Author: Mirokou's character.

Codename: Java

Name: Christine "Chris" Knight

Age: Mid twenties

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Varying shades of blue with flecks of green

Specialities: working w/ computers and anything else electronic

Origins: Decatur, IL

Profile: Standing right at 5ft with a medium build, Java is often underestimated. Her short temper and fighting spirit quickly make most of the Sigma 6 team wary of her, mainly the men. Bullseye, Jynx and Scarlett however quickly welcome her into their group. Java is one of those girls who will get into a fight & then have to be dragged out of it kicking and screaming. She forges a close bond with Bullseye, mainly because of the fact that they both willing to protect Hi-Tech no matter what the cost. As soon as she learns of their relationship, Java gives Scarlett a warning: If she breaks his heart, she will break her neck. The one member of the team that Java doesn't get along with is Tunnel Rat since he reminds her of one of her annoying younger brothers.

Background: Chris Knight was born and raised in Decatur, IL, the middle child & only girl of seven. At the age of 2 1/2, her youngest brothers: Bryan and Luke were born. That same night her father died in an car accident on his way to work after dropping her mother Marianne off at the hospital. Prior to his death, she was her father's little girl and was named after him. She was a tomboy growing up because of her brothers who participated in sports throughout school. At the age of seven, she figured out how to program the vcr along with accidently hacking the school's computer system. (oops) A technical genius, she graduated at the age of 16 and went to MIT on a full scholarship months later. Upon starting college, she meet the computer nerd who would later known as Hi-Tech.