Chapter 4 (things heat up)


Christina's Pov

"oh gross!" I say as I pick up this dish full of cigarettes and other stuff I don't want to know.

"Yo Christina cool party" Nick said

"oh hey Nick! Phoebe's out trying to raise money for the pizza" I told Nick

"Well maybe I came to see you"

"Really I can't believe your really into me" I said acting all flattered although I really wanted to punch his lights in.

"Your hot why wouldn't I be?" Nick said getting closer.

"I don't know maybe becauseā€¦." And I spilled the liquid "Phoebe is my sister!" and I turned around to walk away and saw Phoebe there she looked happy yet depressed. We officially made up.

"I'll be upstairs for a little bit if you need me," Phoebe said walking away

"want me to join you? You okay?" I asked she smelled like a little bit of beer "Yeah I'm fine need to figure out how to get money for the pizza can you keep an eye on the younger kids?"

"yeah of course" I said and with that phoebe left. I went to find William but he was impossible to track finally I saw him from a distance. I told him about Phoebe and that I was too busy cleaning some stuff that spilled ott alk to her s I asked if he would.

"yeah of course where is she?" William asked concern in his voice

"She went upstairs, probably to the light house she likes it up there" I told him.

With that William left. I saw Dylan taking a break and I went over to talk to him.

"Hey Dylan great job you guys sound amazing!" I said to him

"Thankx practice would dd that" he said with a smile.

Dylan's Pov

'Shit Christina looks good' I told myself.

"So want to get a drink you look beat?" Christina asked with the million dollar smile.

With that we left for a drink.