The Day She Thought Would Never Come

It's a crystal, nothing more

That's what he said to me

But if you turn it this way and look into it

But I never did look, did I?

I never saw my dreams through the glass orb

Of course I didn't

I had to save Toby, didn't I?

Never have I regretted that decision

Of course I had to save my brother

That's not to say I have no regrets

Even now, even ten years later

I still see his face when I close my eyes

I still hear his voice in my dreams

Fear me, he had asked

At the time that had been his easiest request

Love me, he had asked

Now I know that I had already started to

Do as I say, he had asked

My whole being had balked at that

And I will be your slave, he had said

I didn't understand it then

I was too busy trying to remember

Remember that damn line

I had almost missed the look on his face

The look that still haunts me to this day

It was years later when I got it

When I finally understood exactly what he had offered

Exactly what I had refused

And then I did regret

I didn't regret saving Toby, never that

But I remembered that look on his face

And for the first time in ten years

I admitted the truth I had been denying

The truth that I missed him

I had been missing him all along

Those ten hours had made quite an impression

I do miss you Jareth, I muttered then

I thought nothing of saying it aloud

I assumed he had forgotten about me long ago

Why would such a man remember me?

Imagine my surprise

When I heard a fluttering sound

My heart almost stopped then

When I turned around, toward the sound

And sitting there on my desk

As if it was only natural

As if they had always belonged there

Was a very familiar looking crystal

And as I watched my reflection

A single white feather landed beside it

Once my heart started beating again

It sped up until I thought it might burst

Just looking at the pair on my dresser

Made me feel like I might faint

Or perhaps I was still dreaming

Perhaps all of it was a dream, after all

But, no, it couldn't be fixed

Not that easily

But, then I heard it

A sound I thought I'd never hear again

It was just a chuckle

A very male sound into the silence

I spun around in shock and surprise

And came face to face with the Goblin King

A familiar smug smile on his gorgeous face

That's when it happened

The most useless thing ever

I fainted, as it was all too much

His face the last thing I saw

Before my whole world went black

I never saw him rush to my side

I didn't feel him catch me

His arms were there before I fell

But I knew when I awoke

My life wasn't going to be the same

Funny, I thought as my mind shut off

He was the only one there for me

As my world fell down

By: T.E.G. – 2/13/09