So I had this idea of Leah imprinting. This would be a couple of years after Breaking Dawn so Leah has had some time to get used to the Cullens. I know this is different from the other stories that are told on here, but it's what I think might happen. Although I do still enjoy reading the other ideas. All characters and original books belong to Stephenie Meyer.

I was sniffing through the underbrush while on patrol again, and thinking about my alternatives to this life. I really should start looking for colleges, the threat to La Push was over for now. Even though I didn't like this group of vamps, just for what they were, I had learned to respect their compassion for human life. Unfortunately, the friends they attracted didn't seem to have the same tastes in food. So we continued to patrol for any new trails.

Jacob and Sam were working better together and respected each others territories fairly well. Always asking permission before crossing over lines. More out of respect for each other than any boundary issues. Me, Seth, Embry and Quil were all part of Jakes pack around the Cullens and Forks area and Sam still ran the LaPush pack. So far it had worked out rather well. The Cullens had even contracted to build us a house so we would have a place to sleep when we were on call and not in LaPush with our families. They didn't build it themselves to keep the smell out of our place. And that little bloodsucker, Alice had ordered me some clothing and had my closet stocked. I hated to admit it but the clothes were really cute. I was not able to wear the dresses and fancy stuff that much because I had nowhere really to wear it, but the jeans and T-shirts came in handy.

Each one of us had our own little apartment with a door opening to a privacy area outside to phase in before we went in or out. On the inside our separate rooms were connected to a common living and kitchen area. Each bedroom also had its own bathroom which was really nice when you were the only girl. Again Alice had ordered a bunch of soaps and girly lotions to stock my bathroom. That girl had some serious spending issues.

Jake had tried to argue with the Cullens about the "bunkhouse" but Bella had insisted that it was her fault that we were displaced and she wanted to repay us for all the help we'd given her. Jake still tried to argue but then Renesmee did that weird thought thing with her hand on his face and just asked "Please" and Jake caved. Imprinting could be a real pain in the butt.

How could I complain though? It was kind of nice having my own little space and the Cullens insisted that it was payment for the added security. But the truth was I wanted to have a real job and a life that wasn't about being the only female dog. I wanted to do something real and normal again. I just needed to learn to control my temper.

As I was thinking this I came across a new scent. Somewhat familiar but then again not. "Hey, Seth, I found something over here by the cliffs. I'm going to go check it out," I thought through our connection.

"Okay, Leah. But be careful," he said in a deeper mind voice than I had gotten used to.

My little brother was growing up and a lot more mature. He'd even learned to respect other wolf's thoughts and try and stay out of them. I heard him chuckle and added "most of the time." Then I heard him say, "I'm trying, Sis. Give me a break."

I chuckled back, then followed the trail of the scent I'd found. It wasn't vampire I could tell that much but it wasn't human either. The trail suddenly stopped at the top of the cliff, I sniffed along the ridge to see if it went in another direction, but couldn't find it. So I went back to the stopping point. Looking over the edge I prayed that I wasn't about to see something gruesome. What I did see startled me. It was a hiker laying on a ledge about 300 feet below.

One of his arms and one leg were bent in odd directions so I new that they must be broke. I looked around the edge to see if their was a way I could get down the side of the cliff and found a couple of small ledges that I might be able to bound off of and land next to the hiker on the cliff.

"Leah, wait, let me get there! I'll help you," Seth said, but before he could turn around I was already on my way down.

When I landed on the ledge beside the hiker I stayed really still and put my ear on his chest. I could still hear his heart beating but it was very faint. How had he survived that fall? Looking over at his hands I noticed scratches that had already healed. That was odd. The trail was fairly fresh, he couldn't have been down here for more than a few hours. Wounds on humans don't heal that fast. Then it clicked, he's not human. "SETH, get Dr. Cullen out here now!" I yelled.

Seth had already turned around and started heading for the big house, "Already on it."