Kay so, no one told me what they wanted for this chapter, it's the last one, the ending, because I want to focus on my other story- Harry Potter and the Beloved Unlovable. I apologize there is no sex in this, just a sweet romantic ending because I figured sappy/happy was a safe bet. As usual THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE NOT MINE THEY BELONG TO JK ROWLING. Let me know what you think!

Mistress Slytherin

Dante, Chris, Darius, Alex and David stood in the astronomy tower with grim smiles. In the distance blackness was covering the previously bright blue sky, Dante sighed and his lovers held him for comfort. "Looks like we're out of time." Dante said quietly, his lovers exchanged concerned looks; Dante was not prone to act this way. In fact he'd been excited about the battle up until Albus had summoned him for a private meeting just hours before the warning alarm went off.

"Dante?" Severus said softly wanting to rid his lover of that horrible sadness, Dante turned to him and he was shocked.

"I love you Severus." Dante whispered shocking both his lovers, they hadn't used each others names in years.

"Harry what-" Dante shook his head.

"Just kiss me?" He said softly, Severus nodded and kissed his lover, he could feel the panic and the desperation from Harry's lips...it frightened him. When finally they parted Severus was surprised at the tears that were sliding down his cheeks.

"Why do I feel like you're telling me goodbye?" He said quietly as he searched the teal eyes.

"Because that's what I'm doing." Harry said quietly, Severus let out a choked sob and pulled Harry into his arms.

"What did that old man tell you!" He all but shouted. "I won't let you go!" Severus held Harry tightly and heard his beloved chuckle darkly.

"I have to say goodbye to Lucius my love." He said as he gently pulled away, Severus felt like screaming, Lucius looked at him with wide terrified eyes and Harry had to sigh as he hugged the man around the middle.

"Harry..." Lucius whispered as he shakily wrapped his arms around his master and lover. He rose his eyes to Severus' and noted the hard look the man was giving him, a small smile twisted across his face and he nodded his head at his long time friend and lover while tears slid down his own cheeks.

"Despite everything you did to me I love you." Harry said quietly his words almost catching in the wind and disappearing, but Lucius heard them and tightened his grip.

"And I you Harry." He said quietly before tilting his lovers chin and kissing him sweetly. Severus came up behind Harry and tugged the two into his arms.

"I won't let you go Harry." He said softly, for a moment Harry thought he could simply press himself into his lover's arms and forget everything, but the dark cloud had approached, stopping just before the wards and he knew that his time was short. The ground shook as ancient wards were torn down and Dante felt his breath catching. He pulled away from his lovers and moved to the stairs only to stop when two hands grabbed his. He looked over his shoulder confusedly and found his family smiling bitterly at him.

"We're coming with you." David said looking at Alex who nodded with a grin on his face, Harry just nodded, secretly glad that he would have them near for a little bit longer. They quickly made their way down and onto the lawn just in time to see Dumbledore fall to the dark lord. Harry felt his family split up and begin taking down as many death eaters as possible. Crimson eyes met his and Harry laughed, he laughed a long bitter laugh that filled the battleground and made many cease their battle simply to watch the two. Harry caught his breath and looked coldly into the dark lord's eyes.

"It figures." Harry said, the dark lord frowned.

"What figures?" He said powerfully, Harry grinned.

"After all this time it would have to be you and I who battle it out." The dark lord looked at him confusedly.

"And why would that be?" He said skeptically, Harry's smile softened and before anyone could move he had his arms wrapped around the dark lords' middle in a macabre hug. The dark lord stood stiffly his eyes wide.

"Because I'm the boy who lived Tommy." Harry whispered. A look of horror crossed lord Voldemort's features and Harry pulled away.

"You can't be." He whispered and Harry laughed loudly.

"Oh, I can be and I am." Harry said brightly a glint of insanity shining in his eyes. "So kill me." he said quietly spreading his arms wide and dropping his wand to the ground. He heard Severus choke behind him and the loud 'No!' Lucius shouted but still he closed his eyes. He could see the green light flying at him and sighed as a cold feeling spread across his chest. Thoughts of his lovers passed through his mind, of his parents, of the friends he made, the friends he lost and just when he was about to hit the ground he felt arms wrap around him. With one last sigh he let himself die and succumbed to the darkness. Anti-venom watched Harry fall with horror; Severus thoughtlessly caught the body in his arms and literally felt his heart break.

"Oh, god." He heard Lucius whisper, suddenly something snapped in Severus and with one last lingering kiss he left his lover and stood with the darkest look anyone had ever seen in his gaze. He felt Lucius' hand grip his and knew that Alex and David had also joined the chain a single tear slid from his eye as he felt his magic ripping out of him with one explosive thrust of power. He felt the same happen to Lucius and smiled.

"We're coming Harry, you won't be alone." He said softly as his eyes shut. Onlookers watched as the hero's they had come to know glowed brightly each of them letting out a blood curling scream as the light formed a beam that hit the Dark Lord squarely in the chest. They watched as their hero's fell to the ground and the dark lord exploded into the air as nothing but ashes. They watched as death eaters all around them began clawing at their arms before each one was enveloped into a bright green light and fell to the floor dead. Finally they watched as the darkness disappeared and the bright blue sky's showed themselves once more, but none of them, not a single one felt elated by the light, not when there was so much death, so much destruction...


Harry frowned as his vision returned to him. He thought there might have been a mistake for a moment when he opened his eyes to find platform 93/4 stretched out before him, but then he saw Dumbledore. He shook his head as he wandered over to the old man who was smiling benignly. "Are you happy old man?" Harry said slightly bitter, Dumbledore chuckled.

"As happy as one can be when they find themselves dead." Harry found he had to agree.

"After all that and I ended up falling for your manipulations anyway." Harry said as he leaned back and rested his head on the fence behind him.

"Would you have had it any other way?" Dumbledore said, Harry rolled his eyes.

"Well for one thing I'd still be alive..." The headmaster chuckled.

"Touché" He said, a loud wailing noise could be heard making Harry cringe and look over at the tattered waif-like creature that was clawing at its face beneath the hood.

"That was inside of my head?" Harry asked incredulously, Albus nodded his head grimly, Harry shuddered.

"That is what happens when a lonely person splits his soul Harry." Dumbledore said quietly. "Each piece gets lonelier and lonelier until they go mad from it." Harry sighed and stood up Albus watched with raised eyebrows as Harry approached the creature and pulled it into his arms cradling it to his chest. The creature mewled for a moment as it clung to his robes and settled. Harry held it carefully in his arms and returned to the bench surprised when the creature suddenly shifted and with a poof turned into an infant. Harry watched in amazement as the little baby suckle on its thumb as it closed its eyes tiredly.

"Albus?" Harry said his eyes wide. The headmaster looked thoughtful for a moment before chuckling merrily.

"Well I'll be." He said with a smirk, Harry watched the man cautiously and without thinking about it brought the baby closer to his chest protectively. Suddenly a loud crack could be heard and Harry gasped when a boy no older than seven approached him.

"Potter." The boy said bitterly, though he eyed the baby in Harry's arms thoughtfully.

"Riddle?" Harry said his eyes wide, Tom Riddle smirked and nodded. Four more cracks could be heard and Harry gasped when he saw his family.

"They killed me." Riddle supplied, Harry shook his head in disbelief.

"You know if I'd known that dieing would mean returning to Hogwarts I think I'd have stayed alive." David said earning an elbow from Alex as he watched Lucius and Severus attack Harry with hugs and a rather noisy make-out session.

"What's with the baby?" Severus asked, his eyes glittering, Harry smirked.

"I want to keep him." He said defiantly, Tom Riddles head shot up at the declaration and Severus chuckled, Lucius rolled his eyes.

"You know I thought being gay implied that there would be no more rug rats." Harry smacked him upside the head.

"Watch it, or you'll be the one in diapers!" he threatened, Lucius cringed.

"Alright, alright!" he said raising his arms in surrender. Suddenly there was a bright flash and they all flinched, a tall willowy woman stepped onto the platform with a small smile tracing her lips.

"Love." She said. "Is a mysterious power, do you know why?" Harry shook his head with wide eyes as did the rest of the group, the woman chuckled. "Because even those who control life and death revere it." Harry clutched the child in his arms tightly as the world began to shift and tremble around him until everything went black and he could no longer feel anything. He didn't know time, he could not feel or taste or smell anything. He let out a shriek as he felt his back hit grass with a thump.

"Wha?" He whispered hoarsely, something wriggled in his arms and he let out a gasp as infant shrieks met his ears. His eyes snapped open and he quickly sat up staring at the baby in his arms with amazement, slowly he turned and looked around. He saw many shocked faces, some from the order, some Auror's and some just children. He felt a jolt and heard screams, he snapped his head around just in time to see his family twisting in the air and gasping for breath just like he had. Harry without thinking began to rock the baby in his arms and shush it as he watched as one by one his family awoke.

"H-Harry?" Severus said as he caught his gaze, Harry smiled.

"What the bloody hell just happened?" Alex said rubbing his head, Severus rolled his eyes.

"I do believe we just died Black." He sneered, Harry chuckled.

"And the kid?" David said eyeing the bundle in Harry's arms; Harry narrowed his eyes and pulled the child protectively against his chest.

"Has been given a second chance." He said glaring at them all challengingly. Severus smiled softly and slowly crawled over to where Harry sat. Gently he pulled the boy from Harry's arms and settled the babe in his own arms.

"Well then Potter, what shall we name our son?" He said, Harry's eyes began to water. Lucius rolled his eyes and crawled beside Severus.

"Not James." He said pompously.

"Definitely not." Severus said, Harry rolled his eyes and brushed away the tears.

"Not Tom." He said, Severus and Lucius both nodded their heads. Severus looked at the child thoughtfully as it grabbed his finger and held it within its tiny hand.

"How about Ace?" He said softly. "It means unity." Harry nodded his head and Lucius grinned softly petting the wispy hair.

"Hey there fella, I'm your papa." He said softly, the baby cooed. Harry watched his lovers play with Ace and knew that this time around Tom Riddle would be loved. He snuggled into Severus' side tiredly and met the dark eyes happily. He smiled when lips met his and couldn't help but think that this time around, he too would be loved.

-the end