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CONTAINS vol. 8, vol. 9 and vol. 10 and ending spoilers.

Chapter 1

Turning Points (1)

The fires of London roared, smoke engulfed the sky. The sounds of battle, the explosions, and shrieks of the living dead all but muted the words:

"You've fought this far on your own, therefore, deep down; you know my words are true!"

Somewhere in the distance a building collapsed.

Only a human.

Anderson hesitated.

Do not become the monster I am.

Heartbeats passed. His thoughts became clouded with doubt. Alucard continued talking, but Anderson could barely hear him.

"Use them in the name of divine punishment!"

No. Hold fast. This is how it should be.

A second and Anderson found his voice, only to lose it just as quickly. His hesitation had cost him dearly; sensing his doubt, Alucard was rapidly closing the gap between them. Anderson swung, the Nail plunging for his own heart.

A bullet tore into his right shoulder; the sudden, violent impact sent his arm swinging harmlessly aside.

The vampire was less than an arm's length away.

"Doubt is very unbecoming of you, Christian."

The priest back-peddled trying to get enough space between the two of them to use the Nail effectively, but Alucard pursued him step-for-step.

Someone shouted behind him. A bullet whizzed past his face, followed by another, and another; each striking home in the vampire's head and torso. Heinkel.

Anderson seized the opportunity to change strategies. He turned, and bolted sidelong, out of Alucard's path. Bullets ricocheted off of crumbled walls and exposed pipes behind him. His heart pounding, Anderson, again brought Helena's nail toward his chest. A bullet struck his leg, throwing him off balance and sending him to the ground. The new tear in the priest's thigh throbbed, but didn't bleed.

Again, the gap was closed. Anderson tried desperately to orient himself; the Nail was close by, but no longer in his hand. He reached for it as he attempted to stand up, and a heavy boot stomped on his outstretched hand. There was a sickening crunch of bone.

A chorus of angry voices erupted amongst the din, "Father!"

No. Not now. I cannot fail.

Utilizing what little mobility he still had in his left arm, the paladin plunged a silver bayonet into the booted leg that pinned him to the ground, and rolled away when the limb recoiled. Before Alucard could pull the blade from his leg, Anderson had scooped up the wooden shard and dashed out of harm's way.


Seras appeared before them, stopping the human dead in his tracks.

"You seem to be surrounded," Alucard laughed, "now where will you run?"

"Ah needn't run," Anderson shouted, "Ah will become ae benevolent tempest, ae delightfully dreadful starm, one both heartless and tearless." He raised the Nail high above his head, "and by the Grace o' God, Ah will end you, daemon!" Anderson's arm swung down.

His hand didn't.

"Walter!" Integra couldn't believe her eyes.

Her butler stood several meters above the ground gracefully perched on strands of that dreadful floss. He watched Anderson collapse then brought the priest's severed hand, which was still clutching the nail, closer.

"So," he had a smugness in his voice that was never there before, "this is the fabled, Helena's Nail. My, my. You Catholics certainly do have some interesting toys."

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Yumie's voice rang out from the crowd.

Walter ignored her; he freed the nail and let the hand fall to the ground. "Hmph. I wonder…" a clamor behind him drew Walter from his thoughts.

Yumiko, sword drawn, was running toward him with lightning speed. He smirked, and with a nimble flick of his wrist, Walter sheared her head from her shoulders.

"Yumie!" Heinkel leveled her pistol, "You bastard…"

A soft swish of fabric and the quiet click of a pistol cocking to her left. Before Heinkel could so much as see the Capitan standing beside her, he'd fired a single round into her face.

"Walter, why?"

The butler turned on his former employer, "Do not call me that name!" he wove strands of floss between his fingers. "I… am unstoppable. I will let no one stand in my way!" He slipped the Nail into a vest pocket. "No one! Nothing between me and my glory!"

"You're glory?" Schrödinger's childish voice seemed out of place among them. "Ha! You vere never meant for glory Valter." He stood between Alucard and Integra.


"You heard me."

And he was gone.

"Father Anderson!" Seras Victoria's voice lulled him out of the shock. "Can you stand?"

"Aye," Moving was another matter entirely, but with a little assistance, he managed to get to the sidelines as Walter targeted a kneeling Alucard.

"Stand and fight!"

Alucard laughed at him. He turned to Integra, "In order to kill I must know the intent. What were your orders, master?"

Integra began to walk away. She approached Seras and Anderson, directed them away from the battle, and began to walk off after them. She flicked her cigar to the ground and, with a calm, collected tone said "Search and destroy," but the longer she spoke, the more fuel she gave to her fury, "anyone who stands in the way is the enemy. The enemy must be destroyed! No matter whom they are…or who they were. Do not fail me, servant!"

"Yes master."


Seras laughed, "Why not?"

Anderson wasn't exactly in the mood to argue the point. "Put mae down."

"Not until you can stand on your own."

The priest groaned. "Ah'll only slow ye down. Leave mae here, ah'll recover, then catch up with ye, or kill Alucard, it doesn't really matter."

Seras paused, obviously giving it some thought. "I'll come back for you," she said, easing him to the floor, just inside the zeppelin.


"Why not?"

Anderson groaned again. Seras laughed. A gunshot caught both of their attentions. Schrödinger's near-headless body laid on the floor for a few moments, then disappeared.

"Come Seras."


The two women left and Anderson wondered if the draculina really would come back for him if the need arose. He snorted at his own foolishness and shook off the thoughts. The battle below was much more interesting.

Well, blitzkrieg would be a more appropriate term.

One moment, Alucard's gun backfired and the paladin had to forcefully suppress the urge to laugh.

The next moment Walter was falling apart. Dying in the middle of the battle with out sustaining any wounds.

The moment after, Alucard was strung up, and ripped to ribbons and the ex-butler appeared to have lost thirty years of age, Anderson wasn't entirely sure when that happened. He blinked a few times to make sure the whole thing was real. Schrödinger appeared.

"Valter, Valter, tsk tsk." He sighed, "I expected so much more from you."

"What!" the butler seemed unsteady. "You again!"

"Ja ja." The boy laughed, "Now there is just one little matter ve must address."

Walter's eyes narrowed.

"Der Nagel."

"No," the ex-butler stood a little straighter. "Get out of my way, my battle is won, and the—"

"Nein." Schrödinger glared at him, "Nein, there is no victory for you, Valter. You vill die. Now, gebt mir der Nagel."

A pause.

"Mother stirs."

"Ja, she does." He was next to Walter now, violently ripping Helena's nail from his vest pocket, "and she vill punish those that have failed her."

"I have not failed."

But, again, the boy was gone.

Walter hesitated a moment, saw that Alucard was still strung up in the demon floss, and dove in for the kill as if nothing had happened.

No… no! He's wrong. I cannot, -no- WILL not fail her now.

Anderson had given up on trying to understand the events occurring below, as soon as that cat-boy had shown up. Instead, he was scouting rooftops and alleys for any sign of life from his catholic brethren.

So far, there was none.

He found that he could stand on his own power now. His regenerative abilities had given him that much, as well as limited use of his right arm minus one hand. His left, where Alucard had shot him with that Jackal, may need real medical attention.

The zeppelin didn't seem to be holding out, so Anderson fled into the rubble.

The draculina and the Hellsing woman could handle themselves. When he watched the entrance explode into shrapnel, he thought they didn't have much of a choice. His conscience didn't like that logic.

He leaned heavily against a wall of rubble; he would scout out the area for another way in, and continue looking for his fellows in the meantime. Anderson took a deep, steadying breath.

"…Heinkel, brothers…" he closed his eyes, prayed for their safety, and then set off for the rooftops. A birds' eye view seemed a healthy advantage. Maybe he could spot the little cat-bastard and get Helena's Nail back. Wishful thinking.

Seras wondered if the priest had made it out in one piece when the entrance exploded.

There was no time for that now. Guards were charging them, shooting at them, and otherwise trying to killer her master and her.

Death, and those craving it, surrounded them. Seras was more frustrated, more enraged with every willing life she took. Life, or unlife rather, was of no value to them. She wanted to scream. Integra steadied her.

"Remember the mission."

She nodded, "Search and destroy."

Heinkel found herself leading a small troupe of priests to safety, and realized that wasn't where she was needed.

So, the nun handed off control of the group to another, she spoke slowly and deliberately, so he could understand her despite her mangled jaw:

"Lead the others, find any and all survivors and lead them to safety."


Heinkel raised a hand to silence him, "I'm going to search for Father Anderson, that Hellsing woman and her pet carried him off somewhere, and I do not intend to let him stay there." She took a deep breath and separated from the group, "We are no longer needed in battle. We are missionaries now. Dedicated to helping God's chidren."

The other priests stared silently.

"Find survivors, lead them to safety. That's an order."

"Yes sir."

They marched off in separate directions. Heinkel made her way to an unstable roof.

When she looked down to the street, her breath caught.

Blood. Rivers of it flowed like water along the streets.

Still no sign of Anderson.

Maybe he was in the river.

She didn't want to think about that. Rifle slung over her shoulder, Heinkel picked her way through the debris; hoping that there was some shred of humanity left in the hell that was once London.

"Zzzz…Warrant Office Schrödinger… Zzz Come in."

"Ja Doc?"

"Zzz commence operation Zzzz imaginäre Katze"

"Ja Herr."

Schrödinger tossed the radio into the growing river of blood. It was a terrible site to behold.


Schrödinger sang a song of victory.

Footsteps approached.

He drew his dagger.

Faster now.

The priest beside him.

But he was already going… going…


End chapter one.

Any events that occurred here that weren't mentioned happened as per the manga. If I wrote it all in I'd feel like I was stealing something, so I just wrote the events that were changed.

A/N: Ugh, this came out as a little less than I wanted it to. If that makes any sense.

This is only meant to be a prequel, so I don't expect much of it. It's so disorienting, but all of these events happen so rapidly I kind of had to write it this way. Hmph.