Chapter 1


The war was far from over. We had our spies in the Death Eaters found out so Severus and Draco were openly in the Order. Hermione had run away long ago, for fear of her life. He hadn't heard from her since a letter we received two months after she ran. She had told us not to look for her. She would never resurface. The witch we knew was dead and never coming back to life.

"Harry," Ron said, "we have to go to America to search for allies."

Ron, Sirius, Remus, Severus, Draco, Fred, George, and I have been looking for allies for the Order. We didn't know where to look so we were starting in America. This would take forever.

"We should start in the big cities," Remus said. "it's the best place to go unnoticed because no one spares you a second glance."

"Let's start in Washington D.C.," Draco said, "then move to New York City."

"No," severus noted, "D.C. has high security. We wouldn't go unnoticed for long. New York City could take us months by itself. We should start there."

We agreed and apperated to New York City.

Three months later

We had been searching New York City for the last three months and found two wizards, but they wanted to stay neutral. We needed something to help the stress level in our group. Sirius walked into our flat with a smile on his face.

"What's with the look, Black?" Severus asked.

"WE're going out tonight," Sirius replied. "we haven't had a desent bit of fun for a while. We're going to a bar. I got us reservations."

"Sounds like fun," the twins said together.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Some place called the Cat Scratch Club in Alphabet City," he informed me. "We should be heading out."


I walked in the back door of the Cat Scratch Club and smiled at the guard.

"Hey, Mimi," he said as I passed, "Derek wants to see you."

I nodded to him and found Derek, the owner of the club.

"Hey," Derek said, "how is my favorite dancer?"

"Fine," I replied.

"We have some VIPs coming and they wanted my two best dancers. You and Misty are up, honey."

"We get paid extra?"

"She asked the same question."

"I'll take that as a yes."

"Misty has you outfit. I think you'll like it."

I walked into the dressing room I shared with Misty.

She had become a close friend since I'd moved to Alphabet City. She had long black hair and eyes that I swear were vortexes to hell itself.

I shut the door and saw my outfit hanging on the back. It was blood red and was a bikini at best. Misty was already dressed and working on her hair. She had on her fabric armband that ran from her wrist to her elbow. That was the only thing I didn't have as part of my outfit. That was her thing.

I walked up behind her and started twisting her hair into her favorite style. She pushed me into my chair after I had changed and did my hair to match. When she was done I looked at myself in the mirror.

My dark brown hair was half up in a sexy bun while the rest hung around my shoulders. My black eye sparkled with excitement.

"Do you have you're AZT?" Misty asked.

"Do you?" I replied reaching into my purse.

Misty had gotten my off heroin. How she did it I had no idea. She had been on it too, but had stopped on her own.

"Ready?" she asked knowing the answer.

We walked into the VIP room as the music started up. I didn't look at the men in the room, I never did. I just danced. I sank into the familiar routine and got lost in the music.


We had been in the room for twenty minutes. Each of the men were easilY distracted to say the least. I walked up behind the single blond in the group. I ran my hands down his chest and kissed at his neck. Pain suddenly ripped through my left arm, and I pulled away. The pain occurred again, and I doubled over.

"Son of a bitch!" I screamed.

I wasn't the only one in pain, either. Two of the men were cringing in pain as well. Mimi looked at me with a worried look on her face. I nodded that I was alright. I felt a hand on my shoulder before I was thrown against the wall. I looked at the man holding me in place. He was tall and muscular. His face held a glare that could have killed.

He grabbed my armband and pulled it off. He wouldn't think anything of the tattoo. I just had to keep it covered at work. The thing is he did recognize the tattoo. That's when I looked at the rest of his group. There were three red-heads, two were identical, a blond, a man with greasy black mair and a long nose, a man with a raged, scared face and brown hair, and the last was a boy with messy black hair and glasses. They were all standing at this point.

"Shit," I said.

They each saw my arm and reached into their pockets. They were, I knew, reaching for their wands. I looked at Mimi, whose eyes were wide with fear.

"He's sending you to clubs, now?" the man holding me asked.

I said nothing.

"Should we take her in or take care of her now?" he asked one of the people behind him.

"Let's see what she knows," Four-eyes said.

He forced me to sit down in the chair he had vacated. Mimi stood at a distance. They stood around me, glaring at me. The beeper at my hip started beeping, and I reached for a drink. Scar face grabbed my arm and tied my hands behind me.

"Who are you?" Ginger asked.

"Why are you here?" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb asked together.

I didn't answer. They stared at me asking questions I refused to answer for another half hour. By that time, I was beginning to shake. Mimi was the same way.

"She's not going to say anything," Blondy said. "It's the way she's trained, the way we all were."

That's when I recognized them. They had changed so much in the last seven years.

"Oh my god," I said. "Why didn't I see it before?"

"See what?"

"Who you are. No wonder you overreacted."

There was no reason to hide it anymore. I thought a spell and whatever was holding my wrists fell away. I jumped up and stood in front of Mimi. They had their wands drawn now. We had to run, but they were in front of the door.

"You know them?" Mimi asked.

"Look closely," I replied. "You do, too."

Recognition appeared on her face, and it changed to anger.

"How dare you!" she screamed. "I thought you were above this. And you still don't recognize me."


She collapsed to the floor.

"What did you do to her?" Remus yelled.

I ran over to the table and picked up a drink. I pulled our medication out of my top and took my dosage. I put her medication in the liquid and let it dissolve. I created a syringe and withdrew the spiked liquid.

I stepped toward Mimi, but my path way blocked by the Order of Idiots.

"What is that?" Sirius asked.

"Poison?" Severus guessed.

"It's not my fault you made us miss our AZT," I yelled. "If you don't get out of my way, you're only hurting her."

I shoved passed them and injected her with the mixture. I picked up a towel and soaked it in cold water. I put it on her face and picked up the phone calling the flat.

"Get over to the club," I told Mark when he answered. "Mimi collapsed."

I hung up the phone and turned to the Order members.

"Get out," I said.

"We are not leaving Hermione with a Death Eater," Harry replied.

"I left that life a long time ago, Harry. My life is here now. We have three years, at most."

"Three years until what?" Remus asked.

"Mimi and I have AIDS. We have three years to live. We have people here who are just like us: Roger, Collins, Angel, Mark, now."

Mimi stirred. I knelt down beside her.

"What happened?" she asked.

"You passed out, because you missed you AZT," I told her.

"You told them?"

"They weren't going to let me give you the medication."

"Thanks, Misty."

"Roger and the guys are on their way here. We'll go to the doctor tomorrow."

Roger, Mark, Collin, and Angel stormed in followed by Derek. He saw Mimi on the floor and left quietly.

"You okay honey?" Angel asked.

She wasn't in the girl getup and was getting odd looks from the Order members.

"Yeah, thanks Angel," Mimi replied.

Roger picked her up and carried her to our dressing room. The rest of us walked out leaving a group of stunned Order members.