A/N: I told myself I wasn't going to do a twilight/max ride crossover, but here we are


"It's over" Jeb whispered.

Tom was getting impatient, who gave a damn if Itex went down the drain? And Jeb would pay if he called the job off

"So what, I'm fired?"

"No… no definitely not, we cannot just let the flock roam free, we created them for a reason, but with Itex gone, we cannot let anyone else get to them"

"And my money?"

"Transferring to your bank account now"

"Good, you want their deaths public or private?" tom asked

Jeb sighed "I don't really care, just make sure they die"

"Well, c ya Jeb!"

"No wait" Jeb cried out "please try to make it as painless for them as possible"

"Yeah yeah whatever" Tom said and hung up the phone.

Tom looked down the barrel of his sniper rifle at Jeb, lucky he hadn't fired him, but then again…

Tom really disliked Jeb

Tom watched with much satisfaction as the window shattered and people screamed and ran as Jeb collapsed with much less of a head than he had 20 seconds ago.

Time to nail some bird kids Tom thought with a smile.

A/N: sorry its short, but it's the prologue xD

To clarify if you still haven't figured it out, Tom is an Assassin hired by Itex.

Itex has been shut down in this story by the Government.