Lucky is running from the kids again when the old dude appears.

Elder: "Lucky I have a new charm for you."

Lucky: "What is it?"

Elder: "It is a charm to put your tormentors to sleep."

Lucky: "Well it's about time ye gave me a decent charm ye old coot!"

Elder: "Yeah, whatever. Just take the damn thing already." *Gives Lucky the charm.*

Lucky: "I feel lucky with this one."

Elder: "You are Lucky."

Lucky realized that this pun was because of his name and rolled his eyes. "Haha. Very funny."

The Elder just smirked.

Suddenly they heard the kids coming.

Elder: "Gotta go!" *Disappears*

Lucky glared at the place he was a second ago. "A lot of help you are." he grumbled.

Just then the kids came into view. "Get his charms!" The trademark shout was uttered and the leprechaun stood in a defensive stance.

"These are my charms ye bastards and it will be a cold day in hell afore I let ye snot nosed brats get yer greedy arse hands on 'em!"

With those words he threw the charm to the ground and shouted "Marshmallow Powers!"

Instantly the children fell to the ground knocked out and the leprechaun made a quick getaway with his precious Lucky Charms cereal.


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