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Part 3 of 3

Chapter 3


Mina's nails dug into both sides of his face. She clawed at him, even after he'd pushed her away.

"Whether you live or whether you die, you will suffer!" she reverted to her emaciated zombie form, "suffer for the heartache you have caused!"

It was a struggle to keep her arms length away; Alucard wasn't sure where the others had gone. Why no one was there.

The woman continued screaming.

"You're no match for me," and with a final shove, Mina fell to the ground. Alucard barred his teeth, "you're no stronger than anything else I've gone against, Missy."

She growled back up at him.

"You think that just because you've been alive for a few centuries, just because you've got powerful allies; that makes you strong enough to destroy me?" he scoffed, "you're pathetic. I should put you out of your misery."

"I'd like to see you try."

Alucard jolted out of his seat.

"Are you alright, master?" Seras looked at him quizzically, "Another nightmare?"

"No. It's nothing."

"Oh… okay then."

He walked off.

Seras stared after her master. Despite the threat being gone, he still seemed so on edge. At first she thought that it was the fact that Anderson and the other Catholics were sharing a headquarters with them, but after a day she discovered that wasn't the case. Then she thought of the woman, what was her name? Mina?

When Mina left with Schrödinger after Major was dead, Alucard seemed…

There wasn't really a word for it that Seras could think of. He refused to tell anyone what he knew about the woman. Or even talk about her in casual conversation.

That wasn't right, but it wasn't strange either.

And whenever Master did sleep he would always jolt, sometimes violently, awake, as though he was waking up from a nightmare.

And yet, nothing was different.

Seras didn't like it.

It was cramped, but livable. The Section XIII missionaries had managed to find one intact building after their search, along with a handful of survivors.

Nearly everyone in the city of London had died.

Everyone did their part to make life a little easier until reinforcements arrived, but there was still an air of depression, loss, and hopelessness.

Integra mostly kept to herself to avoid talking to people.

"It's disheartening, isn't it?"

The voice made her jump. "Father," she breathed, "what—"

"The vampires are looking for you."

"Oh, yes." She shook her head to clear her thoughts, "I guess I just got distracted."

Anderson rested his hand on her shoulder, "The worst is over," he said, "Now we have tae rebuild."

"All of those people…"

"Mourning the lost won't bring them back," the priest sighed, "move on."

Integra nodded and walked off.

That left Anderson alone with his thoughts.

The Nail was lost to them. What would the Vatican…

Suddenly, he didn't want to be alone with his thoughts anymore.

Days passed, and there were still no signs that help was coming. Even the scouts that were sent to find populated towns had yet to return.

The people became more and more panicked. Some needed to be brought back to reality by force and it was Alucard that normally went around slapping people.

Physically, everyone seemed to be on the mend, Heinkel's wounds had been bandaged properly, so now she could speak and be understood by almost everyone. Even Anderson's arms were significantly healed the third day and by the forth he'd gained full mobility of his left arm. His right hand was still a little stiff, but it was there.

Seras and Integra, who hadn't sustained any real damage, spent their recovery time assisting others and making arrangements for when help did arrive.

On of these arrangements was a pact formed by Section XIII and the Hellsing organization; a larger manifestation of the Anderson/Alucard armistice. The civilians came before religious war, but once London was rebuilt this cease-fire would be voided.

If London was ever rebuilt.

Dawn of the seventh day saw the arrival of soldiers.

The civilians were ecstatic, practically flinging themselves at the young men and women that offered help.

The people, priests and vampires included, were moved southward out of the ruins.

The humans were able to sleep on cots and eat a decent amount for the first time in a week. With luck, they would soon be promoted to beds, and non-freeze-dried foodstuffs.

The vampires were supplied with blood transfusions and makeshift coffins.

Things were looking up.

Transportation arrived for the remaining Section XIII priests sometime later.

The Cardinals that came counted up the priests, "Eight? Is that all?"

Heinkel looked around, counted eight, and realized Anderson wasn't with them. She went off to find him.


"Yes Heinkel?"

She gestured toward the clump of priests gathered at the entrance to the shelter they'd been allowed to stay in. "The Cardinals have arrived for us, Father. They're ready to take us to the Vatican so we can report what happened."

"Ah'm not goin' Heinkel."


"Ah said Ah'm not goin'." He turned and looked her in the eye, "Ah intended to stay here until the Nail is found and I can bring it back to them."


"Dinnae argue with me" Anderson held up a hand for emphasis, "Ah have tae do this. Ah lost the Nail that day, Ah will find it again."


"Ah will come back." He smiled reassuringly, "Ah promise."

She hugged him, then turned and rejoined the others. "You better come back, or ve'll hunt you down und make you come back!"

January 14

Wallachia, Romania.

"How long should ve vait, Countess?"

Mina smiled, "I am still weak, my pet." She patted Schrödinger's head, "And we need to formulate a plan and gather our allies… and sacrifices."

Schrödinger's ears perked up. "You plan to create an Amulet then?"

"Yes, I do." She took a deep breath, "But there is still much to do."

"Vhen should ve contact the boys?"

Mina took Helena's Nail out of a pocket in her coat. She held it in the moonlight and admired the thing for sometime before answering,

"As soon as possible. Do you know where Dymitri and the other one… what was his name?"

"Um… something that started vith an F…I can't remember right now."

"Hmm. Anyway, do you know where to find them?" He nodded. The two of them crossed the long stone bridge to the castle. As they stood outside the heavy oaken doors, Mina smiled. "It's impressive," she said, "but it isn't home."


"Go get the werewolf."

Schrödinger was gone.

Mina swung one of the doors open. The castle was empty and abandoned. Rumor was, the place was haunted and the Count Dracula may return to take the lives of any and all who had entered. It was all superstition and she knew it, but superstition made the old building outrageously easy to get, no questions asked. Mina couldn't complain.

"So many have died here, Count," she laughed and the sound echoed against the stone walls, "soon you will join their ranks."

End chapter three

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