These were the mirrors I remembered from my youth. Hearing the worried shouts of my mother I rushed to find her, but she wasn't there. She was never there. But James was.

At first I thought that he would kill me, but it turned out he had other plans.

James held the video camera. "That's it scream for Edward. Tell him how much it hurts," James coaxed me. He pushed me into the wall. I cried out to Edward, not telling him to save me as James expected, but telling him to stay away. I didn't want Edward to seek out revenge. I wanted him safe from this crazy man.

My rebellion excited James, made the game more fun for him.

He took a handful of hair and pulled my face back so that his eyes bore into mine. "Well, aren't you fun? No wonder Edward kept you around," he sneered.

The bile rose in my throat. I wanted to throw up on him, the only act of defiance I could muster, but with reflexes that reminded me of Alice he put his hand over my mouth, forcing me to swallow the yellow liquid.

"Now now, Bella. That wouldn't have been a very good idea." His cold methodical voice made my skin crawl. He let go of my head and it lolled to rest on my shoulder. I was defenseless; I just hoped he finished me off quickly. I didn't want to endure seeing his evil face for a moment longer.

"Scream for me Bella. Tell Edward how much you hate me right now."

"Never. Stay way from him Edward. It's not worth it!" I shouted. I tried to slide away from James as he had loosened his grip on my shoulders. I got a few feet before he realized my intent and dragged me back to him. This time he did not allow me to sit but pushed my back to the ground. I struggled to get up and he straddled my torso in an attempt to control my body further. It worked. The beating he had given me to this point made me tired and even this slight impediment stopped me altogether.

I looked him in the eye of my own free will this time, defiance shining through. "Just go ahead and do it James." When no action was taken, other than looking at me I spat at him, "You coward!" He would never have the fortitude that Edward did. He was a weak man going after a woman instead of someone who was his equal.

James continued to stare at me, the hatred in his eyes slowly changing into something different. The violence never left, but became secondary, instead a gleam of appreciation entered his eyes. He shifted on my torso drawing my eyes down. I noticed a bulge growing in his pants and wiggled to escape him and his lecherous thoughts which only served to excite him further.

"Oh, yes. I can see his fascination with you. I was going to kill you to get to him, but you've given me a much better idea, Isabella. One that can be fun for both of us."

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean. I could never have fun with you! Just kill me, James. I'm tired of your games."

"I told you I have a new plan," James murmured in what I could only assume was supposed to be a sexy tone. James lowered his face and chest, moving himself into a lying position over me. He pressed his lips to mine, and despite myself I enjoyed it. I pushed him away in spite of the reaction my body was having. I didn't want this man. He wasn't Edward. This only spurred James on further. He pushed his body more firmly into mine taking away any room that I had to try and get away from him.

"You're very perceptive, Bella. See, this way I can fulfill my two basest desires at once. I can have you tonight and Edward tomorrow. He will be itching for a fight after he sees the video of me taking your body in the ways he hasn't dared to dream about."

After James' little speech, I tried once again to get away from him. Wiggling my torso in an attempt to flee had him moaning in pleasure and grinding his own body into mine. This must be the new plan: raping me to lure Edward into a fight. I resigned myself. If struggling only made him more excited I wouldn't give him that pleasure. I laid still and took what he was pushing on me.

For a moment he seemed disappointed that I refused to take part in his game. He wanted me to fight back it made it more pleasurable for him. I refused to help him get off.

"Maybe we should change tactics Bella. Would that suit you?" James asked. I laid there looking up at him. I couldn't pinpoint my feelings at that moment. I was pissed. No man had a right to my body and here he was about to take something that I had only offered to Edward (and he had refused it!). I was scared. I knew that it hurt the first time despite circumstances. How much more painful would it be if it were this man and this way? And finally, I was a little bit excited. He wanted me. Where Edward had always paused and stepped away this man was taking the next step.

James pulled my hair and my head jerked to the left. He began to nuzzle my neck in a way Edward would never dream of. He took playful nips and bites, though never breaking skin. He kissed the bites, licking the column of my throat to the tender spot behind my ear. I didn't even know it was there until he showed it to me. What was this new tactic?

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

"Seducing you, Bella. You will scream my name. If not out of fear then out of ecstasy," James growled into my ear. My mind shut down. He was going to take me and try to make me feel something for him while he did it? It was ridiculous.

I let my mind leave my body. I didn't want to be there for this. This creature touching my body in ways only Edward was supposed to. I could still feel the pain as he entered my body, but I knew from the easy way he entered that my body was doing things my mind didn't approve of. I was wet for him. I was wet for a man that wasn't Edward and that made me feel shamed.

I turned my head as far as I could and cried into the floor as James pumped himself into me. I could hear the noises of him going in and out of my slick pussy and cried harder. I knew that James was intent on violence when he got the studio that night but now he showed me only tenderness. Even as I cried onto the gleaming hardwood floor he kissed my neck and nipped the column of my throat.

As much as I wanted it to be horrible it wasn't. It was everything I had dreamed of except the man, the timing, and the place. That thought made me cry all the more. Why was this so good? It wasn't fair.

I could feel James start to thrust faster. He had my shirt up around my neck at this point and was massaging my breast so rough and pleasurably that I looked at him and looking was staring right at my breast hungrily. The look on his face, like I was the only woman who existed made me hot. It was thrilling to think that his mad would actually want me to sustain him in both bodily hungers.

Edward had always treated me like I was some porcelain doll that couldn't be handled too roughly, when that was all I wanted. The harder that James held my breast and pushed his cock into my pussy the more I wanted it. I was getting warmer; I could feel it in my skin. Apparently James could sense it as well because he inhaled the scent of my blood deeply and began to move even faster.

Suddenly I reached out and grabbed onto James' back. I fulfilled my need to feel grounded instinctually by reaching out to my captor. I raked my nails across his back and he pounded into me one last time before coming inside me. When we were both satisfied he collapsed on top of me and I had never felt more at peace.