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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Knights of the Old Republic III

In the wake of the war the Jedi's numbers have dwindled. Hunted by the Exchange and the Sith alike, it took the courage of one forgotten exile to bring the Jedi back from the brink.

The Order returning to building itself back from it destruction, a new evil peered about the corner. Far from any Sith, an evil threatening the galaxy that Revan had left to fight years ago to never return.

Now years later, Alex Drake, another member of the Jedi Council has gone missing in search of his friend. Fearing an attack on the Republic from the outside the Council calls for the return of one of its own and his assistance...

Chapter One: Reflections

"No worries, Mooney. You're fine... no need to be so nervous. Its just your first day of lightsaber training..." Said Moonfire as she began to pace back and forth in the Temple hallway. "You can do this Mooney, you spent forever making your saber and now you go meet the master. Nothing to be nervous about... nothing at all." the girl said to herself softly as she took a calming breath and whipped a small pale hand through the short black hair styled choppily about her face, ornate little beads placed here and there throughout it. With a soft sigh Moonfire's hand wrapped about the door handle and she let herself in.

The training room was large and mostly empty, cream colored walls towered high above her head, creating an enormous chamber. Taking a few steps forward, she listened as her footfalls echoed loudly, causing the young girl to wince. She looked about, at first missing the young man to the left of her, sitting cross legged in meditation, a large heavily engraved chest sitting beside him. Stepping closer, almost afraid to disturb the man, Moonfire stood over him, unsure of what to do. Should she inform him of her presence? Just stand there awkwardly until he noticed? Maybe she was supposed to be meditating too? Oh dear...

"Umm... excuse me, sir?" she asked gently, her voice very soft and filled with hesitation. A kind smile spread across her face as the girl attempted to get the attention of the Jedi Knight in front of her. A blue eye opened and peered up at the padawan looming over him, watching as she smiled nervously and tucked her hair behind her ear in her anxiety. "I'm Moonfire Esense, I'm here for lightsaber training... you're Ryuu Drake, right?" she continued again.

"Yes, and it appears I have a student after all, I was starting to think that there wasn't going to be anyone showing up today. Now, Moonfire was it? I imagine you're proficient in Shii Cho?" he said as he flicked a piece of dark red hair from his eyes, standing up next to the much shorter girl.

"Oh, yes. They taught me that as a youngling back on Ruusan. I wasn't terribly good, but over all I wouldn't say I'm too bad..." Moonfire laughed awkwardly as she unclipped her lightsaber from her belt.

"Well, today I'll be teaching you some Defensive forms, Form III Soresu, and Form V Djem So, both will be necessary to know in order to defend yourself in battle." Ryuu continued as he unclipped his own saber and ignited it in a flash of green light, spilling out over the room and bathing them both in its reflective light. Quickly he spun it forward into his first stance, stepping back and holding the saber back while pointing it towards Moonfire, much like he was ready to throw the blade like a spear.

"This will be your first stance, Soresu. Let me see you emulate it." Ryuu flashed a reassuring grin at his young student as she took a few steps back. Turning on her own saber with a hiss and a pop, bathing the room with bright purple light, splashing off her pale skin, giving it a violet tint. Her feet fell into the stance, holding the saber above her head like Ryuu had shown her. Smiling, Ryuu walked about her, studying the stance and the girl for a moment and making the minor needed corrections. Moved an elbow here, spread the legs a little further there, until it was a mirror image of his own.

"Good good." The Master nodded, a couple stray hair falling into his face, flicking them back with his hand as he kicked open the chest by their feet. Inside was a tiny metal sphere and a remote. Picking the remote up he glanced over the wide array of buttons before clicking one on, causing the little orb to buzz to life, floating up between them.

"This droid will be helping you with your training, it blasts low energy bolts at you, and in your stance you are to block them. Move your saber in quick, small arc's, nothing too large or you'll take too long and get hit by one of bolts."

The small droid buzzed and floated about Moonfire, jumping around her seemingly at random as it looked her over. A quick nod of her head signaled she was ready, and with a soft click of the remote the droid began to fire bolts at her. Emitting a loud yelp Moonfire swung the blade to deflect the bolt, successfully bouncing the blaster bolt off the blade of her sword and sending it back towards the little droid.

"Yes! Score one for Mooney!" she shouted as she jumped up in victory, shaggy black hair falling into her face as she smiled brightly at Ryuu.

"Umm... Moonfire? The-" Ryuu started, realizing his padawan had already forgotten the sphere dancing around her quickly, still firing bolts at her when with a nasty pop and hiss one bolt hit her dead in the arm, causing another loud yelp from the girl as she dropped her saber in her surprise. The saber deactivated and skittered across the floor away from her as she started to loose her balance, causing her to topple over into a heap of brown and cream robes.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Moonfire yelled as the little remote continued to fire off after her on the ground. "Make it stop! Time out! Time out!" Ryuu attempted to hold back his laughter at his padawan as she rolled about on the ground trying not to get struck by the blaster bolts being shot at her. A light chuckle escaped his lips as he clicked the remote, causing the tiny sphere to power off and drop to the floor next to her. Looking up from her spot on the ground, Moonfire's face had turned scarlet with a heavy blush, pale hands moving up to cover it.

"Are you alright, Mooney?" Ryuu asked as he walked closer to her on the ground, suppressing another chuckle as she attempted to hide her deep blush. Opening her hands over her face for a moment she responded in a higher pitch than before, her embarrassment radiating from her.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. Just... give me a second." Finally regaining control of her face, she propped herself up on her elbows and sitting up, rubbing her arm tenderly, a light mark left by the blaster bolt on the otherwise unblemished skin. Standing up she held her arms out for balance, getting up with only a light wobble.

Moonfire frowned as she shook her head, maybe everyone was right, she wasn't cut out to be a Jedi. So far she was the only member of her class to still lack a Master, didn't help that she was the only girl in the class as well. The other students seemed to frown on the idea of a girl Jedi, saying that women tend to be far too clumsy and emotional to handle being one. I didn't help that she constantly proved them right. Though, Moonfire kept on moving forward, every morning just sure she'd have a Master chosen for her, that she'd develop some grace and finally finish her padawan training. Today looked like it wasn't the day she was waiting for...

"Okay, I'm set." She said as she looked about for her lightsaber, bright blue eyes scanning the floor around her. "Where'd I drop my saber?" she asked more to herself than Ryuu as she took another step forward.

"Maybe we should take a-" Ryuu began before jumping forward just as Mooney started to trip over the missing lightsaber, wrapping his arms around her as she started to fall over again. "Easy there, don't go hurting yourself again," he said as he held her up in his warm arms, Moonfire's face changing to an even brighter shade of red than previously seen before. "Let's take a break, that sound okay to you, Mooney?" Ryuu asked smiling down at her again. Quickly she set herself up right and brushed off her robes.

"Sure, a break. That sounds great... I can stop making a complete fool of myself than," she responded with a nervous chuckle, scratching the back of her head. Picking up the offending saber she clicked back onto her belt with a soft snap. "So... break huh?..." Moonfire said still feeling nervous, she never was very at ease with new people, always trying to keep from embarrassing herself.

"Have you gotten a chance to explore the Temple?" Ryuu asked with an easy smile. His voice kind and calming, helping to ease the tension a little. Not that he really seemed to notice it, almost painfully oblivious to the padawan's anxiety.

"Oh no, not really... I just got here from Ruusan a few weeks ago, haven't had too much time to explore." she admitted.

"Well then, how about I show you around the Temple a bit? We have some very beautiful rooms here on Coruscant, my personal favorite being the Room of a Thousand Fountains." He said gently as he placed a hand on her back, guiding Moonfire from the sparring room and back out into the hallway. Their foot steps projecting about the long open hall as they walked, echoing and mixing with the voices of the two Jedi.

"So, what brought you here to Coruscant in the first place, Moonfire?" his voice like polished ice, smooth and cool.

"Oh, well. I came here in search of a Master. There weren't enough back on Ruusan, so they sent the surplus padawan's here." Not entirely false, there didn't appear to be any back on Ruusan who'd take such a uncoordinated girl as his apprentice. Hoping she'd have more of a chance at the Coruscant Temple, she took the first shuttle.

"Really? Well I'm sure you'll have one in no time. There are plenty of Masters here I'm sure would love to take you." Ryuu said with a reassuring nod.

"I'll be fine. Just keep working until I've got one, I guess."

"Ah, here we are." he began as he motioned to the large archway before them, leading to the Room of a Thousand Fountain's. The sound of running water filled the room, well to call it a room was a bit of an understatement. The walls of the chamber were so far apart, it seemed to be more of an enclosed courtyard. Moonfire's eyes widened as she took it all in, the fountains spilling the water, so clear, like liquid glass pouring and spraying between the beautiful gardens and paths of the chamber. An all glass ceiling allowing the pure sunlight of Coruscant to fill every crevice with its rays, bringing the flora to a sparkling green. Tiny rainbows refracted in the light spray all about the room, the effect giving the chamber an almost magical feel.

"Its.... so pretty..." Moonfire said as her eye caught every detail, though was left speechless in the wake of such beauty.

"It is, isn't it? Very pretty." Ryuu said with chuckle at her awe at the room. "I would have thought this would have been one the first rooms to catch your attention."

"Ah, well I sort of went directly to the library... I'm a bit of a book worm." Moonfire said absently, the picturesque quality of the room capturing most of her attention.

Ryuu nodded in understanding, as if he expected it of her. Quietly they walked, their once loud steps now muffled by the jade grass spread out about the pairs feet. Ryuu leading the way, he brought her towards a garden filled completely with hundreds of variety's of flowers. A lovely smell filled and weaved between the two as they sat in on the benches provided.

"This is my favorite spot in the garden." Ryuu explained "My father came here often with me, he used to tell me that the flowers here, that each one like a person, had a different distinct smell, its own fingerprint and that even when he wasn't sitting here he could still smell the aroma and see them just as easily as if he were sitting here with them." Ryuu's face grew glazed as he told his short tale of his father, blue eyes wide with thought and his face held in a calm smile. Even with his red hair falling into his eyes some, he seemed so serene, so statuesque Moonfire couldn't help but find herself staring. The look in his eyes as he shared the memory helped to even place her on ease. "I think he was trying to teach me something about the Force, but the message is lost on me." he admitted with a chuckle as he returned to focus, turning to look at the ever listening Moonfire.

A silence feel between them as Moonfire caught herself staring, a new blush covering her face as she began to speak "I think, he was saying something about the force being unique in each person... how essentially its all the same, its all the Force, they're all flowers... but its not really the same, deep down theres a difference, even if you can't tell immediately. Who can say I smell the flowers the same way you do? Who can say I use the Force exactly like you? Even when someone you care about isn't there, you can still feel their presence in the Force, you can still smell the flowers..." she said excitedly. Catching herself babbling again she stopped and calmed. "I'm probably missing the message myself." she laughed gently, trying to shake of the feeling she was getting in the pit of her stomach. The odd mix of giddiness and unease causing it to flip and flop about inside her. "You're father sounds like a very interesting man." Moonfire added as she shoved a lock of hair out of her face.

"Speaking of your father Ryuu, there is something very important Master Blaze and I would like to speak to you about." said a new voice that almost made Mooney yelp in surprise. She really needed to get better at sensing peoples arrivals.

"Luster!" Ryuu exclaimed as he jumped up from the stone bench to greet the newcomer. The man,Luster, was quite tall, with long black hair pulled into a loose ponytail, tattered gray robes covering him.

"Its good to see you as well, Ryuu" Luster said with a kind smile as he shook hands with Ryuu.

"Whats this about my father?" Ryuu asked, his smile turning quite serious. Luster shook his head, placing a kind hand on Ryuu's shoulder, guiding him towards the Jedi Council's chambers. Moonfire following curiously, unsure of what was really expected of her. Upon entering the large room, though much smaller than the room of a Thousand Fountain's, sitting in the center sat the aging Master Blaze, a Jedi of over ninety years. Ryuu walked over the wrinkled man, hugging him tightly for a moment before speaking.

"Its good to see you, Blaze, but please tell what is this business about my father?" he asked calmly, his face set sternly.

"He left three days ago after Revan..." croaked out old Master Blaze, his voice rough and almost dusty in quality, contrasting sharply with the smooth polish of Ryuu's.

"Alex hasn't been the same since your mother died... I caught him talking to himself before he left. I fear something dark is brewing." Luster continued.

"Where did he go?" Ryuu asked quickly, his face though stern was lined with worry.

"Korriban, we've had several reports of dark things occurring on the planet. Sith are believed to be involved." Blaze responded.

"Do you think the intangible may have something to do with it?" Ryuu asked slowly.

"We can not be certain, though I wouldn't rule it out. Even with the blade sealed away with Jack, who knows how long it can hold back it power." Luster added.

"I'll have to go to Korriban," Ryuu stated "I will need a team to go with me though."

Blaze frowned, his wrinkled face creasing deeply. "Most of the other Jedi are out on other missions, or out training their padawans, who would go with you?"

"I'll go with Master Ryuu!" Moonfire yelled out excitedly before slamming her hands over her face, hardly realizing she'd spoken, her face turning a deep red. Blushing yet again.