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A/N: I'm writing this on the airplane on my way to NYC. Did you know Virgin America gets the Disney Channel? And has Wi-Fi? Just thought I'd throw that out there. This story is a little strange, but I'm seriously running out of ideas. This was all I had – should be a two shot.

Dedication: To Camirae because she sent me a series of extremely sweet PMs.

At the end of a long week, Stella and Macy sat relaxing in the family room of the old converted fire house, chatting with Mrs. Lucas.

"So any exciting plans for the weekend, girls?"

"Nothing special," Stella replied. "Just the usual."

"Well, I'm sure you'll figure something out," Mrs. Lucas assured them. At that moment, Frankie yelled for his mom, and she got up quickly to see what was wrong. With four boys, she always expected the worst.

As soon as his mother left the room, Joe stalked over to Stella. "Nothing special? I thought we were going to the movies."

"Exactly," Stella replied, rolling her eyes at her friend's dramatics. "We go to the movies every weekend you don't have a concert. And there's not even anything good out, totally qualifying as nothing special."

Joe narrowed his eyes, "I'll have you know that there are thousands, maybe even millions of girls who would think that going to the movies with me was the highlight of their life."

"Well maybe you should go find one of them," she replied, annoyed at his childish behavior. "But you'd better sit in the back row because no one will be able to see the screen with your enormous head in the way."

"Oh, yeah?"


Joe glanced with concern towards the mirror, "Hey, my head's not even that big!"

"It was a metaphor for your gigantic ego, you idiot."

"Even I knew that," Kevin commented to Macy.

Joe glared at Stella before saying, "You know what? I don't need this. I'll go find someone who appreciates me." Glancing around wildly, his eyes settled on Macy. "Macy, I'm going to take you to the movies tonight. How about six?"

Macy opened her mouth to respond, but before she could say anything, Joe cut her off. "Great. I'll meet you here."

"You know what, Joe? That's an absolutely fabulous idea." Stella spun around and noticed Kevin standing near her. "Kevin, you and I never get to spend any alone time together. Meet me here at 5:45. We'll grab dinner and see a movie."

"But…" Kevin began but stopped as Stella stood on her tip toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

"I can't wait," Stella said before looking over at Joe. "This will be so much better than what I had planned."

"Much better," he agreed through clenched teeth before stomping up stairs. Left with no one to glare at, Stella went out the front, slamming the door behind her.

"I thought you and I were going to the movies," Kevin whined to Macy.

"We were," she answered. "I mean, we are. That was just Stella and Joe being annoying. We don't actually have to go with them."

"Oh good!" He said, obviously relieved. "It took me weeks to get up the nerve to ask you out; I would have been bummed if it had been a dream or something."

"Really?" she asked, biting her lower lip. "You were nervous about asking me out?"

Kevin shrugged, "I knew you liked the band. I just wasn't sure if you liked…" he hesitated a moment before continuing, "if you liked just plain Kevin. You do, don't you?"

"Did you really think I'd go on a date with you if I didn't like you?" Macy asked, sounding a little hurt. "If you thought I might try and use you or something, why did you even ask me out?"

"Cause I like you."

"Why?" she asked, a tinge of bitterness in her voice.

"You're fun to be around and you make me laugh. Plus you're cute when you get all giggly and excited."

"Thanks," she said, giving him a small smile. An awkward silence hung over the room, Macy still hurt that he would think that she would try and take advantage of him and Kevin unsure if she had actually answered his question.

"So do you like me?" he finally asked.

The question would have angered her if he hadn't sounded so vulnerable when asking it. Sighing, she answered," Yes, Kevin. I like you."

Pursing her lips together, she really thought about what he was asking. She had been very open about her obsession with JONAS; it wasn't so far-fetched to imagine that she might jump at the chance to date one of them just because they were a Lucas brother. And unless Kevin was totally sure that wasn't what was happening, they had no chance. And she really wanted this to work. Swallowing her pride, she looked up and him and told him the truth.

"Look, you already know I'm a big fan of the band. And I'll admit your brothers are cute and talented. But if you were just three guys who went to my school, you, Kevin Lucas, would still make me go weak in the knees." She gave him a shy smile before adding, "Your brothers… not so much."


She nodded, and he grinned at her. Then, she watched in confusion as his smile faded.

"What's wrong?"

"Remember when I filled out those note cards for you?"


"I told you I wouldn't kiss a girl on the first date."

Macy wrinkled her nose in confusion before realizing what he meant. She giggled. "That's okay, Kevin. How about if I kiss you instead?"

His grin quickly returned. "You're awesome!"

"Why don't we start our date now before Stella or Joe return and spoil everything."

"Great idea!" Kevin paused before asking, "What do you think they'll do when they show up and we aren't here?"

Macy shrugged. "Maybe they'll finally admit they like each other and put us all out of our misery."

"Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath."

Kevin put his arm around Macy and led her out the front door, unaware that their moment hadn't been quite as private as they had thought.