This one took a lot of thought on just how I wanted it worded. I'm still not sure I got it right so it may change slightly as I continue to re read it.


Barnabus held up the amulet in the light and studied it. A circle of jade strung on what looked like leather strand. Covering half of the jade was a silver crescent shape. I waited holding Hope to my shoulder as I patted her back. She'd fallen asleep without burping and I was afraid she would have a tummy ache if I didn't get it out of her.

"It's what I thought it was," Barnabus finally said. "Two parts of the TriCirclet, or the Terlunsol, which ever you prefer."

"In English please," Jacob asked.

Barney narrowed his eyes and sighed, "The Jade piece represents Earth, or Terra. The silver part represents the Moon, or Luna. My guess is the third part is still around the neck of the third Vampire running loose, representing the Sun, or Solar. I guess you could call it a religious cult except they believe they are the Gods. The Terra was probably searching for a new Luna which would explain the need for blonde females."

"So you are saying that not only do you have your own Royalty you have your own religious sects as well?" I had to ask.

Edward looked over at me, "We aren't all that different from humans. We want explanations for why we are here too. By all rights we shouldn't exist anymore than werewolves. You have stories and explanations for who you are, you have a chief and a counsel for leadership. Is that so different from any other group?"

"Hmm, good point," I said nodding, "it just seems odd in a way. You are so powerful that it seems you should be above that."

Barnabus chuckled to himself, "Or need it more."

Carlisle interrupted, "So this Solar Vampire, will it be dangerous? Do we need to go after it?"

Barney shrugged, "Possibly, it depends on how attached she is to the others. The bigger problem is exposure. Solar believes that they are above the sunlight restriction because they are the Sun Goddesses. They will walk out on a sunny day with no clothing for all to see what they are. And she will try to find the Terra if he doesn't show up soon. We have some time but not much."

"So what exactly is this TriCirclet religion mean?" I had to ask. Maybe understanding the religion would help us keep things under control.

"As I said before they believe they are the Gods of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. But to add to that they believe that the Sun and Moon provide the Food for their use and the Earth provides grazing lands for their food." Barnabus answered

"When you say food?" I asked.

"I mean humans. These three, or should I say the one that is left, would not understand the Cullen's feeding habits. As a matter of fact it would go completely against their beliefs."

Carlisle looked up, "So why haven't we heard about this before?"

Barney shrugged, "I thought it had been wiped out. The Sun Goddesses kept putting us all in danger so Aro had them hunted down. I'm not sure where this Coven came from, from the Jade piece I would say Asia but that really doesn't mean anything. It's just as possible that this piece was made in a Jewelry shop. And the members are found along the way. When one member gets destroyed then he or she is replaced."

The baby laying against my shoulder finally let out a loud burp in her sleep which startled us all, relieving the tension in the room and making us all chuckle. Rosalie walked over with her arms outstretched and I handed the little bundle over.

Then looking at Carlisle as Jacob asked, "So what's our next step?"

Edward shook his head, "We really can't do anything yet. We don't even know where to start looking for this Solar. The only thing we can do is keep it out of our territory. At least until she shows herself in some way."

Jacob looked over at me, "I'll talk to Sam. We can bring some more of the veterans up here. Let him get some more of the younger ones trained. We'll need to get some more beds.

I nodded but my mind was still on the third blood sucker. Looking back at Barnabus I said, "You said that the blondes explained the Luna, what is the connection between physical features and what they represent?"

He looked at me in surprise, "Good question. Most of these covens use blondes to represent Luna, Redheads to represent the sun and brunettes for the Earth. It's not always the case though. Sometimes it is a supernatural skill that holds the spot. I once saw a Luna who was a brunette but could control water like the Moon controls the tides. But those kinds of traits in the TriCirclets were very rare even before the Volturi took care of the problem So it is likely you are looking for a red headed woman."

Jacob sighed, "Another red head, fantastic!"

My thoughts went straight back to that Victoria chic that brought the newborns to us. I figured this one would be easier to catch if what Barnabus told us was the truth. But if it had been true then how could they have survived so long without the Volturi's notice?

Edward glanced up at me, "Maybe they haven't survived maybe it's something that's been restarted."

"Like coming across some old stories along the way and regenerating them? But where would they find them?" I said out loud. And then to myself I thought "Where's the nearest Vampire library or archeological dig? Here comes Vampire Indiana Jones."

Edward narrowed his eyes thinking, "you may be on to something there."

Emmett growled, "I'm lost."

Jacob nodded, "I hate it when he does that."

Edward rolled his eyes then looked at Barnabus, "She was thinking that maybe this isn't something the Volturi missed in destroying. Maybe this is something that has been recreated. Maybe someone has come across something they shouldn't have and restarted this cult. In which case where did they find the information? This is not something we just pass along it had to be given or expressly looked for."

Barnabus frowned, "The only ones that I'm absolutely sure who have this knowledge are the Volturi and now you. Everyone else was destroyed to keep it from happening again or know better than to use the knowledge."

Edward sighed, "Just like the newborn armies in the South."

"Okay so what has all this got to do with the baby?" I asked gesturing towards Rosalie who was rocking the little one although Hope was already asleep.

Carlisle shook his head looking tired, even though it was impossible for him to be that way. "I'm guessing it was the vampire that represents earth whom had kidnapped the baby's mother. She was still pregnant when he tried to kill her. We arrived in time to deliver the baby before the venom got to it. The mother is with Alice and Jasper right now going through the transformation. They took her to Denali to be with Tanya and her family. We felt it would be safer this way. I am hoping that we can teach her our way of surviving so that at some point we can reunite mother and daughter."

"Won't that still be dangerous for the baby? I mean how is she not going to figure out about vampires if she's living with them?" I asked.

Carlisle looked to Rosalie and Hope before answering, "We will just have to do the best we can for now. It would be difficult to just give up the baby without a lot of questions to answer."

I nodded at the truth of that statement. What kind of craziness had I been born into?

Mike chose that moment to pop back into my head and said, "Hey, I'm finishing my shift. Seth is taking over now."

"Thanks, we will be down in a little bit to talk to everyone," I said back.

I looked over at Jake, "Seth is phasing to do his shift."

Jacob looked confused for a moment the chuckled, "That is just weird. I guess we should get down there and talk to everyone.

Edward laughed, "And I need to call Alice and Jasper to see how they are doing."