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Teal eyes stared out from underneath the long dark lashes, calmly watching as the wizards and witches waltzed below. He smirked as a glass of wine was presented to him, and held the blue eyes with a heated stare of his own, making sure that his fingers lingered on the gloved knuckles. He shivered as he felt another hand settle on his lower back and vaguely acknowledged the deep red silk that fell in graceful waves. He sipped his wine carefully as he watched the people he had once called friends mingle below.

"It's odd isn't it?" blue eyes had followed his gaze and now looked on curiously, no longer showing the paranoia they had once held but simple curiosity, he smirked as he watched them. The wizarding world was different since they had left, that was for sure. Following the death of one Severus Snape two separate envelopes both containing sensitive information were sent to opposing owners, in short there were no secrets between the two sides. What had followed had been complete chaos, both sides kept attacking each other until eventually the Dark Lord realized what was going on and stopped his attacks completely. He hid his army of death eaters with the simple instruction to recruit silently, truly he was furious but what could he do to someone who was already dead? So he hid himself, and for five years he worked towards making himself immortal, while Dumbledore worked himself into a tisy trying to figure out what the Dark Lord was up to.

"What watching the ministry pretend that they don't have a war on their hands?" Teal eyes held blue ones and for a moment he was temped to kiss the wine stained lips above his. His partner chuckled lowly, reading his thoughts clearly before reaching an elegant hand and tugging playfully at his slightly curled black hair.

"I was going to say being back here and knowing that no one will recognize us brat, but that too I suppose." The hand fell away causing him to sigh sadly, he hated that they could not be more open now that they had returned. He smiled though, when Darius squeezed his thigh and knew that he wasn't the only one suffering; he sipped at his wine once more and smirked when he felt possessive blue eyes watching the movement.

"Christopher Fredrick Dane! hasn't your mother ever taught you that it's impolite to stare?" He inquired with a raised brow- he trembled however, when a long fingered hand gripped his wrist and the black haired man leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

"Do not scold me Lucifer-if I remember correctly you enjoy it when I watch you," Came the deep sultry tones that never failed to set his blood on fire. "Especially, while you touch yourself...oh, you love it when I watch you...spread out...your skin contrasting so beautifully with my sheets..."

"Ahem." Darius cleared his throat softly at Christopher giving him a pointed look; Christopher simply smirked and placed a possessive hand on Lucifer's hip so that only he could see.

"Enough." Lucifer said breathily, his tanned face only slightly flushed though his mind was a lust filled haze. Christopher pulled his hand away reluctantly but not before providing his young love with a gaze that promised much.

"True, the war will be upon them soon," Christopher said returning to their earlier conversation with ease. "Now that the Dark Lord has noticed his men being picked off one by one he will be more inclined to act, yet once again we see to foolishness of the ministery...trying to hide from the world an impending battle." He sneered softly causing Lucifer to chuckle lowly in amusement.

"They have done it before and it worked so why wouldn't they do it now?" Lucifer said plainly. "Though I'm sure that they aren't expecting us." He smirked softly as he absently swallowed the last of his wine; long fingers wrapped around his empty glass and pulled it from his slack hands. Lucifer sent a grateful smile to his lover as Christopher signaled a servant and placed the empty glasses on the silver tray.

"What I don't understand though," Darius all but whispered. "is why Dumbledore hasn't done anything to inform his precious little Order about Voldemort's movements." His hazel eyes zeroed in on the esteemed headmaster who seemed oblivious to his age while he spun around the dance floor in his delicate blue silk robes. Christopher smiled softly at the worry he saw in his lover's eyes.

"He still believes that someday Harry Potter will return to him, until then he's content to attend parties and say that his simply has no idea what's going on." Lucifer snorted.

"As if I would return to save their ungrateful arses!" He whispered grinning, he turned to Christopher with an amused glint in his eye. "Tell me luv how do you think the old man will react when he realizes that I have decided to take over the wizarding world?" Chris laughed out right.

"Old man would be furious- though he'd probably try to look disappointed in you." Lucifer smiled softly, it was good to see the cold hearted once professor Snape smiling so easily, blue eyes that had long since lost their darkness caught his and lips that were slightly fuller than they had once been turned upwards. The nose was no longer large and hooked but long and aristocratic bringing out his already high cheek bones- though in all honesty Lucifer kind of missed his lover's nose. He had to pull his gaze away before he did something he regretted; he heard a sigh from his lover though and reached out to subtly squeeze his hand. The hand was warm reminding him of the long lazy days they had spent swimming or riding horses on his property...he knew that those days were over but he couldn't help but wonder if the man beside him would retain the caramel color or whether the skin would go back to being pale.

"Dad!" All three smiled as they turned. David smiled widely as he dragged a laughing Alexander over to them. Lucifer's smile broadened, Alex was an addition to their family that had brought much of the shine back into David's eyes. His real name was Sirius Black, though no one but them knew it, to the world he was known as Alexander Charles Barton. Two weeks after the unfortunate heart attack of Severus Snape Azkaban was broken into, two days later a bronze-haired amber eyed Alex was introduced to the world. Lucifer watched as a strong arm wrapped around an exuberant David.

"What have you been up to son?" Chris asked, a familiar light shining brightly in his eyes. It seemed that a second stay in Azkaban Prison had finally calmed the once childish prankster, his eyes being opened when he found out what Dumbledore had done to his godson. The time it had taken them to release him had been spent in deep thought, the betrayal of Remus had been a deep wound, the man still had a hard time not growling when he heard of his friend all these years later. Lucifer was brought out of his thoughts by a rather loud pop on the dance floor below, for a moment the people began to panic but before they could let out a scream the vibrantly yellow smoke cleared leaving a very bewildered Dumbledore sporting an obnoxious pink tutu.

"David?" Lucifer said softly, his eyebrow twitching slightly.

"Yeah?" David responded his face pale with horror.

"There are some things in this world that I would rather not see." He turned his head so that he could look at his friend. Blue eyes were wide and his face looked a bit green as he nodded.

"I'm beginning to realize what you mean." David whispered.

"Son?" Lucifer heard Chris growl out.

"Yeah dad?" David rasped out as he backed into the arms of his lover, Alex simply pulled him tight to his chest and buried his face in his shoulder.

"You're grounded." Chris said flatly, his eyes slipping closed. David snapped out of his daze to glare at his dad.

"For what!?" He asked furiously.

"Traumatizing all of us." Chris said frowning, Lucifer chuckled.

"Oh." David said leaning comfortably into the arms behind him.

"Oh I don't know-" Darius said watching the scene before him unfold with interest. Lucifer was the first to react clamping a hand over his lover's mouth.

"One word and I swear I'll tie you up with a cock ring, and let Chris have his wicked way with me in front of you and then leave you like that for the rest of the night." Lucifer growled out warningly, Chris flushed while David and Alex chose to quietly slip away. Darius looked amused. Which meant he liked the idea... Which turned both of his partners on rather quickly. A single well placed hand on his thigh was the final straw just as Lucifer was about to loose control and drag his lovers away though, Lucifer felt a presence behind him.

"Ah! Mr. Dante Porter!" Lucifer stealthily slid the blade he had been holding back into place and turned, smiling winningly at the minister.

"Minister what a pleasure to see you! I had almost believed that my coming here was a waste!" He spoke jovially but the treat was blatant to an experienced politician like Fudge, the man's eyes widened slightly as he grasped Lucifer's hand and shook it apologetically.

"Oh...ah...please forgive me for keeping you here so long I have heard of your aversion to the public eye! You're book on astral planes was most intriguing...." Lucifer let the man prattle on and kept his senses open he had not simply returned to wine and dine with the upper class. Chris had been true to his word when he had promised him access to all he needed to win this war. Three years had been spent in a highly secretive academy that no even the unspeakables could get into, it had no real name to it-why would it when no one could speak of it? The seal though, was well known, two blades crossing each other while a long stemmed rose sat innocently in front of them. Any one who bore the mark was treated with utmost respect simply because they were known for their kills. Quick, efficient, and lacking any evidence minus the red rose that was laid on the victim's chest warning other alumni to stay away it basically claimed the kill. It was well known, though a complete secret, that Lucifer had graduated top of his class, he had a list longer than Voldemort's to prove it.

"Mr. Minister you are wasting my time." Lucifer or Dante in this case said softly, his eyes narrowed, the minister began stuttering and shaking.

"Dante, stop playing with your food, I'm hungry." Chris said beside him, a subtle hint that his lover's patience was wearing thin. Dante smiled.

"Your offer was an intriguing one minister." Dante said, easily pulling a manila folder from his pocket. "But I get numbers like these every day." The minister paled.

"What ever it is you want I can assure you that the ministry will gladly get it for you." He said shakily. Dante smirked.

"My friends and I have decided that perhaps it is time for us to create a permanent residency here." He said in clipped tones, very much aware of the hand that had settled on his shoulder radiating heat through the stiff formal robes. The minister screwed up his face in thought, his eyes shifting from side to side as if trying to find a motive.

"And how can the ministry help you with this endeavor?" He said at last, Chris chuckled lowly in his throat. Dante smiled wickedly.

"Publicity, Mr. Minister, Publicity." The minister looked thoroughly confused. "We want to replace the boy-who-lived as the saviors of the wizarding world." The Minister's face turned an angry shade of red.

"And why would we need a savior when there is nothing to save the wizarding world from." He forced out, his eyes flashing. Dante sighed loudly.

"We are not blind minister, we see a war on the horizon and you can bet that we will take advantage of it." The minister glared at Dante who merely stared calmly back.

"There will be no war." He ground out, spittle flying and hitting Dante in the face. Chris made a disgusted noise before pulling out his handkerchief and handing it to his lover. Dante's face grew hard.

"You have been warned minister." Dante said as he wiped his face. "We will become the wizarding world's saviors, whether you are alive to see it or not." The minister paled considerably, Dante swiftly spun on his heel and began towards the door.

"Wait!" The minister called out desperately, Dante paused and turned to look at the man in disgust.

"You have shown me great disrespect this night Mr. Minister...consider yourself marked by the rose." He whispered lowly before disappearing from the room, his family following after.

"Was that wise?" Chris whispered lowly, as they exited the main doors.

"Was what unwise?" Dante said softly, his eyes warming considerably now that they were alone.

"Warning him of his death." Darius intoned slipping his fingers into Dante's. "I see the advantage, but what if someone heard?" Alex joined in with a wicked smile.

"They couldn't have heard...he cast a silencing ward as soon as they began talking." Dante's lovers looked at him in amazement.

"Hey! How did you know that!?" David questioned indignantly, miffed that his lover had not thought to tell him.

"I'm his godfather I can feel his magic." Alex said snaking an arm around David's waist and stealing a kiss, Chris glared at him balefully. Alex grinned and swooped in on his lover kissing him passionately, Chris grimaced before smirking.

"Two can play at that game!" He said before grasping Dante's waist, dipping him down so that his slightly long hair brushed the ground and ravishing the younger man's mouth. Darius crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Children!" He said exasperatedly, teal eyes cracked open and sent him a heated gaze, he felt himself shiver.

"I think," Chris said lowly "that we should return home quickly." Darius gulped, Chris smirked, and David blushed. "Gentlemen?" He hissed as he pulled Dante back up.

"I agree." Dante said quickly grasping Darius' wrist and apparating home. David grinned up at Alex who promptly pulled him into a heated embrace before following the others.