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Chapter 2.

After the doctor left the room Archie took a quick look round to try spot any other staff that might try stop him, there was no one so he made a quick dash for Danielle's room.

In the canteen everyone had gotten their food and sat down together to eat. No one really wanted to talk, so they all just sat in silence.

Ronnie didn't eat, there was way to much going through her head. Everything that had happened that night was playing back like a film in her mind. Her dad had made Danielle seem like she was really mad, but she knew better now. She remembered throwing Danielle out of the Vic and onto the road. The words she had said to her, she didn't want to think about them. But when she had run after her, when Danielle had turned around, the smile on her face… the smile she had longed for, for 19 years.

Everything that had happened over the last 7 months suddenly all made sense. Danielle had tried to get close but she had just pushed her away, like she did with everyone. But she was going to make up for it. She was gonna be there for Danielle from now on. No matter what happened.

Peggy didn't want to think about how horrible Archie had been and what a huge mistake it had been to marry him. She had felt it in her gut(quote!), she had felt that it wasn't right but she still went ahead with it. What a mistake that had been. Everything she thought Archie was had turned out to be a lie. She just wanted it all to go away, to never of happened.

The person Roxy had loved and looked up to the most had been revealed to be a horrible. She was so confused about everything, she didn't want to believe that her dad had done all the things that he had. She wanted it to be like it used to be, no worries and no troubles. But that would never happen and she knew it. Only a few hours ago she had discovered that her niece was alive but courtesy of Archie she might not be too much longer.

In Danielle's room Archie stood by her bed looking at her in disgust. What a mess this one girl had made of everything. Well, things will be on the mend soon enough he thought to himself.

For things to go as planned for him he had to get in touch with some old friends of his. Lets just say that he knew people with a lot of power, bad people. He grabbed his phone and started dialling numbers.

"Hey Trevor! … Ya, I need a favour."

Ronnie had had enough of just sitting doing nothing so she decided to go and see Danielle.

"Peggy, I'm not really hungry so I'm just gonna pop down and see how Danielle is." Ronnie quietly said to Peggy then walked away down the hall towards Danielle's room. She passed the family room where they had all been before they left and she noticed that Archie had left. She just assumed that he had seen that there was no point in staying.

Walking around a corner Danielle's room came into sight, a small smile spread across Ronnie's face at the thought of being with her daughter with no one else around. Then she saw the door open and Archie walk out, he was looking around as if he was sneaking away from a crime scene. He turned to walk away down the hall when his eyes fell on Ronnie. He froze. Ronnie stared at him coldly. She walked right up close to his face and said, "what the hell do you think your doing going near my daughter?". He looked like he was panicking for a second then he calmly said, " saying goodbye".

"Just get out of here and don't you even think of coming back.", Ronnie spat the words at him before walking into the room, shutting the door behind her.

"Oh, but I'll be back alright!", Archie said to himself walking away with a cheeky smile. Everything was set in place, Danielle would be 'dead' within hours.

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