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Sora, Riku, and Kairi silently read the letter from Mickey.

Hey guys,
Sorry to be botherin' ya again right after ya got home, but we'll soon have a very big problem on our hands. Maleficent and Pete have succeeded in claiming the castle of Organization XIII. She now has control over the Nobodies AND the Heartless and they may be tryin' to find some way to combine their power. They're definitely lookin' for revenge on all of us now.
I'm thinkin' for this round, we'll need all the help we can get.

For this reason, we're going to need the Princesses of Heart again. They're the only ones that can hold back Maleficent's strength enough for us to be able to take 'em. Me, Donald, and Goofy have managed to bring most of them here already. Belle and Jasmine are the only two that we need you to retrieve. I'll send ships soon to take you to your destinations.
Kairi and Riku will take one ship to my Castle. We need their help guarding the princesses at the castle.

One more thing; I have found a wayward boy with special talents and abilities. I'll be sending him to help you, Sora.

Thanks guys,

Sora sighed. "Again? I just got home!"

"C'mon, Sora," Riku said "You probably realized that Xemnas wouldn't be the end of this mess."

"But they need the Princesses? You're hopeless without us, Sora!" Kairi said.

Sora jumped. "Hey!"

Riku snickered. "No offense, but where would you be without us?"

Sora realized that if it weren't for his friends, he wouldn't have ever gone where he'd been able to go and meet the people he met. He had a lot of friends out there in other worlds because of his adventures.

Sora just sighed in defeat.

Kairi crossed her arms. "See what I mean?"

Sora looked up. "Okay, I get it. But the Princesses probably need all the protection they can get. That's why the King needs Riku. Besides, I'll be fine. Mickey's sending that guy he mentioned in the letter to help me."

"Oh sure, don't worry. You're in good hands traveling with the new guy." Riku said sarcastically.

Kairi crossed her arms with an angry look. "I thought we'd be together every day, Sora. Remember?"

Sora winced. He remembered all too well what he had said to Kairi right before Roxas and Namine had fused back into them.

"We'll be together every day, right Sora?"

"Uh, yeah!"

Sora looked down solemnly. He didn't want to leave Kairi anymore that she wanted to leave him, but he knew it was necessary.

Trying to convince her, Sora went on. "Don't worry about me Kairi. Me and the new guy will be sure to check in every now and then."

Kairi started looking more hopeful. "Really?"

Sora grinned. "Really."

"Really, really?"

"Really, really."


With each "really", Kairi bent closer and Sora bent backwards until he was leaning at a ninety-degree angle with Kairi in his face.

Kairi looked puzzled. "Wow, Sora. I didn't know you could bend back that far."

Sora got a bragging opportunity. "I know, isn't that-what?"

He waved his arms for a second, and then fell flat on his back. Riku and Kairi rolled around with laughter. Then Sora heard a distant roaring sound. "Is that a plane?"
They look towards the sky to see lights headed straight for the beach.

Two Gummi ships hovered several feet above the water, starting to power down. Then there was a sudden shutoff in both ships and they both dropped straight down into the water, spreading a wave of water over the heads of Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

Quickly shaking the water out of their hair, they watched as the door slowly opened, and somebody fell out the door into the water. It was a tall teenager with dark brown hair and a dark blue sleeveless shirt. He quickly stood up and got out of the water and shook his hair free of water. "I do not get paid enough for this job….wait a second; I don't get paid at all…..crap."

Unnoticed by the boy, Sora visibly gulped. This was the "new guy"?...Well, he had a good run, right?

The guy walked over, still dizzy, and waved. "Hey guys, how's it going?" Then he collapsed into the water again.

Riku slid his palm across his face. "It was nice knowing you, Sora."

The guy stood up yet again. "Anyways, my name is Steven and I will be transportation and assistant in heroics to….uh," he paused, looking at his hand. His eyes grew wide when he found out what wasn't on it. He looked up nervously and chuckled. "I don't really know any of your names. They faded off of my hand."

Despite his current state of fear for his life, Sora managed a small chuckle and shook Steven's hand. "I'm Sora."

Steven snapped his fingers. "Oh yeah! You're the 'head of heroics', right?" He returned the handshake. "Nice to meet you."

Riku and Kairi went through similar introductions with Steven, who continued on about his job. "Yes, it is my job to help the Keyblade bearer on his quest to save the universe for the…..third time, I think? I promise you, I'm up to the task. I am a master of kung-fu and karate!"

He did some bogus kung-fu moves with loud, unnecessary fighting sounds. "Ta-da!"

Silence….the only sound heard was the breeze and the occasional seagull. Steven drooped his shoulders and sighed. "Okay, fine. No more tricks." He held up his hand and a flash of light formed in it.

The others gasped. They couldn't believe their eyes. "A Keyblade?"

True enough, Steven held a Keyblade in his hand. This one was a shiny obsidian, but it resembled the Kingdom Key perfectly. "This was one of the main reasons that the King had me come along. He feels I could learn from Sora, then break off on my own to protect the worlds, maybe make Sora's job a little easier."

Sora pondered this. "Wow, that's not a bad idea. Well, let's get going then!"

Before leaving, Sora met Kairi's glance, and all of a sudden, he got a weird feeling inside. He'd had it before, but it was stronger this time. Kairi seemed to feel it too. They leaned in a bit, slowly, but surely, feeling that there was something that was inevitable going to-

"Sora!" Steven called.

Both Sora and Kairi lurched when Steven yelled. Sora turned around. "Ah! What?"

"Let's go!"

As Sora walked off, Kairi shook off a confusing feeling. She boarded and couldn't stop thinking: What was that? Shrugging it off, she waved. "Bye guys!"

Riku and Kairi headed for their Gummi ship, nervously keeping an eye on Steven as he walked to his. Steven quickly noticed this and just laughed. "Don't worry, guys! I'll bring him back to you in one piece!" He continued to walk and failed to notice the hanging rail, proceeding to slam his head into it, dropping into the water for a third time, only to get up again. "I'm okay!"

He quickly boarded into the Gummi ship and slammed the door. Seconds later, the engines ignited and, with no disastrous occurrences this time, blasted away from the beach for parts known and unknown.

Kairi lowered her hand after waving good-bye. "I hope Sora will be okay."

Riku shook his head. "Sora will be fine. Right now, I'm worried about the new guy. He's a klutz!" He chuckled a bit. "No idea why King Mickey picked Sora to teach him about defending the worlds."

And with that, they headed off of Destiny Islands for another adventure. This one was to become more messed up that anything they'd seen already. (and that's a lot of crazy stuff, people)