A/N: Here is where all the James fans turn on me. Sorry, but this fic was never about him… it's more about Bella's boredom with Edward/cookie cutter romance. Hope you enjoy!~!~!

As the days passed I didn't notice much. I found my attention focused solely on James. The things he made me do to please him were fun, getting us both off time and again. There were times when my mind would flit back to Edward, to the pleasant life I had with him, and I would feel guilty. But the situation I found myself in was just so unreal. It didn't seem like I was the one doing all of this, but more like I had turned on some porno flic and was just watching the events unfold.

I remember one day he came in while I was making his bed. Abruptly he pushed my face into the mattress and started to massage my ass cheeks. I sucked in a deep breath but really got more of a mouthful of comforter. I reached my arms in front of me to steady myself as he kicked my legs apart with one of his own. But it turned into me grabbing handfuls of the bedding I had just smoothed out as he quickly thrust inside me.

There was no sweet talk, no time for adjustment, just his body pounding into mine. He didn't even speak as he fucked me that time, just continued to thrust into me. The anonymity of the situation made something inside of me burn even hotter. Along with the general moans I exclaimed "Oh yeah" a couple of times, but never uttered his name. It made it more exciting.

I came before he did which I think only spurred him to fuck me harder. The last few thrusts before he came were so rough I almost thought he would tear something. His enthusiasm made me laugh, which made him angry. He smacked my ass hard as he gave one last push into me which made me ready for another go before he had even finished the first.

When James was ready to pull away from me, I reached back and grabbed his hip to hold him in place. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded. I immediately put my hand back on the bed, but the damage was done. "Really, Bella. Who do you think I am here? Edward? You don't get to be in control. I am. Now what do you say to me?"

"Sorry master," I muttered, my flaming face pushed into the covers to hide my embarrassment, not just at being chastised but because of my unadulterated need for him.

"I didn't hear you."

"Sorry master," I said turning my head to the left to make my voice better heard and to allow me to take a breath.

God but I wanted him. Even when he was pulling his "master" bullshit, I wanted him. It was doubly bad because I could feel his dick still. He had pulled out, but I could feel it along my ass cheek, hardening as he heard my apology. "Master, please," I begged pushing my ass back toward him.

"Bella, manners!" he yelled and slapped my ass. It didn't deter me, but I pretended as much because I could not disobey him unless I wanted to risk him leaving me wanting. He went on with the spankings, sometimes hitting me rapidly and other times stopping to admire the red welts he was making on my cheeks. The anticipation of what he would do, along with the pleasure/pain I got from the slaps, was making me terribly wet.

My breath was coming out in pants. My hands were once again clutching the bedding. And my hips wiggled of their own accord which elicited chuckles from James in his position behind me. "Please…"I managed to get out in a breathy voice between moans when he stopped the spanks to rub the welts with a firm hand. "Now."

"My but you are enthusiastic, Bella," he seemed to stop and consider. I was moving my hips and could feel my own juice between my legs. I needed him now, no time for long drawn out decisions.

Before James could stop me I flipped onto my back on the bed and grabbed his hips and pulled him into me. Little James was clearly ready for the action as I guided him into me.

"Dammit, Bella!" James roared. "I'm in fucking charge!" He punctuated each word with a hard, brutal thrust of his cock. I met each of his thrusts with one of my own, which perhaps angered him, but as long as he was fucking me I didn't care.

When James came that time he collapsed on top of me, laying his head on my breast. I reached a hand up and stroked his hair. It was oddly tender. When I look back I realize it was out of character for both of us, and definitely for our relationship (or whatever it was).

James must have felt something too because he got up quickly and left the room.

I finished making the bed and went to shower. No time for thinking about such things as the light loving kiss that James had given my breast right before he lifted his head. No there was no point in thinking about that. None at all.


I don't know how long it took before I realized that I wanted something more, but I did. This wasn't the puppy love that I had with Edward, but after a few days I needed more than mindless pleasure. I wanted someone to talk to and watch movies with. Fat chance of getting that from James, but I would take what he was giving before he got bored of me.

And get bored of me he did. One day I was sitting on the floor, naked as always for I had to be ready for him, when James brought Laurent home with him. At first I thought it meant that I would not be having any fun that night, but it turned out I was very very wrong.