Camp Sherwood

By: DarkRosario

Got this idea from a comic I found online. It follows the comic pretty close. This is pretty much the written story of the comic because they asked someone to type up something to go with it.

I don't own fop or any of the characters mention in this story. I have an idea to add a character of my own but I'm still thinking about it.

Credit goes to Mr. D for starting this comic but not finishing it. Mr. J who is continuing where Mr. D left off.

This story is rated M to be on the safe side. I had to do some major edits so I could put it online.


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Chapter 1

The Start of the Best Summer

When we last left Timmy Turner, he was thinking of what he overheard Trixie saying.

"Trixie going to summer camp." he told Cosmo, who was flying around in circles like an idiot.

Timmy started to think about Trixie being at summer camp. Trixie running around, swimming, having fun, and the occasional pillow fight with the rest of the girls His face turned completely red, like a red bell pepper, at the ideas in his head and without thinking, he said, "I wish I could go too."

Without Wanda there to keep Cosmo in check, who was still on level 14 probation for the disappearing to Chocolate City incident, Cosmo waved his wand and with a poof, a cloud of smoke engulfed Timmy. He emerged from the smoke a few second later looking a lot different than before. He still had his buck teeth, but he was wearing a pink bow, had a pigtail in his hair, and was wearing a dress.

Then a high pitch voice yelled, "EEEPPP! I'm a girl!" Timmy had been turned into Timantha.

Note: I start referring Timmy as Timantha now.

Timantha: Keep calling me Timmy.

Author: But people will start getting confused.

Timantha: Good point.

Author: Thank you.

Timantha: But I still don't like it

Author: Deal with it. It was your wish.

Timantha: Too shay.

"Cosmo, what did you do?" Timantha said with fire in her eye.

"Well, I turned you in to Timantha because you said "I wish I could go too" and you don't expect to go to a girl's summer camp as a boy.

With what Cosmo had said, she started to feel around her dress. She then yelled again, "It's gone!"

"Like I said you don't expect to go as a boy."Cosmo said.

Timantha gave up. At least she would be able to go to camp with Trixie. Plus all her (Timmy side) friends had gone to camp and left him with Vicky.

"Wait a minute, what are we going to do with Vicky?" She asked. She was thinking if her other side disappeared for three weeks, his parents or Vicky would report him missing or worse!

"Don't worry!" Cosmo said. And with another wave of his wand, there was a small poof, but nothing appeared.

"Cosmo, what did you do this time?" Timantha asked with her arms crossed and tapping one foot.

"Well, your parents believe you're at summer camp, I got Vicky a job at a summer camp somewhere, and I filled out the paperwork for your summer camp." Cosmo explained.

"Ok, so am covered for the three weeks?" Timantha asked.

"Yep, all covered." Cosmo answered. Cosmo waved his wand again and they disappear from Timmy's room. They reappeared in an alley in the center of downtown Dimmsdale. Timantha looked up the alley to see a bus with a banner saying Camp Sherwood.

"That's the bus." Timantha told Cosmo, "I want you to go back home and wait for Wanda to get back. She is going to blow the roof off my house when she hears this idea."

"Yeah, and am going to be the one to deal with it." Cosmo said with a big sigh.

"That would be a great help." Timantha said snickering. She then added, "Ok, I don't want you guys to poof in when anyone is around me, that includes when am sleeping. I don't want you guys getting caught by anyone."

"Ok, see ya later." Cosmo said and poofed home.

Timantha then walked over to the bus and got on. The bus was packed and there was one empty row left. Timantha went and seat down in the empty row next to the window. Someone then got up and started read names off a clipboard. Everyone was accounted for including Timantha. The person then signaled the driver and the doors shut and the bus lurched forward.

"I guess there's no turning back now." Timantha said quietly to herself as the bus started to get under way. She couldn't be more right…

Chapter 2 will be up soon.

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