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In my mind, today was going to be one of those lazy Mondays where I did as little as humanly possible. Bella had kept the kids occupied for most of the morning and even though there was a football game on the TIVO from yesterday that I wanted to catch up on, I was partial to sitting in the den by myself and playing some chords on my guitar, trying to come up with some new material.

Things were going really well at Pure, in fact, it practically ran itself these days. I had owned the club for several years now and had finally come to a point where everything was running flawlessly. We had bands clamoring to play at the club and had even been the birthplace for some up and coming acts that were now getting some national acclaim, not just in the Seattle music scene. We had weekly open mic nights and every now and again I would perform, finding the call of the stage too much to handle. Our band may have disbanded years ago, but sometimes Jasper even joined me, claiming he missed it just as much as I did. I loved performing, writing and singing, but the older I got, the less it appealed to me. Of course, my pride and joy was my family, not my music or career.

With two kids in the house now, I found myself picking up the guitar to play 'The Wheels on the Bus' or some other annoying children's song more often than I would play some Stones or Floyd. Not that I was complaining. The smile on Cameron or Ella's face was all I needed to make it worthwhile. When Bella had told me almost two years ago that she was pregnant, I immediately thought we were having a girl. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when we had our ultrasound and they confirmed for us that I was right. I was rarely right and I think I spent the next few hours rubbing the fact into Bella's mind and gloating. She wasn't too happy about that.

I had been petrified at becoming a father before Cameron was born, but with Ella, I was even more concerned. My parents tried to tell me that girls were more work than boys, but I did my best to ignore their advice even though they were much better grandparents than they were parents. When Ella came along, I thought things were going to be overwhelming, but everything seemed to fit together perfectly. Bella and I weren't scared about every little thing anymore and it was more of a joy the first few months with her. Whereas with Cameron, I worried about everything from whether I was changing his diaper properly or if he was dressed warmly enough for the cold Seattle air. Thinking back on it, I can't help but wonder what the hell I had been thinking at the time.

Just as I was trying to get back to my thoughts of music, which was why I was in the den to begin with, I heard the pitter patter of little feet on the hardwood floor. Based on the gentle sound, I knew immediately Ella was making her way towards me. The door was wide open and a smile grew on my face as she stomped in with her arms outstretched. "Da-Da," she called out to me as her feet came out from underneath her and she tumbled slightly. Ella had just celebrated her first birthday and was still finding her footing when it came to walking, but she was persistent as hell; clearly getting that trait from me.

"Hey princess," I said to her sweetly as she continued trudging forward as I moved my guitar to the side and I noticed Cameron bounding in from down the hallway with Bella hot on his heels. He only had on a t-shirt and a pair of batman underwear and seemed to be trying to get away from her and hide out with me. I picked Ella up off of the floor and sat her down on my lap as Cam hid behind me, grabbing onto my t-shirt for dear life. "What's going on here?" I questioned Bella as both kids clung to me, making me smile slightly.

"I need to take Cam to the doctor for his shots," said Bella, whispering the final word as she tried to downplay everything that was going on. Cam was deathly afraid of going to the doctor and even though we had bought him videos trying to make it seem like the best thing in the world and read him books, he was not over his phobia. "I already got Ella dressed so I could bring her with us and give you some quiet time, but this little guy refused to put on the rest of his clothes."

"I no go doctor," shouted Cameron as I laughed slightly at his broken speech and Bella looked down at me.

"Please don't encourage him. He worships the ground you walk on and last week I found him trying to shave in the bathroom using your shave gel and toothbrush," she said with a small giggle as I quirked my eye brow at her. Well, now I know why I mysteriously got a new toothbrush the other day. "You know if you laugh at him, he will simply continue on."

"I know," I said honestly as Bella took Ella from me and I grabbed Cameron playfully to pull him onto my lap. "Listen buddy, you can fight us all you want, but you still have to go to the doctor."

"I no go. Cam do it."

"Cameron, there is no way you can… doctor yourself," said Bella, as she tried to answer him without using the word shot or needle. "The sooner we go, the sooner you can get the lollipop you always get when we are finished seeing Dr. Tapp."

I stifled the laugh that was forming as Cam crossed his arms over his chest and gave out a small huff of frustration. "Okay momma, I go. For the treats." Cameron then crossed the room and began stomping up the stairs to his bedroom where his pants no doubt laid, ready for him to put them on. He had been trying religiously to get himself dressed, but more often than not, he came out of his room with something on backwards.

"Why don't you leave Ella here with me?" I asked of Bella as she was about to leave the room with our daughter clutched firmly in her hands. She turned around and glanced at me, no doubt in disbelief. "What? I'm her dad I think I can handle her by myself for a few hours."

"I never said you couldn't handle her Edward," commented Bella as she remained staring at me curiously. "Are you sure you are up to this? I thought you were looking forward to a quiet day around the house."

"You are going to have your hands full with Cam, so yeah, leave her with me. We'll play with some of her dolls or something." Bella finally relented and as Cam came running back down the stairs with his jeans in his hand, unable to put them on himself, Bella handed Ella to me. "Wanna spend the afternoon with Daddy, Princess?"

"Da-Da," she replied happily as she took my finger into her hand and squeezed it for all it was worth. I picked her up into my arms and then got up from the chair I was sitting in and decided to follow Bella and Cam out to the living room, which was honestly more of a toy room these days. We had a large ottoman that the kids could toss their toys into, but Ella was too little to get the lid off and Cam refused to pick up his toys, so the room was a mess. Bella and I couldn't be bothered to worry too much about it unless we had guests coming over, because the moment we cleaned it up, it would just get dirty again.

Bella had Cam dressed in a matter of seconds, and they were out the door before Ella or I had a chance to say goodbye, since they were now running late. I settled her down on the floor in the living room and pulled out some of her favorite toys which included some stackable cups and a Winnie the Pooh phone, which she basically just liked to smash until it said something. After almost twenty minutes of mindless play, she grabbed a book from the toy bin and started to flip through the pages as though she was reading it.

I pulled her over to sit in my lap and she continued to read along, not knowing how to read or what any of the words said, as I thought back to the day that she was born just over a year ago.

"We are not having a repeat of last time Edward," yelled out Bella as she tried to get comfortable in the front seat of the car while I was busy strapping Cameron into his car seat. Bella had been in the bath tub trying to relax when the contractions came on. Unfortunately for us, they moved a lot quicker than they had with Cameron and we didn't really have time to call my parents to come over and watch him, so he was coming with us. "Go get the damned hospital bag."

Once Cam was secure within the car, I ran back into the house and grabbed the bag that had been sitting beside the door for the past three weeks, waiting for just this moment. It had been resting in the closet, but the moment Bella thought she was going into labor a few weeks ago, thank god it was a false alarm, we decided it belonged by the door so we wouldn't forget it. I high tailed it back to the car and found Bella in the front seat on her cell phone.

"Yeah, so Edward and I are heading to the hospital with Cam right now. We would more than appreciate it if you could come and pick him up. I doubt he wants to be sitting around as his mother shoots a watermelon out of her hoochie," she screamed into the phone and I found myself wondering who the fuck she was talking to… and who the fuck called it a 'hoochie'? "Yeah, I understand you may have plans, but this is a little fucking important." There were a few more mumbles of 'uh-huh' before Bella finally turned the phone off and shoved it into her purse angrily.

"Who was that?"

"Your father."

"Why the hell would you talk to my father like that?"

"He said he had a golf game to attend to and I seriously think the birth of his second and possibly last grandchild is more important than his motherfucking handicap," she retorted, her anger directed at father but I was the one who got the pleasure of being verbally assaulted.

"What do you mean… possibly last grandchild?" I questioned her, even though I knew this was the wrong time.

"How many more of these little shit machines did you think I was going to have?" shouted Bella, as I laughed slightly at her term for our kids. Cam had been a major poop machine, so we had taken to calling him that when he wasn't in ear shot, especially since he was repeating everything we said lately. His favorite term now being 'butt hole.'

"Well, I don't know, but I think I would like the option for more."

"Who would have thought that motorcycle riding, tattoo sporting, troubled musician Edward Cullen was such a family man?"

I would have replied, but Bella then grabbed onto the shit handle above the door and began her deep breathing as Cam sat in the back seat mumbling happily about Elmo. This was going to be a fun afternoon.

When we pulled into the hospital, Bella was admitted immediately and brought into a room, as I carried Cam along with me. Our hospital bag also contained a few picture books and some cars for him to distract himself with until someone arrived, and I was really fucking relieved when that person happened to be my mother.

"Where's dad?"

"He's out parking the car. He's feeling like a bit of an ass for insinuating that his golf game was more important that the birth of our first granddaughter," Esme said sweetly as she walked around the bed and began stroking Bella's hair as she chewed on yet another cup of ice chips. Cameron ran over to her and wrapped his little arms around her legs, excited to be with her.

After a few minutes, Esme took Cam out to the waiting room to see Grandpa Carlisle and before we even had a chance to relax, Alice and Jasper came running in to the room. "Where are the kids?"

"They are outside trying to pickpocket your dad. We need to plump up their college funds," laughed Jasper as Bella let out a small groan and I wasn't sure if it was because of the labor or his half assed joke. "Actually, Alice's folks are watching them today. We were supposed to be having some daddy mommy time, but it got interrupted when Rosalie called to let us know about this little miracle."

"Yeah, it would be a fucking miracle if she came out soon," commented Bella as she tossed some more crushed ice into her mouth and began chewing like a cow. The doctor came in moments later and did a quick assessment of Bella, advising her that she was already eight centimeters dilated, so very soon they would be getting her into the stirrups to push. Bella was disappointed that she had been too far along when we arrived for her to get the drugs, but I knew she could handle childbirth without them. After everything she had gone through in her life, this would be a piece of cake.

Alice and Jasper joined our family in the waiting room, where they were eventually joined by Rosalie and Emmett, and before we knew it, Bella was screaming her little heart out as she pushed, with my support. I clutched her hands and led her through the breathing exercises we had been taught back in the childbirth classes we had taken before Cam was born. I had to stifle my laughter when Bella screamed out about me never touching her again and us never having another kid, because it was very typical of her to feel this way. She cursed me like this when she was having morning sickness, but sure enough… we still fucked all the damn time. She was insatiable after Cam was born.

After only twenty minutes of pushing and screaming, the doctor had me reposition myself so I could see our daughter coming into the world. I had to admit, when her little head came out first and I saw the dark brown hair like her mother, I honestly felt like I would cry. Bella had gotten her son who was a lot like me and I wanted a daughter who was the spitting image of her mother, even though I knew she would be trouble one day.

"Da-Da," Ella called, pulling me from my thoughts as I looked at her and she was holding a small Barbie guitar that Cameron had insisted on getting her for her birthday. She basically tossed it towards me, proving once again that she was a handful, and then sat back in my lap and pointed at it, clearly wanting me to play.

"Did you want me to play you a song baby?"

Ella shook her head excitedly as I looked down at the pink 'guitar' that was actually just a bunch of buttons that played songs and sounds. There was no way I could play anything even remotely close to a song on this thing, but Ella didn't care. She was just thrilled I was playing with her because whenever we did play in the living room, Cam tended to monopolize my time, wanting to play trucks or one of his video games.

Cameron had taken fairly well to Ella when she was still in the hospital with Bella, but when we came home, things changed a little too quickly for my liking.

One afternoon shortly after we had put Ella down for a nap, Bella and I found ourselves wandering through the house looking for Cam. She was four months old and though she was getting bigger, she still required a lot of energy from us. Even though he seemed to be adjusting well to being a big brother, we could both tell that he was a little out of sorts seeing as Ella took up so much of our time. We had decided to try and sit down with Cam and talk some sense into him. If only we could find the little troublemaker.

"Is he in his bedroom at all?" Bella questioned me as I walked out of Cam's room for the third time. She was walking up the stairs carrying a load of laundry that was topped off with a couple of toys from the living room that belonged in Cam's motorcycle themed bedroom.

"Nope. I seriously have no idea where he could have gotten to."

"Are the front and back doors locked?" Bella asked as she tossed the toys into Cam's room and then opened the door slowly for Ella's room so that she could put away some of Ella's clothes. Bella let out a loud gasp as I ran beside her and looked into the room to find the rocking chair pushed up to the side of the crib and Cam sitting in it with his sister, coloring on her with what I prayed was washable marker.

"What in the hell are you doing?" I shouted out as we both ran over to the crib, Bella grabbing Ella as I snatched up Cameron. I stifled my laughter because Cam looked like nothing was wrong and Ella was smiling from ear to ear. "Where did you get the marker?"


"I did not give you a marker Cameron Cullen. Where did you get it?" Bella yelled frantically as she grabbed some nearby baby wipes and tried to clean the marker from Ella's small face. Cam didn't respond and instead broke into tears as I held him in my arms. He buried his little head into my neck and I couldn't help but feel bad for the little guy, even though I knew what he had done was wrong.

"Cam, why would you get into Ella's bed and put marker on her face?" I asked, trying to sound as calm as I could. Cam lifted his head and I wiped his tears from his red cheeks. Bella took Ella into the bathroom to attempt more clean up as I continued to try to get Cam to talk. "Momma and I aren't mad Cam, we just wanna know why you did it."

"Cam no Ella," he stated emphatically as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"You don't like Ella?"

"No more Ella."

"Momma and Daddy just can't give Ella back Cam. She's a part of this family and is as important as you, Momma or me."

"Cam, Momma and Daddy. No Ella."

"I'm sorry buddy, but I promise that you will grow to love Ella as much as Momma and I do. Now, when I put you down, you are going to go to the bathroom and say sorry to Momma for coloring on Ella. You got me buddy?" Cam shook his head slowly, but still seemed defiant. I was pleased when I finally did set him back down on the ground and he actually ran into the bathroom and wrapped his arms tightly around Bella's legs, crying out an apology. We never let Cameron anywhere near Ella again without adult supervision.

My thoughts were disrupted when I Ella climbed from my lap and proceeded to get herself comfortable on the couch. "Are you sleepy honey?" I questioned her as she nodded her head and I stood up, making my way towards her. "Let's go get you into bed."

Ella stretched her arms out towards me and I lifted her up, carrying her up the stairs. I laid her down in her duck covered blankets and pulled them up as she cuddled onto her side. I sat in the nearby rocking chair and sang to her softly various nursery rhymes that always calmed Cam down when he was younger.

Just as I heard her soft snoring, I silently climbed from the rocking chair and headed downstairs to clean up the mess she and I had made. The moment everything was all clean, Cam bounded into the house with Bella on his heels. He looked exhausted as I picked him up and congratulated him for a job well done at the doctors. "How did it go?"

"He cried a little bit, but really he took it like a trooper. I think he's ready for a nap though," Bella said as she hung her coat up beside the door and then pulled Cam's shoes from his feet. She helped me take his jacket off and then I carried him up the stairs to his room as Bella followed behind us. "The doctor said he's doing really well though, so I was happy."

"Well that's great news," I said as I laid Cam down in his bed and pulled his comforter over him. I rubbed his back lazily as Bella told me she was going to head into our room and get comfortable while I finished getting Cameron to sleep. When I finally stepped out of the room a few minutes later, I closed the door gently behind me and made my way down the hallway towards our bedroom. When I pushed open the door, the sight before me left me breathless. Bella was kneeled down in the center of our bed in a skimpy black nightie and had one finger extended towards me, beckoning me towards her.

"Well isn't this a surprise," I said as I walked slowly into the room, closing our door behind us. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Do I need a reason to want my husband?" purred Bella as I reached the edge of the bed and I tried to lean forward to kiss her, she moved her face out of the way and began tugging furiously on my belt. "How often is it that the kids both take a nap at the same time? I'd like to fuck my husband while it's still daylight and we aren't both exhausted from chasing our kids all day."

I couldn't agree with her more when she spoke those words. It seemed like every time Bella and I tried to have sex these days we were either cock blocked by one of the kids, or simply too tired to do anything about it. My desire and pure lust for Bella didn't subside any, in fact she still occupied most of my thoughts while I was both awake and sleeping, but we had learned over the years that quality was better than quantity.

When I looked back at Bella, her eyes were hooded as she yanked my belt from me and then began to unbutton and unzip my jeans, pushing them off my hips along with my boxer shorts. "Cutting right to the chase are we?" I said with a small groan as I felt Bella's dainty fingers move along my length teasingly. It literally took me all of two seconds after I had walked into the room for me to get hard for her.

I reached my hand up gently, ghosting it along the edge of the nightgown which featured a halter top and entwined my fingers through her hair, pulling her to my lips and kissing her passionately. Our tongues darted out at the same time and I groaned again as I tasted her sweet lip gloss, which tasted of strawberry tonight. "Let me make you feel good," she purred as she repositioned herself on the bed until she was lying down on her stomach, her mouth now level with my aching cock. Who was I to refuse her when she appeared so determined?

There was also no way I was going to refuse her when she grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her, as her tongue slipped out and began licking the tip of my cock teasingly. I growled and refrained from running my hands into Bella's hair and urging her mouth onto my cock, choosing instead to let Bella take the lead, because those days were few and far between. I closed my eyes and moaned lowly as I felt Bella take my dick into her warm mouth, surrounding me completely.

She slid almost effortlessly around my length as I balled my hands up at my side and tried to maintain some composure. Bella reached one hand up and gripped one of my ass cheeks as she took me deeper into her mouth and I moaned in pleasure. I was pleased by the unexpected turn of events that happened next as Bella grabbed my hand with her free hand and urged me to grab her head, which I did so eagerly. "Jesus fuck… what has gotten into you today?" I questioned her, my voice cracking slightly as though I was enjoying my first blow job ever.

Bella didn't respond, instead choosing to simply hum slowly around my cock, making the tension and the ache through my body almost unbearable. The moment she pulled me out of her mouth to talk, I grabbed her and flipped her over onto her back, hovering my half naked body above her. "You don't play fair Mr. Cullen," she stated firmly as she grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and began tugging it off over my head.

"I could say the same thing to you Mrs. Cullen," I replied stoically as I began to pepper her with light kisses along her jaw down to her chest and her covered breasts. I plucked at the fabric with my teeth, tugging on her nipples at the same time and Bella arched her back into my movements, urging me on. "Edward… god… I need you," she panted as I smiled smugly above her, feeling equally as desperate to be with her.

As I tried to reposition myself, Bella and I fumbled awkwardly around each other before I found myself lying on my back as Bella now straddled me. "That was unexpected," I said with a grin as Bella leaned forward and sucked my bottom lip into her mouth as she ground her wet, panty clad pussy against my aching cock. "Oh fuck, so was that!"

"Edward… what happened to my rough and gruff man who wanted me at any moment and at any time?" Bella asked me as she leaned back slightly and her finger nails grazed my chest in the most pleasurable way possible. I felt a little disappointed that she thought that the sexually charged man she had dated several years prior had disappeared, because lord knows I was still there, just under the carefully crafted exterior of her loving husband and doting father.

"He's never left Bella," I said sternly as I decided that if she wanted me to be a little rougher, than she would get what she wanted. I grabbed at her panties and forcefully tugged them from her, smirking as I heard the rip from the fabric as it came from her body. I grabbed at her hips and pushed her along my length, lining her up perfectly with me in just seconds, before thrusting up into her as I pushed her down onto me.

We both growled out in pure ecstasy as I felt what could only be described as fucking heaven, as I remained buried inside of her, motionless.

"Is this what you wanted baby?" I urged her as her head lolled back and she closed her eyes, while I kept thrusting my hips up to join her. Bella growled her approval as she grabbed the headboard and began lifting her hips up and down against me, fucking me hard as my hands reached up and grabbed her luscious tits solidly in my hands. I massaged them firmly and literally stared unabashedly at my hands as the moved against her breasts. I was pissed that they were still covered by the fabric of her nightgown and even though I figured she had spent way too much on the offending scrap of fabric, I didn't care. I practically ripped it from her body and tossed it across the room, before I sat up slightly and wrapped my arms around her back as I began licking and sucking on her breasts fervently.

"Oh fuck… that thing… oh god… waste of money," Bella forced out between pants as she continued to ride me for all she was worth and I worshipped her as much as I could. As per usual, there was a nagging feeling at the back of my mind that one of the kids would wander in at any moment, but I did my best to ignore it, reminding myself that the baby monitor was most likely on and we would hear something if there was a problem. "Jesus… fuck me, Edward."

I growled as Bella words spurred me on and made my cock twitch within her. I pinched her nipples firmly between my thumb and forefinger and watched in silent awe as Bella came undone around me, her screams of my name filling the room like a chant as I felt her muscles clench around me, causing me to release within her slick folds. I panted breathlessly for a moment as I attempted to catch my breath and Bella leaned forward, resting her head against my tired chest.

"I love you."

"I love you too Edward. Thanks for today," said Bella as she rolled to the side, but draped her arm across my chest.

"I didn't do anything," I said as I quirked any eye brow and looked at her questioningly.

"What do you mean you didn't do anything? Do you know how rough the day would have been if I had taken Ella to the doctor with us? She probably would have come home sick and would have wanted my attention the entire time we were there; you did me a huge favor."

"And I got paid in mind blowing sex? Remind me to do you favors a lot more often then," I joked as Bella patted my chest firmly before kissing me. Just as I had rolled over, my body hovering over Bella's, Ella started crying on the baby monitor, effectively ruining our chances of Round Two.

"You rest. I'll go get the little princess," Bella declared as she hopped from the bed and pulled on some shorts and a tank top before heading out into the hallway. I grabbed a pair of boxers from my dresser and slipped them on as I lay back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling hoping that she would return sans baby.

I shouldn't have been shocked when she came back with not one, but two children following behind her. "Apparently the little hellions are both having nightmares," she commented as she put Ella onto our bed and Cameron crawled up all on his own, tugging at the blankets to help pull himself up. They both curled up beside me as Bella lay down on her side of the bed. We were like a big Cullen sandwich with a toddler center.

We all snuggled close together, with Ella falling asleep first in our crazy mosh pit of bodies. "I love you," I whispered quietly to Bella, hoping that Cameron was falling asleep and maybe we could head downstairs for a quickie anywhere… fuck, I'd even do her on the washer or dryer right about now. I watched as Bella's mouth repeated the words of love back to me and Cameron twisted his little body between us, being careful not to knock Ella.

"I love woo too Daddy."