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Chapter 8:Persecution

Alphonse tugged helplessly on the sleeve of his new Hogwarts robes. They were absolutely ridiculous! They restricted all movement, they were bulky, and to top it all off, they just looked stupid. However, the blonde boy sighed in response. There wasn't much he could do, and it would be rude to complain. After all, Dumbledore was the one who bought them.

Despite the robes setback, the subjects that Alphonse was learning were fascinating. He didn't like the fact that Equivalent Exchange was pretty much discarded, even with the simplest of spells, but the amazing and breathtaking displays of magic made up for it.

The part he liked the most was charms. The teacher was amusing, to say the Filius Flitwick was interesting as well, with small gimmicks and rhymes to help Al remember the spells.

He also liked Potions, despite its initial appearances. The teacher was…unusual, Alphonse had to admit, but the subject was the closest thing to normal that he couldn't help but enjoy the subject. It was similar to cooking in a way, and, Alphonse concluded, Alchemy was born in the kitchen. In reality, all Al needed to do in the class was memorize the different types of potions and their uses. The teacher, Professor Snape, wasn't the best of company, but even the simplest of people would realize that the man was a genius in potion making and the dark arts.

However, despite what most people would think, the subject he hated the most was Transfiguration. It sickened him to see people turning live creatures into inanimate objects on a whim. He didn't even see a use for the subject, unless one was in need of a knife and there was only grass nearby. But even then, the young alchemist could have used the properties from the earth to create metal, and then use alchemy to create a knife.

"Mr. Elric, what on earth is the matter?!" Professor McGonagall demanded after the fifth day of teaching. Alphonse had stubbornly refused to turn the small beetle he was given into a button. "There is absolutely nothing wrong in turning a small beetle like this into something as pointless as a button!"

"Yes there is!" argued Alphonse, glaring up at the stern woman with stony gray eyes. "You're—you're taking a living creature, and changing them against their will!! It's inhumane!! I find it hard to believe that they'll be fine after being turned into a chimera!!"

Minerva McGonagall had stopped after this, and frowned down at Alphonse through her glasses. "Mr. Elric, we aren't turning them into Chimeras. You would require a snake, a lion, and a goat—"

"I am not changing their molecular structure just to turn them into a button!" Al shouted, finally losing his temper.

The Transfiguration Professor's lips thinned, and she glared down at Al. "Come with me, Mr. Elric," she said, and she led the way out of her classroom, her robes sweeping behind her. Al glowered, but followed anyway.

He followed her through the castle, ignoring the moving pictures that he might've gawked at earlier, instead focusing on glaring at the woman's back. McGonagall, however, used to this sort of treatment from various rebellious students, adeptly ignored him, guiding the young blonde to the headmaster's office.

"Blood Pops," she said sharply as they neared an ugly gargoyle, and the statue leapt aside to reveal a set of stairs. Without another word, the professor marched up the stairs, knocking on the heavy hardwood door as she reached it.

Alphonse blinked as he heard Dumbledore's voice call out. "Come in," he said pleasantly, and McGonagall swung the door open, gesturing for Alphonse to enter in first.

Al blinked as he stepped into the room, unable to keep the amazement off his face. There were books and pictures of former headmasters all over the walls, with strange little doohickeys and knick-knacks all over small spindly tables.

The headmaster sat in the middle of it, with the most magnificent-looking bird sitting on a perch beside him, golden-red plumage glowing in the light. It let out the sweetest trill Al had ever heard, and fluttered over to perch on the chair before the blonde, beady, intelligent dark eyes studying him carefully.

Alphonse had never been so grateful for his ears and eyes, and mentally thanked his brother (profusely) for the transmutation and Philosopher's stone.

"Is there a problem, Minerva?" Dumbledore asked serenely, his fingers pressed together.

Professor McGonagall glared at the young boy. "Actually, yes, there is, headmaster. This boy absolutely refuses to participate in my Transfiguration lessons! He clearly believes that we're committing some form of animal abuse!" Her nostrils flared, and as Al studied her red face and flashing eyes, he bet that Ed could have given the stern professor a run for her money in terms of temperament and anger levels.

Dumbledore locked eyes with Alphonse for one moment before letting out a loud chuckle. "I'm sure that a compromise can be reached. However, I assure you, Mr. Elric, the animals do not feel a single thing. In fact, several years ago we had four students that performed transfiguration on our Potions Professor as a joke. Needless to say, he remained unscathed, save for his pride." Al frowned, but nodded reluctantly.

"So, if the animals don't get hurt, how are you able to reconstruct the molecular composition of the creature into a nonliving object and back without injuring them or permanently fusing them together?" Al asked, his brow furrowed.

Professor McGonagall stopped for a moment, her mouth open in slight confusion. Granted, she knew everything about Transfiguration when it came to teaching, but she never really figured out why it worked. It just did, and it was as natural as changing a hedgehog into a pincushion as it was drinking milk with cookies. The question Alphonse asked near more to Dumbledore's level of expertise than hers.

Dumbledore turned sparkling blue eyes over to the Transfiguration Professor. "Well, Minerva, do you want to stay, or would you rather prepare some of your lessons for next year?"

Professor McGonagall found herself sitting down.

"Excellent," Dumbledore smiled, before offering the two a lemon drop (which Alphonse took immediately and Minerva declined). "Now, for Transfiguration to work…"


"So, what is it exactly that this kid can do?" Mustang asked, fixing Harry with a curious dark eye. The General was leaning in his chair, his face propped up with a fist and his other hand doodling on a small stack of paperwork. Two other large stacks sat on his left side, but he seemed not to notice it as he doodled.

Standing on his right. Hawkeye rolled her eyes, not feeling up to 'convincing' her superior to do his paperwork.

Harry stood in front of the desk, his hands in his pockets and a nervous look on his face. Edward was just beside him, a smug grin on his face, obviously recalling Mustang's reaction to his subordinate's height.

Winry had opted to remain outside with Fuery and play with Hawkeye's dog. The other soldiers, however, decided to lounge around, some by their desks, some leaning against the wall or the windowsill. Havoc especially seemed to be leaning heavily, sweat standing out on his forehead as he struggled to stand.

"He says that he can do magic," Edward said, his arrogant smirk slowly disappearing, to be replaced with a more serious frown. "He even managed to pick up a lamp without touching it, and have it float across the room."

One of Mustang's eyebrows rose. "No alchemy circles? No clapping hands?"

"None," Edward confirmed.

"Hmm…" Mustang's eyes switched over to Havoc, who was looking decidedly pale by now. "Havoc, I order you to sit."

"But sir, I'm fi—"

"That's an order, soldier," Mustang said sternly, and Harry silently agreed with the dark-haired man. The blonde soldier looked ready to topple over. "I don't care if you feel 'fine.' You recently recovered from an extensive alchemical surgery, and have only just regained all feeling in your legs. By all rights, you should be on leave right now, in a wheelchair."


Click. Harry's wide green eyes found Hawkeye, loading a gun with ease.

Havoc sat.

Mustang nodded in approval, and faced Harry. "Show me," he commanded. His eyes narrowed. "I want to see this for myself."

Harry nodded, and pulled out his wand.

The Philosopher's stone fell out with it.

For a moment, nothing happened. The entire office just stared at it, and Harry felt sudden dread and horror swamping over him.

Edward's eyes flashed, and his fists clenched. "You—you had one the entire time?!" he hissed in anger, and he lunged towards the glowing red stone.

Harry didn't even think. "Petrificus totalus!" he shouted, fear clenching at his heart, and Edward hit the floor with a thud and a curse, the spell causing him to freeze in midair. Harry dove towards the stone, snatched it off the ground, and took off, sprinting as fast as he could through the office.

Mustang half-rose out of his chair, surprise clearly showing on his dark, handsome face. "Sto—!!"

No one made any motion to chase after the little raven-haired boy, and soon Harry was out the door.

He didn't know what he was doing. He was just going to run. The people in the office knew what the Philosopher's stone was, and of its importance, and he was not going to let another potential psychopath get his hands on it.

He swerved past Winry and Fuery, and he caught a glimpse of Winry mouthing the words, "What is—" before he ran past them.


Meanwhile, back at the office, Mustang had rushed over to Edward, who seemed to be frozen in some sort of alchemy trick. "Fullmetal, get up!" he barked, shoving the blonde's shoulder, but Edward only glared, unable to move. His fingers twitched for a moment, and Falman crouched down beside them.

"He seems to be completely mobilized and paralyzed," the silver-haired man said, feeling Edward's pulse and examining him. "However, his pulse is fine, and he seems to have completely control over his eyes and eyebrows." Indeed, from the way Edward was glaring, he probably was mentally swearing.

"Fullmetal, do you understand what I'm saying?" Mustang demanded, before frowning. "Blink your eyes twice if you do."

Edward blinked twice, a large, murderous frown on his face.

"Sir, what's going on—" Fuery began, standing in the doorway.

"No time—Hawkeye, Fuery, Breda, you three go and see if you can track down the boy. Falman, you stay here and help me with Fullmetal."

"What should I do, sir?" Havoc asked, a slight frown on his countenance.

"You're ordered to sit there and remain silent," Mustang said, not even glancing at the smoker. "You shouldn't even be here without your wheelchair."

Havoc shrugged. "I don't need it."

"Bullshit," Edward managed to mumble through his frozen jaw.


Harry sped out of the building, down into the street, clutching the blood red stone in his hand. His breathing was ragged, but he pushed himself further, not even noticing the pale woman with the dreadlocks appear before him.

"Ooof!" he slammed into the lady, who seemed to be as hard as a wall. She blinked at him, before helping the boy up.

"Sorry," she said, dusting him off, and Harry swallowed and nodded. "Where are you headed off to in such a hurry?'

Harry glanced behind him. "No time!" he gasped, seeing Fuery rush out of the doorway.

Too late. The black-haired technician had seen him, and was beginning to shout. "Curtis-san, grab him!"

"What for?" the woman in dreadlocks demanded, and Harry wriggled out of her grip, running down the street. She glanced back at the boy, and her eyes fell onto a small red stone in his grasp.

Immediately, she clapped her hands, and slammed them to the ground, her dark eyes wide in surprise.

Harry ducked into an alley, just barely avoiding a large, stone hand that had appeared out of nowhere.

'I need to get away,' he thought desperately, and began to run faster through the alleys. He swerved and ducked around people and under signs and buildings, not really knowing where on earth he was running. He knew that he was completely lost, but it was better if he got away…

Finally, he could run no more, and he felt winded. He sighed and leaned against a wall in an attempt to catch his breath, only to shout when it broke underneath him. His fingers reached forward, the Philosopher's stone and his wand falling out of his grasp as he scrabbled to grab onto anything, to pull himself back up. However, his efforts were in vain. He tumbled to the ground, and hit his head with a sickening thud!

And he knew no more.


"Edward Elric, what the hell is going on?!" Izumi raged, marching up to her fallen apprentice and yanking him upright.

"Can't…" he began, and his eyes widened, seeing Izumi's fist rushing up to meet his face. "Don't—!!"

BAM! The others winced as the blonde teen dropped to the floor, unable to hold himself upright, or even reach to clutch at his face. Izumi Curtis glared. "Well?!" she shouted ferociously, but Edward was unable to respond.

"Honey," Sig Curtis rumbled, pointing, and Izumi blinked.

"What is it, Sig?"

"It doesn't seem like he can move," the large man grunted, and Izumi blinked again, before comprehension crossed her face.

"Well? Why can't he move?" she barked at the soldiers, and Mustang shook his head.

"A small boy by the name of Harry Potter hit Fullmetal, before taking to the streets," he said, and Izumi scowled tremendously.

"Ah, yes, that boy. Now, tell me; what the hell was he doing with a Philosopher's stone?!" she asked, slamming her palm against Mustang's desk and leaving a mighty dent in it.

Mustang winced. "We actually didn't know he had it. He was going to do something else before it fell out of his pocket. He then performed a strange alchemy trick on Edward, and ran off. The others are still looking for him."

"Harry's done it before," Winry said, nodding to her childhood friend. "The first night he came here, he was scared, and hit Ed with the same thing. He seemed able to take it off, too."

"Well, it's beginning to wear off," Falman replied, putting his hands into his pockets. "Edward has regained the use of his lungs, his tongue, and his fingers. In about three minutes, he will also regain the use of his toes, his hands, his nose, and his mouth."

"Thank you, Falman," Mustang said, before turning to Izumi. "Now, what are you doing here?"

Izumi scowled and folded her arms. "I was going to visit Edward and Alphonse, and wanted to know where he was. It was just my luck that he is here…" she looked around for a moment before cold black eyes settled on the blonde. "Where is Alphonse?"

Edward noticeably winced.

"Um, we can explain," Winry said, holding up a hand.

"EDWARD ELRIC, YOU WILL TELL ME RIGHT NOW WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR BROTHER!!" Izumi shouted, picking Edward up once more and shaking the golden-eyed boy repeatedly.

"Izumi-san, please, let me explain!" Winry cried, attempting to put herself between the two.

Mustang sighed, and placed his head in a gloved hand. It was going to be a long day…


Deep underneath Central, an old evil approached Harry Potter, the wand, and the red stone.

"What is this?" the person asked, crouching down beside the boy and examining it. The shadows hid its face, but purple eyes and white teeth seemed to glow in the inky blackness, the only source of light coming from the hole Harry had made. "It seems like a little boy has lost his way…" White fangs bared themselves in delight. The figure didn't need to eat, but it was so hungry…when its purple eyes fell upon the red stone, and the figure stopped, tilting its head in surprise. "A Philosopher's stone…excellent," the person murmured softly, a slow, evil smile spreading across their face. Its body desired to have the Philosopher's stone, after such a long time of not eating…Carefully, not wanting to alert anyone above in the streets, they scooped up the boy, the wand, and the stone, and carried them further into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Harry's head lolled, unaware of the new danger he now resided in…

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Omake: Professor McGonagall and Alphonse are enlightened

Professor McGonagall and Alphonse sat before the headmaster in a sort of stunned silence, while the elderly man smiled, his blue eyes twinkling.

"So…that's it?" Alphonse managed to ask, a little overwhelmed.

Professor Dumbledore nodded, his blue eyes twinkling even more rapidly, reminding the young blonde heavily of Colonel Armstrong.

"There's nothing else to it?" Minerva asked, looking just as shocked as the alchemist. "That's life's answer?"

Dumbledore nodded again, his smile growing. "Yes Minerva, Alphonse."

"Well, I never," McGonagall said heavily, sitting back, her bones creaking slightly in protest.

Alphonse buried his head into his hands, resting his elbows on his knees. "So let me get this straight," the teen said slowly. "The answer to life's mysteries is 3.14159265358979?"

Dumbledore smiled broadly. "And lemon drops."

Professor McGonagall groaned.

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