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Ch. 10

"This is all that stupid dragon's fault," George moaned as they all made their way towards Hagrid's hut for detention.

"It can't be that bad," Fred said. "At least we get to go into the Forbidden Forest without getting into trouble."

"That's true," Dean said.

Malfoy was just looking at them like they were crazy.

"Dean is there really monsters in there," Sam asked as if he didn't have enough of those in his life.

"They're sure are. Some of them would even make Dad shake in his boots." Sam gulped. "Don't worry Sammy; I'll make sure nothing happens to ya."

"Ha ha ha, gosh Winchester I knew you were weak but do you seriously need Big Brother to hold your hand the entire way?"

This earned Malfoy a glare from all of the Gryffindors, who were all just a tad protective of the small boy.

"Say another word Malfoy and you're going down," Fred threatened.

"And then we're going to leave you in the woods to be eaten by a werewolf," George added.

"Please there are no werewolves in the forest." Just then a howl broke through the night.

"You sure about that," Dean questioned darkly.

"Hello everyone."

"Hey Hagrid," Harry said happily.

"Hey you lot, follow me. Okay so see this silver stuff. It's unicorn blood. One's been hurt, second one this week. Our job is to try and find the poor thing. Any questions?"

"Yeah what hurt the unicorn," Malfoy asked.

"Dunno, but I can tell you that it's not nice."

"And what if it finds us?"

"Nothin's gonna hurt you while you're with me or fang here."

"I want fang," Malfoy demanded.

"Alright, let's split up into two teams. Sam since I think you're the only one who won't try to kill this kid you go with him. And since I know there's no way Dean's letting you out of his sight you try and keep that brother of yours from hurting the brat, okay?"

"It's not like I would kill him," Dean mumbled.

"Right, Fred and George you're with me so I can try to keep you outta trouble. Hermione you come with us too and Harry you go with Sam and Dean. If you find anything send up red sparks."

The Winchesters, Harry, and Malfoy had been walking for a couple of hours and hadn't seen anything. Malfoy was passing the time by making fun of Sam who hadn't been further than a foot away from his brother since walking into the forest.

"You're even more pathetic than I thought. I mean you're actually holding your brother's hand," Malfoy laughed at Sam. The younger boy had stumbled and Dean had caught him. Dean was now glaring at the younger boy and was about to put him in his place but Sam pulled him away from his murderous thoughts.

"Dean look," Sam pointed to a white figure lying on the ground. All four boys crept towards it and confirmed that it was indeed a unicorn. "It's so beautiful. What would do something like this?"

Harry took a step towards the fallen creature when he heard a slithering sound that made him freeze. Out of the shadows, came a hooded creature crawling towards the fallen unicorn. It lowered its head and started to drink the unicorn's blood. Sam buried his face into his brother's back. Dean had one arm outstretched block Sam from any attack that may come and pulled Harry back behind him with his other arm.

Malfoy let out a blood curdling scream before taking off into the woods and leave the three boys to fend off the creature that was now looking at them. Dean started backing up taking the two younger boys with him as the creature started stalking towards them. Then Harry let out a scream and fell to the ground screaming in pain and holding his head. Still the creature stalked forward. Not knowing what else to do Dean took out his wand and stood his ground. Then the sound of hooves filled the air and a centaur appeared and fought of the creature.

Once the thing was gone the pain disappeared and Harry was able to stand.

"You shouldn't be here, the forest is not safe," the centaur said. "Especially for you two." It looked right at Harry and Sam.

"Don't worry about us we're leaving right now." Dean came and put an arm around his brother's shoulder and wrapped a hand around Harry's wrist.

"I will lead you to the exit."

"What's your name," Sam asked quietly remembering his manners a few minutes after they started following the centaur.

"I am Firenze."

"What was that thing," Harry asked shivering.

"Probably some sort of demon. My question is: what was that thing doing," Dean stated tightening his arm around his brother.

"Do you know what unicorn blood is used for?"

"It will keep you alive, even if you're an inch from death," Sam recited from some book no doubt.

"That is correct, but it is a monstrous thing to slay a unicorn, something so pure, for your own gain. From the moment your lips touches the blood you lead a cursed life."

"But who would be the desperate," Harry wondered.

"Somebody who wants to buy time until they can obtain a way to return to power."

"They want the sorcerer's stone," Sam realized.

Firenze just smiled. "Who wants it is the question," Harry said.

"Can you think of no one?"

"Harry, Sam, Dean!"

"This is where I will leave you." The centaur ran off.

"Thank goodness we found you all. Malfoy said something about a monster. Are you alright," Hermione said stopping in front of the boys.

"We're fine Hermione." Judging by how pale they all were and the fact that Harry was shaking slightly and Dean still had and a hand wrapped around Harry's wrist and Sam tucked under his arm while Sam was clinging to Dean as if he was the only thing keeping him alive that statement was not true.

"The unicorn's dead Hagrid," Sam said quietly.

"Alright let's get you lot outta here."

Ron was sound asleep in the common room by the time they got back. Fred hit him on the stomach to wake him up. "Alright what happened," George demanded.

Harry, Sam, and Dean then explained the horrifying scene and their ideas about what the creature was really after.

"But who would want it so badly?"

"I still say it's some kind of demon," Dean said.

"No it's Voldemort," Harry said making the three Weasley's and Hermione flinch.

"You-know-who is dead though. He died years ago, we all know that," Ron protested.

"Well in our experience when things die they don't always stay dead," Dean stated.