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--- --- ---

"Please be careful. If you need help just let us know. I don't foresee anything happening considering all of the precautions we have taken." Emma told Ororo as they were loading up the X-jet. Hank was talking to Iliana, giving her some last minute instructions as Piotr and Warren were moving Robert Drake onto the jet. Jimmy and Kitty were following behind them.

"Are you sure no one will need to stay with him?" Ororo asked.

"There are some strong mutant guards at the facility. Hank has assured me he will be fine to stay there without the aid of the X-Men." Emma told her.

"If I think differently, I'm staying."

"Then who will drive the jet back home?"

"I'll give Warren a crash course on the way there. He already knows how to fly, just a matter of flying a jet instead of just himself."

"We need you back here as well. Have faith in the abilities of others."

"Ororo, we're ready to go." Iliana told her.

"'Ro, this is hard on all of us, but remember this is what is best for him." Emma said.

"I know. Hopefully he will come back the Bobby I had in class." Ororo said before turning to get onto the jet. Emma and Hank left the hanger and Ororo took off with Bobby and the other five members of her team. Ororo would pilot, Iliana would monitor Bobby's medical condition while Jimmy would keep his mutation under control. Piotr and Warren came along, Piotr partially because of Kitty. Kitty was there because she was one of Bobby's few remaining friends. Despite all that had happened, she still remembered the Bobby who turned fountains into ice rinks and loved an untouchable girl.

--- --- ---

Logan heard the faint sound of the hanger hatch opening as the X-jet took off as he run a gentle hand through Marie's hair. She was still asleep in his arms. It had been a long night for the both of them. Marie had spent an hour pacing when they first got back to their room, not willing to put James down. It wasn't until James woke up wanting to bed fed, that she at least sat down. Once she sat down, she yawned and he had convinced her to get some rest. She spent most of the night tossing and turning, but still got more rest than he had. When Drake was out of the mansion, he would let is guard down a little bit and rest.

He breathed in the sweet scent of her hair and relaxed even more; it was like a drug to him. What chloroform could do to others her peaceful scent could do to him. Before long he was asleep and his gentle snoring put Marie into a deeper sleep. It was after noon before they woke up. Even James seemed to be more at peace.

--- --- ---

"We're here." Ororo announced as she was preparing to land the jet at an airport 15 miles away from the hospital. Dr. Roan had planned to meet them with an ambulance at the airport. Kitty had been holding Bobby's hand throughout the trip. She wanted to remind him of his humanity and that people cared. Iliana was in the middle of hanging a new bottle of propofol, when Bobby began to stir.

"Kitty?" He said groggily.

"Yeah. I'm here." She said softly as she squeezed his hand.

"Where am I? What, what's going on?"

"You're in the jet right now. We are taking you to a hospital where you can get some help. You…you haven't been yourself in a little while."

"I'm sorry." Was the last thing he said before falling back into his drug-induced sleep.

"It's time to move him." Piotr told Kitty who was on the verge of tears. For a brief moment, she had talked to the Bobby she first met; the sweet man with angelic ice blue eyes and the soul to go along with them. She stood up from her vigil seat as Piotr and Warren moved Bobby to the ambulance. There were two men in the ambulance, in addition two Dr. Roan.

"There is a van to carry the rest of you to the hospital. We only have room for two and I feel Jimmy should be one of them just in case." Dr. Roan told Ororo. She was about to volunteer to go, until Kitty spoke up.

"I'll go." Kitty said as she hopped into the ambulance.

"We'll follow behind in the van." Ororo told the doctor.

"Kitty, please be careful." Piotr told her as they were piling into the van. He couldn't hide his concern for the young woman.

Those last 15 miles seemed like the longest 15 miles of Kitty Pryde's life. She was turning over her friend for who knows how long to a person she had just met. She knew Bobby needed help. She had felt something was wrong for the past year, but last night really showed her that he was beyond their control or their help. So she sat there holding his hand and telling his sleeping form of how wonderful it was going to be when he got out and was himself again. She told him she was going to pray for him and call him when she could. She may even visit if they would let her.

When they arrived the hospital reminded her slightly of the mansion. It was an older stone home which had been repurposed. There were two guards outside the doors, the only person she could think of which could take them on was Logan as far as just fighting went. Maybe Piotr, but few people messed with him due to his natural height.

The two guards made their way down the stairs in front of the building to help Piotr, Warren, and the two other men she had met in the ambulance carry Bobby up the stairs and into the hospital. Jimmy grabbed Kitty's hand, unsure of what to do.

"Come on in. I will show you a little bit of the facilities so you will know your friend is safe." Dr. Roan told them. Kitty and Jimmy followed the stretcher in, with Ororo and Iliana falling in behind them. The air smelled clean and the atmosphere was friendly. There were a few patients out in a common room playing cards. As they made there way down the halls, Kitty noticed mixed in with the patients were nurses and guards. Bobby's room was on the second floor close to the nurse's station. The room struck her as unfriendly at first because it was so bare.

"The room is considered a safe room. Anything which was considered extremely dangerous has been removed. I'm afraid he cannot have a regular television, computer, or pictures, but there is a television in the wall and several places with digital photo frames. If you would like to send some files of his pictures, we will be glad to put them up. We are here to help him and we believe part of that is reminding him of the good in his life."

Kitty just nodded at the doctor's words. "If you have any questions, just let us know. But for now I would like you to say your farewells so we can get Bobby settled."

Warren and Piotr said bye to their teammate. Iliana went with Ororo as she said her farewells. Jimmy went with Kitty as she said bye. Before Kitty left she placed a kiss on Bobby's cheek and told him, "I'll miss you. But I know this is for the best. Bye." They walked out of the building and were driven back to the airport in silence. They all felt like they were leaving a part of themselves behind. It didn't seem right to abandon a team member. They had already lost too much. First they lost Jean to what they thought was death and then to the Phoenix. Then they lost The Professor, Scott, and finally Jean for good. This time they were consciously leaving Bobby and while that idea hurt, they knew it was only to gain the person they truly loved and cared about in place of what had taken over him. It may take months or years, but all that time will be worth it to see the kindness behind those ice blue eyes once again.

--- --- ---

"Marie, you know we can leave this room, right?" Logan told his wife who was starring out the window.

"I know. It's just…I feel safe here. It's like our own little world. No one can hurt us here."

"He is gone. He isn't going to hurt you again." Logan told her.

"It isn't him. Well, not really. It wasn't the Bobby I knew who did those things to me…" Logan opened his mouth to object, but Marie silenced him by placing a hand to his mouth. "I know it was physically still the same person, but something had broken inside his mind. Something or some things had happened to him that made him change and eventually snap. It makes me wonder what the world we live in can do to us. We've all already been through so much. We have lost close friends, been ostracized for being different, and had to fight to find our places. I'm not saying it's easier being whatever normal is, but we're different. Then I think about what James is going to have to go through." She said as she walked towards the crib where her sleeping baby lay. "It would be enough for him to find out the father who raised him isn't his real father and then the circumstances….But then to find out just exactly how screwed up all your parents are. A mother who couldn't touch and still has random people running through her head, a father who doesn't even know how old he is and has lost a lot of his past, and then a biological father who went crazy…."

"But he also has a family who loves him. And it isn't just us. You think I would have come back to the mansion if I didn't know there were people here who cared? And he is going to have something we didn't have; he is going to have plenty of people who understand what it is like to be different. He isn't going to end up nearly killing somebody before he realizes he is different."

"But what if he can't control it?"

"Then he'll have someone who understands him."

"What if he hates me for taking the cure?"

"You're his mother. He will understand. Do you think you could have had him if you didn't gain control of your mutation some way?"

"But maybe I could have learned…"

"Marie, don't go regretting it. I don't."

"I'm not regretting it. I guess I'm just thinking too much. I don't regret anything that brought me closer to you." She said as she stroked his cheek.

"Marie, I've been thinking…maybe James would like a..." How did Logan bring himself to say something like this? "a younger brother or sister."

"Is this your way of saying you want another kid?" She said, smiling at her husband.

"Maybe." He said, smirking at her.

"Under one condition."


"You get diaper duty this time."

"Fine." He said as he kissed her. Any of the harsh memories or worries drifted to the back of their minds. They were in their only little world, where there was no such thing as too much when it came to the other.

--- --- ---

The End

--- --- ---

Closing Author's Note: Yeah, I know, it seems like a lot of things are left unsolved. What is wrong with Bobby and will he ever be better? What about Iliana and Hank, and will Kitty get back with Bobby, or will Piotr win her over? And then the inevitable questions, is there another baby in the pic and what about James? I kind of wonder the same things when I finish reading something. I felt that it was time for this story to end because the original problems were resolved.

I have already started something of a sequel for this. It's more or less a collection of one-shots to cover some major events (and minor ones) following Bobby's hospitalization, which I will start posting soon. Plus, I've been finding it easier to write one shots when my time is more scattered (the Fall semester starts in a little over two weeks).

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