Mind and Body Chapter 18: Battle at the JCNHM

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Beast Boy sat as if hypnotized as the chaos raged around him. All that existed for him was the dark brown, skeletal structure staring back at him, its' banana-teeth-filled mouth gaping slightly. The noise disappeared for him and he recalled all the data he had every found on the creature.

He couldn't believe he was going to try this—he didn't even know if the scientists recording the data considered engineering flaws in their hypotheses; he could crush his entire body from his own weight if this was wrong. But he knew that without a game-changer, this would become a war of attrition…and if anything was perfectly suited to such a game, it was their current enemy.

A sharp cry from Raven jolted him into action. Delving deeply into himself, Beast Boy reached that endlessly shifting core and imposed the image of what he wanted to turn into upon it: the long, apparently slender legs, the wide powerful jaw, and of course the awe-inspiring length combined with all the little, known facts to be a perfect duplicate.

The sound of ancient bones and brown plastic clattering together as they fell told him the transformation had occurred. Where once a green house cat stood staring at a fake tyrannosaurus skeleton, there was now a living, breathing specimen stretching impressively as it turned to the other combatants.


Watchtower sat up straight at the sight on her screen and snarled with a vehemence so sudden that Kid Flash jumped away from her instinctively, "Greer!" She said harshly, and then left it at heavy breathing until she had calmed down.

"Damn," she said soberly, "I was hoping I left those reactions behind me." She covered her eyes with one hand and gripped the armrest with the other, as if to balance herself, until she let it out with a sigh. "Well, that's enough of that."

Kid Flash silently sweated as he inched out of the room. But Watchtower still watched—this time with a very serious look in her eyes.

"Convince me that not all shape-shifters are evil, little kitty," she muttered.


Beast Boy looked at himself and snorted softly. Of course, a soft snort in this form sounded like a dissatisfied, full-volume gust of wind. Raven glanced his way and stopped cold. Both Robin and the Jynx-infused Cinderblock followed her gaze, freezing in fear at a 40-foot, green, live tyrannosaurus in their midst.

Gleefully, he let loose a huge roar, putting Raven's hair on end, setting Robin quaking in his boots, and although he didn't know it, making Jynx faint.


The room was dark and well-sealed from sight, but Cyborg, sitting down in front of a huge screen, still heard a distant roar. He shivered, "that sounds out-of-this-world," he muttered, "what the hell could make that kind of noise?" He dropped the controller in his hand, intending to go to them, but a tinny voice shouted from the screen, "Hey! You can't ditch the game, you jerk!"

"Sure I can," he said to his online opponent, "real life is calling."

"Oh," the enemy said, "well if you have to go to the bathroom, fine, but I'm not letting you out of your house!"

"And how would you do that?" Cyborg asked curiously.

"I've already hacked your systems," he said, "that's why."

"What?" Cyborg said, "How could you?"

A third voice chuckled over the in-game comm. System, "However high-tech, computers still operate on the same principals. Obviously he's using one to his advantage. Besides, you really can't just leave—I haven't kicked your whining little ass yet."

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Cyborg shouted, and forgetting about the sound—after all, it could have been anything—he dived straight back into the game.


"Hey, Pepto-Bismol!" Gizmo shouted when the scream emanated from the shattered apartment, "Don't wake the neighbors!"

Mammoth stared at him. "What?" Gizmo snarled, "we don't want them knowing we're here." Mammoth brightened at that. Gizmo snorted and rolled his eyes before jetting up to the second floor, where he saw the unconscious Jynx.

Although he didn't want to admit it, the sight of such an unpredictable, powerful person reduced to nothing filled Gizmo with fear. She may be nasty, but she was an important ally in this test. The best, actually, and if the enemy could defeat her—even at a distance—then that meant…, "Either they have a psychic of unending potential," he muttered to himself, then lost his fear as he realized in unastonishment, "or they found out what she's afraid of and showed it to her."

Of course, if they could do that they'd easily discover his greatest fear: Jynx.

Taking a cup of water from the only surviving piece of furniture—a nightstand—he dumped it over Jynx's head. Suddenly, she was only his second-worst fear.

The thing that did this to her was number 1. And he was not letting anything help it get to him.


Beast Boy immediately charged Cinderblock, who was completely still, with the beat of massive wardrums following his footsteps. I have to finish this quickly! He thought as he head-butted the granite behemoth. The sound of flesh and stone meeting thundered through the hall and caused tremors as they collided. Even at his incredible size, Cinderblock's feet only just left the ground as it gripped Beast Boy around his jaws with its' giant arms. With great effort, Beast Boy threw Cinderblock into the air and jumped out of the way.

Cinderblock fell like a stone, slamming so hard into the concrete that it broke apart completely. For good measure, Beast Boy bounded back and stepped—one giant foot planted firmly on the last fragment of chest, and the other grinding its' head to powder. "Now no matter what part is its' center of life," he said with a heavy, panting growl, "it can no longer regenerate."

But he had spoken too soon.

The granite powder surrounding him lifted from the ground and began to swirl into its' original shape. As he prepared to destroy it again, Raven interrupted Beast Boy. "Wait a minute!" she shouted, "Let me try that tracking technique, like I did with Starfire to find Robin."

"You can do that?" Robin shouted incredulously.

Ignoring him, Raven entered Cinderblock herself, causing the eyes to gain a faint purple color for a moment.

Inside Cinderblock, it was very clear from the thick, brilliant but rapidly dissipating cord of energy that the enemy had vacated extremely recently. But before she could detect the source, Jynx's astral form came flowing back along the cord with enough anger to push past all the barriers.

"How dare you steal my servant, you stupid cloaked bitch!" she mentally screamed.

"What did you call me?" Raven shouted back, but the attack was too sudden, and she was shoved back out of Cinderblock by the Chaos Witch's vehemence.

"Damn!" she swore as she reappeared in her body. Upon looking around she saw both a brightly hued boy and a giant green Tyrannosaurus staring at her in shock. "Er," she said, smiling awkwardly, "Robin I'd understand, but is it really so surprising that I can swear, Beast Boy?"

"Ah yes, yes it is," Beast Boy said, attempting to lie down and rest his quaking muscles, "you haven't used a swear word for 7 years."

"Ah, that's right."

Robin stared at them sickly, I think I should stop pissing those two off, he thought, I might just find myself hanging from my crimson-red pants.

But Cinderblock was already fully constituted, and Jynx took the advantage to jump at Beast Boy's back. "Beast Boy, behind you!" Raven shouted.

On instinct—his most reliable sense—Beast Boy spun to face the exact opposite direction from which Cinderblock was coming.

"What are you doing?" Robin and Raven both shouted, and Jynx laughed in exhilaration.

"Hahahahaaa! I win!"

"Not really," Beast Boy muttered wearily, "you forget that both ends of this thing are weapons." And the massive tail swung seemingly out of the blue to send chunks of suddenly lifeless granite tumbling further into the great hall.


Jynx cried out as pain ran all the way through her body. As a backlash from being mentally present at the time of impact, her own chaos magic picked her up and threw her across the room in an exact mirror to how Beast Boy had thrown Cinderblock.

Gizmo stared in absolute shock, his left arm raised in an instinctive bid to protect himself, as Jynx collapsed, truly unconscious.

"Wake up!" he shouted, a hint of fear coming into his voice involuntarily as he ran over to her, "just wake up, Pinkie! You lost this time but you can win! Come on!" he started shaking her shoulder, but it didn't work.

Suddenly, Mammoth was behind Gizmo, a giant hand descending….

He tapped Jynx's cheek with a thick finger, growling like a beast, and Jynx abruptly woke up, screaming.


Gizmo suddenly found himself behind Mammoth's head. Jynx looked around with some confusion. "What? I was asleep…I won, right?"

Gizmo paled. Is it…amnesia?

"Argh," Jynx groaned, "no I definitely didn't win—not with this mindache." Gizmo silently breathed a sigh of relief. Jynx slowly stood and walked up Mammoth's proffered arm before grabbing the front of Gizmo's shirt. "Is that computer of yours done, midget?"

Gizmo shoved her hand away and said, "Of course not, it takes time to construct a stable A.I., even I can't cut corners if I'm to make it safe for us."

Jynx put both hands on his collar and began shaking him, a strange expression on her face as she said, "Well finish it now! I don't give a shit about safety just kill those bastards!"

"I will not put myself at even more risk than I am now just to reassure you," Gizmo said, strangely calm as he realized Jynx was scared shitless of her opponent.

Jynx was about to kick his ass when she froze, a look of absolute horror on her face as she swung in the direction of the museum.

"No…," she whispered, "They can't…how do they have one of those? A shape-shifter, a psychic and a tracker? Fuck, is that what the strangely colored boy can do?" She bit a fingernail. "Damn it, I'm going in again." And she once again slipped inside Cinderblock's limited consciousness.


Beast Boy stood carefully, his feet splayed and head bowed, breathing heavily. In the form of a tyrannosaurus, he sounded like a steam train. Inside Cinderblock, Raven and Jynx struggled for dominion, with neither having a clear advantage. Robin…stood off to the side, hating himself for having no way to contribute.

The room was silent but for the little old lady and curator crying with each other. "My museum…," the curator muttered pitifully, "it's ruined."

"My walker…," the old lady echoed, "it's ruined."

They hugged each other, "We're ruined!"

"I can't…I can't take it much longer," Beast Boy said weakly.

"What?" Robin said, "Can I help?"

"P-probably not," Beast Boy said, his voice wavering, "but thanks for the thought."

Raven abruptly stopped the mental battle at that, looking to Beast Boy. "What's wrong, BB? You're less green." She asked.

Beast Boy laughed at the initials and said, "Well, the scientists got it wrong."

"What?" The curator said, outraged, "how dare you! How do you know that?"

"This design…," he whispered, weaving ponderously, "isn't very useful."

"But you kicked that thing's ass with it," Robin said as Cinderblock slowly regrew its' legs, "that's pretty useful."

"No," Beast Boy said, "it tears itself apart with this structure—nature wouldn't evolve something that breaks its' own legs simply by existing."


Beast Boy's legs snapped, slamming him down onto the ground and cracking his own jaw. His roar of pain echoed so loudly it popped a dozen eardrums.


Cyborg's face went as white as it could at the new, pained sound. Whatever it was, it was in danger of being destroyed. "Oh what the fuck," he growled, "I don't know your real names, but Control Freak, Atlas, I resign."

"Hey!" the geek shouted, "you can't just do that!"

"As much as I hate to say it, I agree with him," "Atlas" said, "I have not defeated you yet!"

"I'll play you again some other time," Cyborg said, "but right now, I think my teammates need me." He pulled the plug as CF said "Waaaaaaaaait!" The screen went black, and Cyborg went to a sliding door way in the back wall. Opening it, an elevator was revealed, but when he pressed the button, instead of sliding, Cyborg vanished to reappear on the ground floor. He bolted into a large black space, and got into an ordinary looking car before entering a seemingly endless tunnel.


Watchtower's expression was contemplative as she watched the great, green dinosaur try to writhe in pain, "Who knew you had such a dangerous drawback," she muttered, "I don't know if I like you, shape-shifter, but I do sympathize."


Oracle sat in darkness, all the blinds closed and lights turned off as her fingers drummed nervously on the arm of her wheelchair. Damn it, she thought, left out again. This fucking sucks. She looked again at the e-message playing across the screen in front of her, and now this.

Dear Oracle, the message began,

I regret to say that you have no more time. Your little entertainment has cost SLEC 5 months of reduced intelligence gathering. We aren't even able to know what our allies had for breakfast, let alone the evil organizations. Your presence is required within the week, at a location that Watchtower will deliver to you.

You must be here. This meeting will decide the fate of the western hemisphere, so we expect you to do your duty.

Best Wishes,

Samuel Witherton, SLEC Vice-President West US.

Oracle slammed the arm of her chair, closing the window, and rubbed her face. "Why did I ever agree to take that position?" she asked herself, "now that I know Raven and Beast Boy, I know that this generation's story will be happening here. Watchtower should know it as well, though I worry for the effect Beast Boy's ability will have on her, so why do they want me gone?"

She gripped her hands tightly, screwing up her face and thought, I don't want to go!

A tear escaped her right eye.

These are wonderful people, every one of them. She thought, None of them have sunk to the level of politicking of SLEC, none of them have the absolute conceit of a long-time superhero. Raven truly wants to help people; Beast Boy is incredibly devoted to her; Cyborg has retained his humanity despite being over half-machine; Starfire has got to be the biggest alien I know, but she still has a lot of care and concern for her friends, and Robin… Well, nothing could be said about him, both because she knew him so well words no longer described him, and because there was less to say. He wasn't an angel, or trying as honestly as the others, but heroism was the only thing he knew. He had never been tempted to turn sides, no matter how difficult it became.

She sighed, They aren't very friendly at the moment, which is what I wanted to establish before I left, but they do trust each other. And that's more than most other teams.

Maybe it was time to go, but that didn't change her feelings. She smiled as she remembered how many arguments Robin and Cyborg had had at the dinner table, everyone watching as if it was entertainment, with Raven and Beast Boy sitting next to her and Starfire watching in confusion from the corner. She remembered how Cyborg always won those fights—making Robin pout and requiring her to cheer him up, she remembered how Beast Boy and Cyborg would challenge each other to video games nearly every night; how Raven would break up their arguments; how Starfire attempted to speak regular English.

They were the funniest superheroes she had ever known, but they were also the ones that knew her own, currently-wheelbound situation the best.

Well, I'll see what they have to say, she decided as she opened the blinds, after all, the advantage here is that they think of the future, not the present.


"Daaaaammmmmmnnnnn yoooooouuuuu!" Jynx growled as she looked through Cinderblock's eyes at Raven. The cloaked psychic was whiter than every before, and even beginning to dither, little spots of black beginning to appear at random, but Jynx had no role in it.

"Hey!" Jynx shouted at Robin, "Rainbow Brat!"

"What?" Robin said back with almost as much outrage.

"How did you track me?"

"What?" he said, genuinely confused as the jewelry behind him tore itself apart, "what tracking are you talking about?" The hanging stub of pillar next to Beast Boy's tail popped like a bubble. It was Jynx's turn to be confused.

"You mean it wasn't you?" she slowly turned Cinderblock's head to look at Raven.

"Beast Boy, what happened?" Raven shouted desperately. A portion of the ceiling fell next to Cinderblock with a crash.

"I broke…my own…legs," Beast Boy said weakly, "what does it look like?"

"Idiot!" she said, tears coming down her face, "why do you always have to hurt yourself?" The platform where the skeleton had been cracked down the middle, and the ceiling of the gift shop caved in.

Beast Boy smiled softly—or as softly as a tyrannosaurus could—but didn't say anything. The floor sank a couple of inches and a pillar fell behind the quivering onlookers. The rumbling that came afterwards signaled that more could happen at anytime.

"Whatever," Raven said as she wiped her eyes and rolled up her sleeves, "just let me heal you…."

Summoning the last bit of strength, Jynx got a little pure chaos magic through Cinderblock into the museum. Forming it into a ball, she threw it and it lodged into Beast Boy's right leg. "There," she said, a little more of her former confidence bleeding through, "now it doesn't matter how much you heal him—my chaos magic will immediately unmake any of your attempts to heal him." She started laughing; an exhausted, reedy trill that sent shivers up everyone's spine.

Raven was absolutely still as she watched the baleful pink lightning sink into Beast Boy's muscle, seeming to leave no trace of extra damage or pain, but she could tell that it really was breaking down his body at a terrifying rate.

Her heart stopped for just a moment. Beast Boy cringed faintly, oh no was the only thing he could think, not that, please, no. For an instant, four narrow eyes were superimposed over her abnormally large ones, but they disappeared as her irises began to glow a deep, blood red.

Jynx's laughter faded away as the museum turned black, spreading from Raven like a malignant sludge until everything was covered.

"What—what is this?" she whispered harshly. Raven stood, and turned slowly. The sight that greeted Jynx was of two brilliant red orbs sunk deep into a pitch black hole where Raven's hood had been, and a billowing swath of blue that floated independently around her invisible body. A deep snarl that sounded almost like Cerberus had appeared emanated from the area with the two red circles, and Jynx felt her gut clench as her mind was grabbed, compacted into an astral ball, and thrown back into her body with no more effort than a pitcher took to throw a softball.

YOU WILL PAY,a terrible voice echoed in her head, YOUR MISERABLE EXISTENCE WILL SOON END. And Jynx knew it was the truth.


Watchtower gaped at what had just happened. "I didn't think they'd encounter someone so dangerous so early on," she said quietly, "and I also didn't expect the psychic to be a healer…. Well, they both must be Omega-level powers," she said with a brilliant smile, "and it is good to see someone at least a little like me, so I suppose I shouldn't hold your power against you, shape-shifter." Her smile softened as she thought, I do wish Clark and I had that level of understanding, though.

She chuckled at the thought, but frowned again as she thought of the chaos ball Jynx had thrown. That can't be good, but I can't interfere without being found out. I hope they make it through this


Raven lifted her entire body as Cinderblock fell to its' knees, and melted into it, even melding the flesh with the granite. Robin and Beast Boy stared in fear—the former for himself, the latter for his friend—but they couldn't do anything as Cinderblock's eyes blazed crimson. It turned abruptly and walked towards the back wall. Death is coming,Demon/Raven/Cinderblock breathed as it touched the wall and made it vanish.

Robin slumped to the ground as Cinderblock disappeared and said, "What the hell is going on?"

"It only happens when she willingly gives in to Rage," Beast Boy said quietly, "her personality and even her powers change completely. She becomes an entirely new person—no, she becomes a demon."

Robin took in a huge, shaky breath and said, "I am really freaking glad you're on my side, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know," Beast Boy said tolerantly, "if only because I'm the only one she won't attack in that state." Robin flinched at that.


Jynx's screams were extremely shrill this time around, and her eyes were rolled up inside her head as she struggled in Mammoth's arms, "Get away from me! Stop it! No! Fuck off! Don't kill me! Please!" she babbled, tears and sweat streaming down her face and every muscle in her body as rigid as a metal cable, "Noo!" she sobbed to Gizmo's horror, "We have to get out of here! Get us out of here! She's coming and she'll kill us all!"

As Gizmo was too stunned to react, Mammoth did. He turned immediately and carried both of the others outside.

"NO!" Jynx's voice came again, "Kill her first! That way we wont have to run!" she grabbed Gizmo by the throat and threw him back down to ground level, where he just barely caught himself with the Jetpack before landing. The computer chip was lying on the table beside him when Jynx landed lightly in front of him. "DO IT!" she shouted "ACTIVATE THAT STUPID THING AND MAKE IT KILL HER!"

"But-but-but," Gizmo stuttered, scared shitless of this new Jynx, "doing that will—,"

"I don't care!" she shouted again as she lifted him up and slammed his cheek into the table, pressing it against the computer chip.

Enough, A voice came out of nowhere, and they froze.

Do not think you can get your wish through force alone, the voice said, you must first make your peon capable of following your orders. And an electric bolt suddenly lanced into Gizmo, lighting him and his equipment like a Christmas tree.

The computer chip lifted itself into the air by its' own electric power, still holding Gizmo transfixed in midair, and said I will take your intelligence as my own, o creator of mine, and suddenly the light disappeared, and the computer chip leapt away at the speed of light.

Jynx collapsed and started crying again, "get me out of here," she said weakly, and Mammoth silently lifted up both teammates before running into the darkness.


Finishing the number done on the vacant apartment building, Cinderblock arrived merely minutes after the three had beat a safe retreat. The sight of the vacant lot with masses of equipment reassured Rage that they had been here but…

DAMN, she said, STUPID WOMAN WIPED THE PLACE CLEAN OF PSYCHIC SIGNATURES. But with the absence of a target, the original personality reasserted itself.

Raven was sick to her stomach as her body pulled itself slowly out of Cinderblock, and when she was on the ground, she fell to her hands and knees and threw up. Behind her, Cinderblock's now-empty shell slumped. Raven stood up abruptly and turned back towards the museum. "Beast Boy," she whispered, "I will save you."

And so she flew back, leaving Cinderblock behind.


Raven tore into the mansion just as Oracle was about to leave, a bloody Beast Boy back into his first shape and in her arms, and it was all chaos after that.

In the kitchen, Raven laid the unconscious Beast Boy on the table and immediately wrapped her hands in the silver energy, healing his minor scrapes and bruises instantly, but as Cyborg quickly entered, the legs refused to heal and he didn't regain consciousness.

"What happened!" Cyborg shouted.

"I don't know!" Raven shouted back, "I don't know why it's not healing, but it's got to have something to do with that pink girl's last attack!

"What pink girl?" Cyborg replied, "what attack? Why was it done without me?"

Raven stared pitifully at him and turned away. Cyborg's expression, despite its' mechanical parts, carried a deep shame and emotional pain. Robin sat on the edge of the table, extremely dirty, and brushed a hand against Beast Boy's fur.

Oracle, having straightened her chair out as much as possible, came rolling into the kitchen with a white face. "What's going on?" she asked, her voice shaky, "why are you in that condition?"

Robin took in a large breath and let it out. As Raven showed no inclination of answering, he took it upon himself.

"WHAT!" Oracle said sharply, "You fought someone like that? And didn't tell me?"

"Well it's not like we knew it was going to happen," Robin tried to say.

Oracle exploded, "You have a fucking communicator Robin, HOW COULD YOU NOT USE IT?" Robin flinched.

"I-I-I…," He dropped his head and said, "it completely slipped my mind."

"Geez," she said, "I have more doubts about leaving now than ever."

Raven looked up sharply at that and said, "what? You're leaving?

Oracle sighed, "I've been ordered to return…but they gave me a week, so I still have five days. I'll be here at least until Beast Boy recovers."

Cyborg banged a fist against his own side and said, "well, I'm not gonna let us split again, seeing as my surprise is ready for its' unveiling, so you don't have to worry. Besides, just the three of them took out an enemy that dangerous: think about how many are at that level in the world and you'll see that together, no one will stand a chance against us!" He laughed.

"Famous last words," Oracle muttered.

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