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I cocked my head in wonder as I stared at the beautiful bird sitting in the tree. It chirped at me, and it flapped its wings once. I giggled.

"Leslie, are you coming? Jeez, you are the slowest thirteen-year-old ever." my best friend, Jasmine, groaned.

"It's not my fault that your faster then me." I giggled.

It was funny. Jazz was probably the complete opposite of me; common sense smart, beautiful, girly, brown haired, blue eyed, hates adventure, sarcastic, really brave, and most importantly, she hates rabbits. She says they remind her of large fuzzy rats.

Me however, I had blond hair, brown eyes, and a wild sense of adventure. I love rabbits, climbing, hiking, swimming. Anything dangerous and fun, I like. And Jazz says I don't have any common sense; once, I jumped off a dinning room table and I broke my foot and once my foot was healed I did it again.

One of the things that is calming that I like to do is write poetry. I've written over one hundred poems, and my favorite type of poem is a cinquain poem.

And we were hiking, one of the few things we both liked.

Jazz's voice broke my thoughts. "Hey, Les?"

"Mm?" I asked, as I kept looking at that beautiful red beaked bird.

"I hear thunder." Jazz murmured.

"Seriously?" I asked, now my gaze looked into the sky. "Awe, man!"

Another crack of thunder rumbled, and it only sounded like it was a mile away. . . . but something was different about it. It seemed like it was coming from the ground, not the sky.

Suddenly, something whipped above us, and Jazz almost screamed. I clutched onto her sleeve of her sweater, and I gazed as something larger whipped past us. I gasped as suddenly, there were three people around us. One had blond hair, but he was a male. The seconds black haired male stared at us with large, hungry eyes. The third was a female, and she had vivid red hair, that looked like fire on top of her head.

And they all had bright red, gleaming eyes.

"Leslie," Jazz murmured into my ear. "I know these people. Th-they killed my parents."

"What?" I gasped, panic over whelming me.

The blond one spoke out. "Jasmine, it's nice to see you again."

Jasmine stepped in front of me. "James," she said his name like it was a swear word.

"Oh don't be like that, girl. I only killed your parents because they smelled good." the man, James, replied to her in a silky voice.

Confusion swept over me, as well as the panic.

Jasmine shook her head violently as she stepped in front of me. In a low voice, she murmured to me, "Leslie, there are things in this world you will never understand. James, is one of them. Run, Leslie Brown. Run, and don't look back. I'm serious. James is a very bad person, and you need to run."

"Jasmine," I whined.

James smiled, a predator like smile. "Do you remember this game, Jasmine?"

Jasmine nodded, and she gulped.

"One," James said, cracking his neck.

The red haired female smiled now too. Her glare was locked on Jazz.

"Two," the black haired male growled as he slipped into a crouch.

"Jazz," I whined again, my voice lower then Jazz's had been.

Jazz shook her head. "I love you as a sister, Leslie Brown."

"Three." the red haired female sang, but her voice wasn't singsong.

Suddenly, I felt my legs thrust me away from the people as the lunged at Jasmine. Jazz's muffled screams began filling the air. I bolted away from the scene, running as fast as I possibly could. I tripped over a few logs and rocks.

I was nearing a clearing as I tripped over a giant twig. I tumbled into the clearing, and I fell face first. My face was grimy, and wet with mud. I looked up, and there was a person, holding her hand out too me.

I sat up, and looked the person in the eye.

It was the blond man, with blood dripping down his chin, and onto his now bare chest.

I screamed, and I jumped to my feet, and I went to run back into the forest, but I collided with something larger. I bounced back, and I fell onto my backside.

I looked up to see Doctor Carlisle Cullen standing there. I almost fainted with relief. And behind him, were the Cullen boys, Jasper, Edward, and Emmett.

I began hyperventilating as all the wild snarling began. I covered my ears, and I tried to ignore the voices as the yelled. I didn't hear much though, when suddenly, something grabbed a fist full of my hair, and through my across the clearing.

For once in my life, as I crashed into the trees across the clearing, I though I was going to die.

The pain was horrible. I screamed as soon as the pain started, and for some reason, I thought it would never end. Suddenly, I felt nothing, and I tumbled into a world of black as I realized I had been knocked out.

* * *

"Is she alright?" a high, anxious voice asked.

Something cold was placed on my forehead. I pawed away at it with annoyance.

"Lemme 'lone." I moaned.

I rolled over, and there was a sudden sharp pain in my head. I gasped, and I sat up, and I opened my eyes.

I was in the hospital. The white walls and white bed gave everything away. Standing at the edge of my bed, was Carlisle Cullen, and his hand was on my forehead. At my bed side, was my foster care mother, Karen. She was holding my hand, and I just realized it when she squeezed it hard.

I blinked a few times, utterly confused.

"Leslie? Leslie!" Karen cried as she embraced me.

I stared at Carlisle.

"Jasmine." I murmured. "Jazz!" I then screamed as Karen pulled away. I flung myself off the bed, and I landed shakily on the ground. I swayed a few times until I managed to walk straight. I headed for the door.

"Leslie," Carlisle said, his voice was musical. "You need to lay down."

"Jazz!" I cried again, shaking my head, as I opened the large wooden door.

Carlisle was suddenly blocking my path. His hands were out stretched, and there was no way I could get past them. "I'm sorry, Leslie, but you need to lay down."

I ducked under his arms, and I was in the middle of the hospital hallway now. I bolted down it, skated across the smooth surface with my bare feet. Nurses yelled at me to stop, but I didn't. I raced until I made it too the front doors. I pushed my way threw them, and I looked around, my eyesight dizzy and blurred.

"Jasmine!" I cried out again as I began running into an un know direction.

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