There was a loud banging sound that occurred when crypto busted through the door of the warehouse.

"Oh wow that was really good," Crypto said.

"Please tell me you did not continue your ambition to pursue a zombie party girl as you put it," Pox said.

"Actually just brain washed a hot Asian chick they just know things," Crypto said with a grin on his face.

"Oh of course I thought for once you might show self-control but hey clones do what they do. Well they're supposed to unless their name is CRYPTO!" Pox yelled.

"Chill out Pox the zomidifyder works great it's fun and it gets the Furon DNA fast," Crypto replied.

Crypto walked over to the table and gently put the zomidifyder down on the walked over to a big red velvet chair and sat down and kicked his feet up on the small table in front of him.

"I must say the only benefit with you attempting to mate with these humans is that you're in a surprisingly good mood afterward. I'll have to consider that to reinforce good behavior," Pox said.

"I'd like that Pox," Crypto said.

"Anyway go ahead and get some rest I've got some repairs to make on your saucer. Honestly even the humans are smart enough to advise against drunk driving surely you should know better not to and yet here I am repairing the dents the saucer gets as you crash it into buildings and is that blood on the saucer how do you hit and run in a flying saucer," Pox said.

"I'm not sure the night's kind of a blur," Crypto replied.

"Just go to sleep I will wake you when I have your next mission," Pox said.