Hi everyone! This is my second oneshot for Blue Dragon. The pairing in this oneshot is Nene X Himiko. Hope you all enjoy this! :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Blue Dragon.

It's been five months since the gang defeated the Balaur and prevent the Atomic Cube to produced more Mecha Bombers from destroying the cube worlds. As everyone return to their normal, happy lives; Nene and Himiko started a new life together and gotten married after the events. They found an Ancient's Mansion in one of the cube worlds and choose it as their new home to live. The Mansion was large enough to start a big family as it has everything they needed and it's in good shape despite after 10,000 years of seal inside the world.

King Jibral learned about the two Ancient's settlement from Zola and he knew if people found out that Nene is alive and Himiko too, they will go after them in revenge of the pain, destruction and despair that Nene inflicted on the world a year ago. In order to protect them from that, he declared the cube world a sanctuary for endangered wild life and plants and it's off-limits for every citizens of the world to go there. Nene and Himiko were grateful of King Jibral and they go on in their new lives in peace.

But the couple never knew that they have neighbors that will come every night...

Later that night..

"Kelolons, music! Ribbit-Ribbit!"

A group of Kelolons were outside with musical instruments and played their song at the mansion. Inside the bedroom, Nene and Himiko hear the music outside and Nene groaned as the Kelolons played their music for the 12th time.

"How many more times will those damn Kelolons played the damn music! I'm going to chase them away from here." He said as he ready to use Chimera on the Kelolons.

"Nene, leave them alone. I actually like their music, it helps me to sleep peacefully." Himiko said as she close her eyes and listen to the music. "Let's go to sleep, please?"

"...Fine." He replied, laying down on the double bed. The anger faded away and he take a deep breathe to calm himself and went back to sleep.

"Thank you." She kissed her husband on the forehead and go to sleep.

The music kept playing throughout the night as they went to sleep. Then more Kelolons came with more stuffs and the Kelolons have their party in celebrating of seeing the Ancients lived through the war 10,000 years ago like the Kelolons did.

My second onshot is done! How did you guys think of it?:D