Lucky is running from the stinking little brats after his cereal again when suddenly the emerald elder appears.

Lucky: "What the hell are you doing here old man?"

Elder: "Don't use that kind of language with me you young whipper-snapper! I'm here to give you your new charm."

Lucky: "Well hurry the hell up! I aint got all day ye know. Those wee brats will be here soon."

Elder: "Humph! Fine, here you go you ungrateful little midget!" *Holds out a blue charm with yellow swirls on it.*

Lucky: "What the heck does this do?"

Elder: "I'm glad you asked. It confuses them. Leaves them 'stunned' you could say."

Lucky: "And how the fuck is that gonna help me?!"

Elder: "What did I say about that kind of talk? Keep this shit up and I'll just let the damn kids steal your fucking cereal."

Lucky: *Rolls eyes* "whatever just tell me."

Elder: "Too late the little shits are here already. Well you know what to do; I'm outta here!" *Disappears."

Lucky: "…Well fuck."

Kids: *Running towards Lucky* "Let's take his Lucky Charms!"

Lucky: "Not this time fuckers!" *Throws the charm to the ground* "Marshmallow powers!"

Kids: *Stand around with confused looks on their faces and look anywhere but at Lucky."

Girl A: "What are we doing here?"

Boy B: "I dunno. My mom's gonna freak - I should have come home right after school."

Boy A: "Me too. My dad's gonna have a fit. I gotta go."

Girl B: "Me too."

Kids: *All leave still wondering how they got there.*

Lucky: *Chuckles confidently to himself* "I knew all along I could do it."

*Elder appears.*

Elder: "And I had absolutely nothing to do with it?"

Lucky: "You helped a little."

Elder: "That's it you ungrateful shithead! I've had enough and now your dead!" *Blasts at him with his magical walking stick but Lucky dodges it and runs away laughing.*

Elder: "Ugh. I need a vacation."


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