Well this is the first chapter of my story, it is long, but it's necessary in a sense. Instead of just telling you about the Kyuubi attack, I gave you a little excitement and went into the other battle. As for the other Hidden Village, all will be explained and now for the pointless disclaimer. I don't own Naruto….

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Demonic Trinity

Clash of Fate


(October 10)

Shinobi could be seen rushing towards the scene of what could only be the manifestation of pure destruction. The Kyuubi, in its prime and glory, was thrashing about the village of Konohagakure, wreaking havoc on the poor villagers. Its power was unmatched as with a simple swipe of a single tail it brought down mountains, its roars would cause tidal waves and shockwaves that could be felt for miles.

'Where is Hokage Sama? We can't hold out much longer!' a chunnin of Konoha said, seeing his fellow Shinobi slaughtered with ease by the Demon King.

'We have to. Hokage Sama is our only hop-'but the other Shinobi is unable to continue as one of Kyuubi's mighty tails crushes him.

The chunnin abandons the plan and flees for his life, but becomes another victim for the mighty fox as he is consumed by one of Kyuubi's Katon jutsus, burning him to ash. Kyuubi let out tremendous roars as its fury grew with each passing moment; 'Its Hokage Sama, we're saved!' rejoiced the remaining Shinobi as their beloved leader entered the fray, riding on top the head of his trusted summon boss Gamabunta.

'Shit! Never thought I'd have to fight the Demon King…' the toad boss stated with grimace.

'Gama Kun, think you can give me a little time…' the 4th Hokage requested, two small bundles in his hands as he performed complex hand seals.

'You got it...' the huge toad stated, knowing full well what his master had planned. The boss of toads began his assault, performing hand seals at a fast pace despite his girth, firing large amounts of water at the great beast.

The Kyuubi leapt into the air to dodge the torrents of water, and countered with walls of flames blazing toward Gamabunta, who unsheathed his massive katana and slashed the flames in half. The skin of Gamabunta was burnt, but he had to buy his master more time..."Need help?" a spiky white haired man said as he joined the fray.

"Normally I'd skin you Jiraiya, but I need you for now so I'll let you live." Gamabunta said as the two began to perform hand seals.

'Fire release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet!' they roared as Gamabunta spit out an oily spray as Jiraiya ignited it with a Katon jutsu as the blaze roared and engulfed Kyuubi… Only to reveal the Demon King unharmed, and sporting a new more demonic look.
His fur now ablaze, gave him the look of a demon straight out of hell. 'It's done.' The 4th stated his plan only moments away from fruition.

As if on cue, the Kyuubi could sense a dreadful presence, so dreadful he was stricken with fear. Not liking the 4th Hokage's plan, the Kyuubi rushed the Hokage in an attempt to end this, but to no avail.'Fuin jutsu: Reaper Death Fuin!!'

the 4th roared as the Kyuubi was now face to face with the only being it feared, the Shinigami himself . The Death King extended his ghoulish hand as he began the agonizing process of pulling the soul of Kyuubi from his body, but the Demon King wouldn't go without a fight. Kyuubi thrashed about as he struggled against the Shinigami's cold grip, feeling his grip loosening, the Shinigami used both hands to rip his soul in two. One hand held the Demon King's yang, the other held the King's yin, and the first part of his plan was complete… Now the hard part, the 4th Hokage had to act quickly, his soul being consumed.

So to complete his jutsu, he sealed the two entities into the two bundles of joy he held, one a boy, was sealed with the yang. The yang held power and hate, the hate he was sure the child will hold for him when he learned of the burden the 4th placed on him. The other a girl, she would bear the yin, the yin held power and love. Love that she would give the boy to silence the storm the boy would be caught in.'Uzumaki… Naruto… Hyuuga… Hinata… please forgive this old fool….' The 4th said, tears flowing down his dying eyes.' You two… have a huge burden to bear… and it is my hope that you two will be the hero/heroine you truly are… Please Kushina, Hiashi… Please… forgive me…' the 4th stated his last as he died. The 4th Hokage, greatest leader Konohagakure has ever seen, his death along with others has been forever engraved in the minds of Konohagakure's villagers…..

Unknown to them, a similar battle took place months after. Yes March 17 is a day all in Phantom Country will remember….

(March 17)

It was unlike anything the people of Phantom Country had ever seen. A 7 tailed winged Demon spread devastation and mayhem throughout the Country, unleashing demonic jutsus consuming all in carnage and death. 'Katon: Phantom Flare Jutsu!!' a chunnin from the village hidden in Darkness roared as purple flames shot out his mouth and roared towards the Demon.'Oni Kata: Black Void Jutsu!!' the Demon proclaimed as he finished his hand seals, suddenly a orb of darkness consumed the chunnin and many others in a hole of oblivion. The jutsu claimed miles of the land leaving only emptiness.

Soon the Demon made his way to Youkaigakure, the village hidden by the phantoms, and was met by the villages' Youkaikage and its Koden. The Youkaikage, a young man no older than 16 and the Koden, the 2nd strongest Shinobi they had to offer, a 15 year old young woman. 'Youkai Kata: Armageddon Bullet Jutsu!!' the Youkaikage proclaimed as he channeled insane amounts of chakra in his hand as it condensed into a sphere of combustible chakra.

The chakra flares as it almost wails in fury, then in the blink of the eye, the Youkaikage performed 20 one hand seals as he proclaimed 'Youkai Kata: Phantom Flash Jutsu!!' before the demon could react, the Youkaikage seemed to warp and appear in his face, his death jutsu flaring as he thrust it at the demon.

'Oni Kata: Demon's Sanctuary Jutsu!' the Demon roared with desperation, as a wall of massive chakra coated the Demon and shielded him, but the shield was shattered; and the shockwave from the jutsu was felt from miles away as it acted like a neutron star and exploded then imploded.

'Yami Kata: Fist of Darkness Jutsu!' the Koden roared as her fist was engulfed in darkness and was crashing down on the Demon's skull.

The Demon barely dodged by back flipping, but not without sustaining damaging on his torso. 'Oni Kata: Demon's Wail Jutsu!' the Demon roared as supersonic sound waves screeched throughout the valley as it washed over the Koden and Youkaikage, as they were wretched with pain.

Seeing his opportunity, the Demon went through hand seals unknown to man 'Kenji Kata: Ragnarok Blades!' the Demon roared as massive tower-like blades of chakra were formed and were sent towards the Youkaikage and Koden.

The Youkaikage channeled chakra to the soles of his feet as he jumped and stood on the massive blades using the jutsu as he run on it towards the demon, the Koden focused her chakra into her arms as she attempted to catch the blades. The force of the blades forcing her back before she got her footing and held the blade as she throw it back to its source. The Youkaikage unleashed a fierce combo of punches and kicks as the Demon blocks, then Youkaikage attempted a spinning side kick at the Demon's head, but the Demon ducked and grabbed his leg, slamming him with great force.

Only for him to fade into nothingness, 'A Void Clone?' the Demon was shocked someone as young as these two were so skilled, but soon a void opened up and started to draw him in, but he countered with a Void Clone of his own that canceled the other.

Soon the Demon sensed his own jutsu soaring towards him, and before he could evade 'Soul Bind Jutsu!' the Youkaikage proclaimed as ghouls chains shot out of the voids and bound his soul still, he could only await his death at his own jutsu's hands...The blade ripped him apart as the gore sprayed the valley signaling their victory. Cheers of glee roared throughout Youkaigakure as they praised their worn out hero/heroine, but the Youkaikage didn't seem so sure.

'Damn thing's not dead is it?' the Koden asked with a sigh knowing the answer.

'No…In fact it should be fully healed in a day's time…' the Youkaikage stated as the joy was washed away with fear.

'What can we do Youkaikage Sama?' a jounin asked out of fear.

'A Fuin is required. 7 tails, a 7 pronged Fuin should do…' the Youkaikage stated, but before anything could be attempted, the Demon's soul vanished. Fearing the worse, the Youkaikage ordered all Shinobi of the village to find it, when they did they were horrified to find they were too late. The Demon had possessed the body of a 1 year old boy, and had already killed a high portion of the village. Amongst them was the Youkaikage and Koden's mother, perhaps in the Demon's revenge seeing as how the body he now possessed was that of their brother.'Dontei!' The Koden called out to the Youkaikage, as tears glistened her face.

She witnessed her mother lying in a pool of her blood.'I know Sylene…' Dontei stated as he fought back his tears as he fought his instinct to kill the one responsible for his mother's death. How could he kill his brother?'Damn you Demon! I wish I could send you back to the depths of hell you crawled from!!' Dontei yelled his blood boiling…

'But I can't… This will have to do! Youkai Negai: Oni Kon Saiken!!' He roared as his fingers were lit ablaze in dark flames. Each finger had a kanji on it: Soul, Trinity, Demon, Hope, and Seal. Dontei jabbed his bother right where his heart was, sealing the Demon within him.

'Damn you… First you take my mother, now you've forced me to curse my brother with your tainted soul!' the young Youkaikage stated before he slipped into a coma… Both villages experienced great loss, as they had to live with the grief. Their only salvation from the gripping despair came in the tenants of the very being that caused it all……..

(9 years later October 10)

It was that time of year once again for a certain spiky haired blonde. It was his birthday, a day that was suppose to bring joy to him, a day that should be filled with the utmost happiness or at least that's what Uzumaki Naruto thought his birthday should be. He saw how the children of the village of Konohagakure spent their birthdays with friends and family, having fun, being happy just glad to be alive. Naruto, on the other hand, knew no such joy, for his birthday was just another attempt on his life. Although on this day, the threats would get more violent as even some Shinobi would join in. How he survived, he never knew. Hell he started to think was this all to life? This pain, this despair, just a spiraling cycle he couldn't break? Was it worth it? Maybe… All he could do for now was run. Run for the life he strongly held dear, since no one else did…

It was that time of the year once again for a certain short indigo haired lavender eyed girl. It was her birth, a day that should have brought joy to her and her family. A day she should be laughing and playing or at least that's what Hyuuga Hinata wanted on this day. Maybe it would be different? Maybe she'll smile today. Maybe her father will look at her with hope and fatherly love… No. Same cold glares, same being roughly cleaned over and over again. No matter how clean she got, it was never enough for her father, it was almost as if he were trying to wash away some sin. But what sin could a 9 year old girl be guilty of? Hinata didn't know, in fact she asked herself. Is it worth it? Is life worth living, in this constant emptiness and despair? Maybe… All she could do was sit and bear it for now. As she lived a life she wanted to change…

Naruto found himself in a familiar setting, him lying in a hard bed, looking at a white ceiling. His hospital room in poor condition, his sheets torn and in bad shape, his bandages done horribly, on purpose of course. The same question raging in his head,

'Why? What did I do to deserve this?' and yet no answer would come. He had enough, Naruto got out of his bed and hopped out the window. Only to be met by a mob after his life…

Hinata found herself in a familiar position, her face on the cold hard tiles of the floor. Her body wretched with pain, blood leaving her mouth as a cooper taste was left in its place. And her father looking down on her, his eyes glaring with such disappointment and hate.

'Get up' his command was stern and held much authority. Hinata tried her best, but only fell back down, as this angered her father.

'I said GET UP!' He commanded as he painfully yanked her up by her hair, tired of her failure, he dragged her to her room.

'You are not to leave this room until you memorize every Hyuuga law do I make myself clear?' He stated more than asked.

'Y-yes Ojii san…' she replied back as he slammed the door… Hinata had had enough; she couldn't take this coldness, this hate. So she packed what was needed and leapt out the window…

Well that was my 1st chapter... Wow feels nice. Ok just to clear this up, I know Naruto and Hinata don't have the same Birthday. It was just something to explain how Hinata got the Kyuubi's yin. Well until next I write, R&R please and questions are welcome! Ok the Village hidden by the Phantoms is a village of my own design, so too is the Youkaikage and Koden. The Shichibi or 7 tailed Demon is not my own, but I've changed his outlook to a Horned Demon; I'll get into the explanation of its appearance in a later chapter… Edited version of this chapter, hope you like it better than the original.