Disclaimer:I do not own Teen Titans or anything closely related. I don't even own the socks I'm wearing! This story is a crack-fic of two hours of randomness due to my recent renewed love of the Teen Titans. I'm typically a much better writer than this, but low and behold it was short and sweet and made me laugh.

Note, each character's "line" is signaled by symbols surrounding their words and names.

-Robin- -NiGhT-WiNg-

~Starfire~ ~ShiningStar~

.:Raven:. .:DarkPriestess:.

[Cyborg] [Tin-Man]

{Beast Boy} {BeastinglyAwesome}

|Terra| |Rockin'Goddess|

Titans Chat Room #115

Please wait while we connect you to the Titan's Server


You are now Connected to Titans Chat Room

-NiGhT-WiNg- has signed in.

.:DarkPriestess:. has signed in.

{BeastinglyAwesome} has signed in.

{Workaholic decided to join us?}

-Shut up Beast Boy-

{I'm not the one who has been working since 4am on a new weapon}

-Well this weapon is going to save our butts one day-

{Like I can't beat anyone!}

-How many times have I saved your butt?-

{And how many times have I saved yours?}


~ShiningStar~ has signed in.

~Hello friends! It is nice to join friends in friendly discussion after a hard day's work!~

- -ignoring BeastBoy- Hi Star-

{-ignoring Robin- Hey Starfire.}

~Why are friends Beast Boy and Robin not conversing with each other?~

.:They're fighting:.

~No! It is bad for friends to fight!~

~Please friends! Resolve your quarrel so we may enjoy this time together!~

{Not till Robin apologizes}

-I have nothing to apologize for-

~ TT-TT Friends! ~

|Rockin'Goddess| has signed in.

| What's up? |

~Friends Robin and Beast Boy are fighting.~

~I cannot get them to resolve their fighting!~

| What? |

| BB, what did you do? |

{How come everybody thinks I did something!?}

|'Cause you probably did…|

- XD –

| Oh shut up Robin|

| You probably did something to start him up|

{Oooh, Pwned}

[Tin-Man] has signed in.

[Man, I'm always the last person on!]

-Shut up BeastBoy!-

{Why don't you make me?}

| Break it up guys! |

~There is no need to fight!~

[Am I missing something?]

.:Robin and BeastBoy are fighting :.

[Over what?]

.:Male Egos:.

|Is that what this is about? Male Egos!? |

|Rockin'Goddess| has signed off.




{Terra? Where did Terra go?}

-She left because you were acting like a jerk, dipstick-

{Me? What about you?}

.:Here we go again:.

~There is no need for friends to fight!~

~The chat area is meant for friends to talk to each other happily~

[Do I need to go get some popcorn?]

.:Naw, you'll miss something:.

{Well excuse me, but }


[Man BB, I knew you were slow sometimes, but seriously.]

.:Could you not think of a better word?:.

~This "Asakjnb" is not part of my English Vocabulary…~

-That's because it's not a word-

~Then why would Beast Boy call you that, Robin?~

[In case you haven't figured it out, BB isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.]

-That's not saying much…-

~How could you say such things about your friend?~

-Because he's a –


~Strange, 'Slanfgaoino' isn't in the dictionary either…~


.:Beast Boy has been strangely silent:.

[Yeah we've been making fun of him and he said anything…]

{BeastinglyAwesome} has signed off.

~O.o Friend Beast Boy?~

[Maybe he's gone to kill Robin personally not just virtually?]

-NiGhT-WiNg- has signed off.

.:I've got a bad feeling about this…:.

|Rockin'Goddess| has signed in.

|That should shut them up for a while.|

|Teach them to control their 'male egos'|




[What did you do T?]

|Oh, nothing too terrible.|

|They just happen to be hanging from their ceilings by their underwear.|

~Friend Terra! That is horrible! Are they in much pain?~


.:Ha, this I wanna see:.

[Hey wait for me!]

.:DarkPriestess:. has signed off.

[Tin-Man] has signed off.

~Maybe I should help them?~

|Nah, this is too funny|

~You will help them down?~

|After I find my camera and get pictures|

~Then I guess it is ok…~

~Shining Star~ has signed off.

|And now I'm all alone. Where is that camera? |

|Rockin'Goddess| has signed off.

A/N: So yeah, that's the story. I read/watched some youtube 'chatrooms' online, and well, I personally didn't think they kept Raven/Robin/Terra in character at all. Hopefully I did better, but note, this is not my typical writing style. Maybe if I feel motivated I'll write a Titan's fic for the hell of it. Anyways R&R. Who knows, if people like this, I'll write more and maybe start an actual fic with meh stories.