Chapter 1: Percy is Dead

Summary: Percy is dead, (due to a monster attack that managed to kill him through piercing his back) and Annabeth is mourning. However, someone is leaving her letters, signed Percy. Who is sending Annabeth these letters, and why? Read on to find out.

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Percy's breath came out in short gasps, his breathing labored. I knelt beside him, on Half-blood Hill, silent tears trickling down my face. I grasped his hand, and cried out, "Don't leave me, Percy."

His head turned, and those piercing green eyes that I loved so much, met mine. His black, unkempt hair was splattered beside him, a black storm. He tightened his grip on my hand.

"I'm not leaving you, Annabeth, I'm just waiting for you, and I'll always be waiting for you, in the underworld. When you can, follow me, and we'll be together again. Promise me you won't follow too soon, though."

He smiled wryly. "Good-bye, Annabeth. I can feel my strength ebbing." Percy's breaths came out in short gasps now. "I love you. Good-by-."

Percy's eyes glazed over, and his hand went stiff. His breathing faded, and I mourned, for my best friend, who had been so much more to me, in more than one way. He had been my boyfriend, and my constant companion for almost eight years now. And now he was gone.

I whispered silently, "Good bye," I choked. "I love you too." Tears streamed down my face, and i cradled Percy's head in my lap, as I poured out my heart's emotions, letting everything go. I wished everything could be returned back to normal, when Percy was still alive, and we could spend our time together, down at the lake, or maybe a stroll, down at the beach, Percy's favorite place. Even as I thought, a breath of cool, salty sea spray hit my face, and I knew, that Poseidon, had paid his last respects to his favorite son. I didn't know how long I sat there, but all I knew was that I didn't care. Three words ran through my head, confusing my ability to think properly.

Percy...gone...over...Percy...gone...over...Percy...gone...over... Only one person had ever been able to render me unthinkable. And now he was gone.

I heard the sound of hooves clatter against the ground and strong arms embraced me. Chiron murmured, "Come, child. We must arrange Percy's shroud."

He picked me up gently, and slung me over his back like I weighted nothing. He nodded to two campers, who slowly picked up Percy's body, and carried him away. Chrion carried me to the Big House, where he set me down, in one of the pearly white rooms. I sat down on the bed, dejectedly. Chiron gently punched the pillows into shape, and softly laid me down.

He sighed. "Annabeth, we all miss Percy, but you must live on. He was all our friends, and I'm sure he wouldn't want you to mope around. He would want you to embrace and live life to your fullest."

I knew Chiron was right, and in my head I could picture Percy's cheerful voice, "Come on, Annabeth. Stop moping around and go have some fun."

I sighed inwardly. Chiron patted me on the shoulder in a reassuring manner. "There now, I want you to continue all your activities, and we will burn his shroud next week, after everyone has paid there respects."

I leaned backwards, and turned my face into the pillow. My voice came out all muffled, "Chiron? I'd like some alone time right now. I don't think I can do much of anything right now, or anytime soon for that matter."

Chiron patted my back, and I could hear him clip clop, as he cantered away. I could stop my tears and my outward pain, but on the inside, I was dying. I kept muttering to myself. No Percy... No Percy... No Percy, until, I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up, Clarisse was leaning against the wall, eyes closed. The pillow was wet, and i remembered wryly, what a hypocrite I was. I drooled often myself, too. Not just Seaweed Brain. I regretted all the times I had mocked him for drooling now. I swallowed, but I couldn't. My throat was too dry. Silently, I got up, but just as I was tip-toeing out, Clarisse's rough bark grounded me to a halt. Even though she was usually tough, and her face was always angry, her voice was surprisingly soft, today.

"I miss him too..."

I glanced up in surprise. Those four words were more emotion than we usually saw from Clarisse in an entire year.

Dwelling on her statement, I wondered, how could anyone not miss him, but instead of replying, I just nodded. I slipped out the door, and I headed for the Dining Pavilion. I headed to Percy's chair, just for old time's sake. I used to sit there with him although it was technically against camp rules. Thankfully, Chiron would turn a blind eye towards our misdoings.

I was surprised to see a cup of clear water, all ready, as if it was poured just for me. I cautiously raised it to my chapped lips, and I took a sip. It was the best water I had ever tasted yet. It tasted almost like clear nectar. But what really surprised me, wasn't the nectar-like water. It was the manila envelope underneath it.

I cautiously took the envelope in my hands, and I took out my dagger. I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but whoever this letter was addressed too, shouldn't have left it out here. Inside, I fought myself from between my moral right and my emotional curiosity.

Just one little peek. One peek won't harm anyone, would it? I put my dagger to the fold of the envelope, and slit it open. A letter with waves on it fell out, and I could make out, To Annabeth.

I scanned the top, but nothing else was on it. Hurriedly, I opened it, and I read it.

Dear Annabeth,

If your reading this, then I'm dead and I'm missing you, in the underworld. Always remember that I love you, and stop mourning over my death. Be free. Be happy. Be glad that your alive, and enjoy your life while you can. Go and see the world. Go study architecture, and go visit Greece. Go do what you've always wanted to do. My only regret is that I can't be there with ou, every step of the way. Remember, I love you.

Love, Percy

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