, Masami could see how sad the boy was.

"I was a very stupid father wasn't I?" He muttered, "I tried so hard to be a good father, to change and become a better person... I had told Yoshie that it wasn't to make me feel better, but for you... but I was really doing that for myself... I was trying to deal with the despair... unable to see how you really felt... you never confronted me, you never showed your feelings clearly... but I should have done something."

"So maybe you were stupid sometimes..." Izzy spoke, "...but you were a good father too... you love me, right?"

"More than I can explain."

"Even if I was a lot different from you and liked of different things... you were able to love me... and I recognize that I'm not the kind of person who is easy to love... I'm complicated and stupid sometimes... Who cares if you messed up things? Nobody is perfect... I'm sorry for the things I said."

Masami wrapped Izzy in his arms, giving him a tight hug, "I'm sorry... I was horrible with you... forget what I told you, please..."

Izzy smiled, "This was our first fight, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, the first time I told you terrible things because of my concern and fear... and the first time you stood up against me."

"I think... we're more like the other fathers and sons now." Izzy commented. Masami thought about that for a moment.

"You're right."

He hugged Izzy more tightly and whispered in his ear, "I'll always be there for you, no matter what decisions you make."

"Thank you, Dad." Izzy said, hugging the man. Among the trees, Yoshie and Tamaki, who had arrived at the beginning of Izzy's and Masami's conversation, had heard everything. Yoshie was wiping some tears from her eyes.

"You're still very emotional, teacher." Tamaki commented.

"What woman wouldn't be emotional because of the men of her life?" Yoshie replied, "My little boy is really going to Germany now."

Tamaki seemed a bit happy to hearing that.

"Teacher, it means that you'll have some free time, won't you?"

"Uhm? I guess." Yoshie answered, without understanding.

"You see, teacher, the thing is that I'm looking for a piano teacher... and since you were great to me... well, would you be interested?"

Yoshie looked at him seriously, then she faced the ground. I don't play piano since... more tears dropped from her eyes, ... I didn't feel I could ever play again... my heart wasn't able for that...

The woman looked at her husband and son and the memories of all the happiness she had lived because of them made her heart warm. Maybe...

"So, teacher? Do you accept?" Tamaki asked again. Yoshie looked at him and gave her old student a smile, saying, "I think I can do this now."

One week later

"And don't forget to eat well and get enough sleep." Yoshie had spent some time giving her son advice in the airport. Izzy, Sabine, Charles, Auri and Dr. Schultz were waiting for their flight to Germany. The digidestineds were there too, in order to say good-bye to Koushiro. Mimi was sitting on one of the chairs in the airport, next to Joe. They had been talking for a while.

"So, you're going back to the United States in three days?" Joe asked, unable to hide his unhappiness.

"Yeah, I don't have any reason to stay here anymore," Mimi didn't sound happy as well, "I'm going to miss you guys... especially you, Joe."

Joe blushed a little when he heard that, "You know, Mimi... I've been thinking about a thing..."

"What?" She asked with interest.

"I have good grades... and I want to go to Medical School... and there are good Medical Schools in the United States..."

Mimi's face lit up as Joe kept talking.

"I think I can get a scholarship and go to a college there... it would be good, wouldn't it?"

Mimi smiled widely and hugged Joe, "I'd love to have you near me."

In other part of the airport, Kari and TK were observing the planes through a huge window.

"Is there something bothering you, Kari?" TK asked.

"No... I was just thinking about how things are going to be now."

"What do you mean?"

Kari sighed, "I never had any special power related to the light, it was Unschuld all the time. The digidestineds... our mission... everything was just a joke."

TK lifted Kari's head gently with his hand and gave her a deep serious look.

"How can you say such a thing, Kari?" TK protested, "It doesn't matter if we were manipulated... what we did was real... the digimons we helped, the fights we fought, the experiences we lived..." TK held Kari's hand tightly with his other one, "...everything was real and intense. If I had to live it all again, despite the bad moments, I'd live without hesitation... for the good things."

"The good things?" Kari asked lowly, TK gave her an amazing smile, "If I hadn't gone to the Digital World, I wouldn't have met Patamon, I wouldn't have grown up and become a brave person... and..." TK was turning red, "I wouldn't have met you, Kari... I like you really much."

Kari liked what she heard and hugged TK, "I'm happy for having met you either... I think you're right... it was worth it."

Auri and Charles were with Sora and Matt, some meters away.

"Thank you for everything, Sora. Sorry about the trouble," Auri said politely.

"Don't worry about that, it was nice to have you with me." Sora spoke, "Are you happy for going back to Germany?"

"Yeah, a lot! Opa, I mean, my grandfather is going to create a center of research about the Digital World." Auri said.

"That's great!" Sora exclaimed, "Are you going to work there in the future?"

"Actually, I think I'll take up research in Medicine." Auri commented, which made Grayman stare at her in pure shock.

"You mean... like your mother?" he asked, Aurélia smiled serenely.

"It's kind of weird, isn't it?" She said, "Not that I've forgiven my mother... but I think I understand her better now... I know how it is to love someone so deeply that you don't want to lose this person no matter what."

Charles didn't say anything about it. He just faced the ground. Sora was happy for Auri, "It's not easy to understand our moms sometimes... and we may not agree with everything they do, but it's always better when we can understand them."

Matt approached Charles, "So?"

"So what?" The other questioned.

"Aren't you going to thank me?" Matt explained, annoyed.

"Oh, right, thank you for cooking something eatable, even being a terrible cook, and for letting me stay in your cold, small and badly illuminated apartment."

"You little-" Matt was going to beat Grayman, but Sora held him back in time.

"Charlie." Auri whispered in Grayman's ear. He turned to see her.


"Don't worry about what I said. I would never do what my mother did."

Grayman's face lit up a little, which he tried to hide, "If you say so."

"That's why," Auri talked again, "I want you to promise me that you won't give up on your life, no matter what happens."

"What a foolishness." Grayman said, "When the first of us die the other will be too old and nobody would depend on this remaining person. If it happens to be me, I'll do whatever I want, even if what I want is to chase you in Hell."

Matt and Sora stared at Grayman trying to hide a laugh.

"What is it?" Charles asked.

"You're a very romantic guy in a weird way." Matt said.

"Don't be stupid, you-"

"Grayman!" Matt spoke firmly, "I understand that it's hard to stop pretending to be tough and cold when you live like that for a long time, but you'll have to try harder, otherwise you'll be a lonely person!"

"Stupid Mathew," Charles said while turning his back to Matt, "no need in telling me such an obvious thing."

Meanwhile, Masami was watching Yoshie giving advice to Koushiro without saying anything. Sad memories were passing through his mind.

"We haven't seen each other in a long time." Dr. Schultz said, walking to Masami, "I never had the opportunity to apologize for my lack of manners 14 years ago."

"Your son had died, it's understandable." Masami replied.

"The last thing I told my son..." Albert sighed, "was 'stop daydreaming and do something useful.' It had been some time after the incident... Karl died thinking that I found him a failure... that I didn't love him."

"Children always know how much they're loved by their parents, even if they don't show this properly sometimes." Masami muttered.

"You sound unhappy, did I make you remember something sad?"

"Nevermind. It's just that airports bring me bad memories."

"In this case, you can turn today in a good memory, right?" Schultz suggested. Right after he said that, the flight 815 to Germany was announced.

"That's it." Izzy said. Yoshie and Masami hugged him a last time.

"Take care, son, don't forget to send us news!" Yoshie remembered him.

"Don't worry about it, I'll want to know about your classes..." Izzy replied, "... listen, since my room is not going to be used... you can turn it into something... it's not a small room... I think even a piano fits there."

Yoshie looked at the boy astonished, Masami laughed.

"Don't be silly, Koushiro. The living room is big enough for a piano, nobody will lay a finger on your room."

"Koushiro," Sabine, who had stayed next to the boy all the time, called him, "I think we really should go now."

"Yeah, you're right." Izzy said, starting to walk by her side. The digidestineds began to say their good-byes.

"Good-luck, Izzy!" Sora yelled.

"Have a good trip!" Matt wished.

"Show up once in a while!" Joe said.

"Make sure to discover amazing things!" Mimi shouted.

"And to learn more and more!" Kari said.

"Call us!" TK told him.

"And write e-mails!" Yolei added.

"We'll tell you all about Tentmon's actions." Davis informed.

"And you can trust us to send any message for him." Cody offered.

"You'll keep visiting the Digital World, right?" Ken asked.

"Izzy!" Tai called loudly. Izzy waited for him to say something, Tai smiled at him with confidence, "Don't over-worry about things. Everything will work out!"

Izzy was about to cry, but he held the tears, saying "Thank you very much... you all."

Masami was about to cry as well. Bad memories returning.


"Masami, say something to Shunsui!" Mr. Izumi ordered, Masami didn't say anything. He knew his father wasn't going to yell at him in the middle of the airport. Shunsui, however, said something to Masami:

"I'm sorry about everything. I hope you have a good life and take care of Yoshie. She's a good girl."

"What do you mean? Why are you talking about Yoshie? Have you been spying on us?" Masami asked angrily. Shunsui just smiled at him.

"I also hope you change, otherwise you'll be alone forever."

End of flash-back

Turn this into a happy memory.

Masami breathed deeply and roared to his son:


All the people in the airport stared at the man, but he didn't care. "Be happy, my son."

"I'll be, Dad. For sure." Izzy replied, not holding his tears anymore. Charles was walking alongside with Auri while that was happening.

"Aurélia... I'll try to be more open with you from now on... I promise," he confessed. When the girl didn't reply, he turned to her and noticed that she was hearing music with headphones connected to a mini CD player.

"Damn it, Aurélia! You have to pay attention when someone is saying something important!" Charles scolded her, grabbing the mini CD player and dis-plugging the headphones, which made the music play aloud.

"Charlie, what do you think you're-"

"Come on, kids!" Dr. Schultz, who was about to cross the gate to the airplane, called the four teenagers. They all ran to his direction. Auri's CD player's music was still playing loudly. Izzy took a glance at the people he had left behind and at the ones that were around him. Words from another life were echoing in his mind and his thoughts were being affected by the melody coming from the CD player, even if he didn't understand the lyric.

E nossa história não estará (and our history will not be)

Mom, Dad, Catherine Renoir, Shunsui Yukimura...

Pelo avesso assim, sem final feliz (inside out like this, without happy end)

Tentomon, Tai, Sora Matt, Joe, Mimi...

Teremos coisas bonitas pra contar (we'll have beautiful things to tell)

TK, Kari, Yolei, Ken, Cody, Davis, Gennai...

E até lá (and until then)

Weisheit, Leben, Persefonemon, Chainmon, Ceresmon...

Vamos viver (we'll live)

Grayman, Auri, Dr. Schultz...

Temos muito ainda por fazer (we still have a lot to do)


Não olhe pra trás, apenas começamos (don't look backwards, we've just begun)

My heart belongs to you all...

O mundo começa agora (the world begins now)

... just like yours belong to me.

Apenas começamos (we've just begun)

Fragment of the song "Metal contra as Nuvens" from the band Legião Urbana.

That's it, people, here ends Izzy's Heart, my first and longest fanfic. I thank everybody who read this story, even not reviewing it. Thank you for not giving up on a fic so bad written at the beginning (I know my English is not really great even now, but it improved a little, I guess), not to say melodramatic at some points and with giant chapters. I know it was far from being a perfect fanfic, but I appreciate your patience. Thanks to my Beta reader Kaito Lune, and for the kind reviews that she and May Kat always sent me. I thank the people who didn't review very much, but reviewed anyway, you made me immensely happy. I also thank those who put this story on their lists and those who just liked to read it, but didn't like to comment. I'm really glad for writing a story that people enjoyed reading. You guys are my heroes