"POX" as crypto busts through the door screming.

"Where the hell are my weapons" crypto yelled.

"Oh I hid them" pox said.

"What the hell for" crypto angrily asked.

"so you could practice your pk abilities" pox said.

"I don't want to practice my pk abilities I want my freakin' weapons back pox" crypto said.

"Why do you want your weapons back so badly" pox asked.


"so I can blow up humans" crypto yelled.


"You do know if you extract humans brains out using pk you will get more DNA" pox said.

"But that's freakin' boring its fun to watch humans catch on fire or get eaten and what the hell is that annoying noise" crypto said.


"Oh that means your newest weapon is finished it turns people to a blank and cannibalistic state" pox said.

Crypto just starred at pox with a puzzled look.

"It turns humans into zombies" pox yelled.

"Oh well why didn't you just say so" crypto said calming down.

"I did" pox said

"No you said something confusing that I can't repeat" crypto said. "so anyway what's this bad boy called" crypto asked.

"I call it weapon 1956877omega" pox said.

Crypto just stared at pox.

"how about the zomidifyer" pox said.

"See now your getting it" crypto said.

Pox just rolled his eyes.

"So lets test this baby out unless you already tested it" crypto said

"No" pox replied.

"Why am I not surprised" crypto said.

"Oh shut up you waste of time and clone jelly" pox said

"At least I'm not a freaken hologram" crypto said.

"Oh just go test the new weapon" pox said.

"Roger that" crypto replied.