The Sorcerer's Stone

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A/N: So I've had this typed up for a while and felt really bad that I haven't been posting anything for a while, R.L sucks… Anyway here is Harry Potter/Supernatural this is a little AU to both stories but for the most part will be following the Harry Potter story. Sam is 11 and Dean is only 13 in the beginning of the story.

Ch 1

John groaned when a dull tapping sound pulled him from his sleep. He looked around and saw both his boys asleep in the next bed. Dean sprawled with Sam tucked safely at his side. During the summer months when Dean was home the boys were inseparable and that was okay with John. Ever since Dean had been going away for school the hunter made an effort to spend as much time with both his boys as possible when his oldest son was home. That meant that some hunts, not all, were passed to other hunters.

The tapping sound came again and this time John was able to tell what it was. He walked to the kitchen window and opened it wide enough for the owl to fly in and drop two letters on the table. John fed the bird a little before it took off once again. He turned towards the table finally and his eyes landed on the two letters: One with Dean's name and the other with Sam's.

He let out a sigh. He knew that this day might come ever since Dean had received his first letter. He had been more than a little reluctant to let Dean go at the time, witches were nasty people after all, but then he remembered his Mary. She herself had attended the school when she was younger and he couldn't deny his son the chance to share something with his mother. After doing research, he found out that those who were born with magical powers were different from the witches that he hunted so he finally relented and let Dean go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. And now it was Sam's turn.

He sighed. He knew he was going to let Sam go, it was only fair, but it was going to be hard, not seeing his boys for months at a time. He looked over at his children once again. Sam was so small, and he didn't know how to defend himself like Dean did when he first left. He blamed that on himself. He had only been too eager to show his oldest how to protect himself and his little brother and Dean was an enthusiastic student, thrilled to be learning skills that would be needed for hunts. Sam was his baby and he didn't want him to grow up too fast, and Dean felt the same way. They had both spent the last eleven years shielding Sam from any hardship that they could.

"Dean, Sam wake up, time for breakfast," he called picking up the letters.

He chuckled when Dean quickly rolled out of bed and was at the table in an instant. He looked confused when there was no food but only shrugged and went to pull out some cereal. "I thought we could go out for breakfast today."

"Okay, Sammy get up and get dressed."

Sam moaned from his place on the bed, but did as he was told.

"Before I forget, your letter came today Dean." John handed over the letter and Dean opened it and read over the list of what he would need.

Sam looked disappointed when he didn't see a second letter, just like the first two times. "What's wrong Sammy," John asked hiding a smirk.

"Nothing sir," Sam said trying to sound happy. Dean looked over at his brother and gave him a sad smile. Dean had told Sam earlier that if he was ever going to get into Hogwarts this would be this year.

"Your letter came too Sam," John said handing over the letter to his baby boy. Sam grinned as he tore open the letter. He was going to go to school with his big brother!

"Now, if you're going to go to this school Sammy, there are some rules that you have to follow." Sam nodded, eager to agree with anything that would let him join Dean. "First, you have to keep an inhaler with you at all times, I know you forget sometimes but you can't anymore. I won't be there to make sure that you have it. Second you will not wonder off by yourself." Sam blushed knowing he had a habit of doing that sometimes, scaring his father and brother on more than one occasion. "Third, you will listen to Dean and do what he says, you got that?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay then, we should go get breakfast then we can start looking at catalogues for what you need." John smiled when Sam hugged him around the waist before running to get in the car.

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