*this story started at Kelley's soccer game right as the decide that they need to throw a party to spilt their parents up. It goes from William, Christina, Dylan, Phoebe, and my point of view. point of view. Couples are Phoebe/William, Helen/frank, and hint of Dylan/Christina*

Planning(chapter 1)

William's Pov

"Okay guys phase 2 I think we just need one more thing to push them over the edge" I said to Phoebe, Christina, and Dylan.

"Oh, uh, have them catch you and Phoebe together?" Dylan said being the stupid idiot he is. If she wasn't my step sister I wouldn't mind that at all but she's my step sister….though she's really attractive. Hell no! I cannot think like that.

"You're really sick," Christina said

"Fine then have them catch "you" and phoebe together" Dylan said. If it wasn't my sister and another girl with phoebe I'd be fine with that. No! Stop thinking like that. "Listen the military ball dinner (I don't remember what it's called) is this weekend and Mrs. Munion has the weekend off."

"Oh two words par and ty," Dylan said Christina gave him a weird look like always.

"Party!" Dylan said to Christina

"Yeah I got that" Christina snapped back

"No it's perfect because mom won't care and frank will hate it'" Phoebe said. God she has a beautiful voice, no!!!!!!!!!!! Man I'm losing it.

"Oh no I can't I have like 100 more of these I need to print out," I said while showing them my class president poster. Dylan's face was of course freaked.

"Yeah for what the class of 59?"

He took the poster from my hand and got out his sharpies. He started drawing on it.

"Imagine this in 3 color spray paint'" I took the poster and it looked really good.

"Yeah and I know some great campaign workers,'" Phoebe said.