Anewbyss67: I know, I know this is LONG over due... Like a year over due. I won't make any excuses. All I'll say is the truth... Here it goes, I honestly forgot the password to my account. I know lame, but I'm back! I've had ideas for this flowing in my head for a year now! Also, I've been reading other fanfics such as Naruto: The Fox with a Dog's Fang by SilverFang88 and True Shinobi by LightSeeker67. True Shinobi is still in its larve stage, but so far I really like it. The author updates every one to two days so there's normally not a long wait. I hope half of my fans are still with me and I plan to update daily. Without further ado!

'...': Speech

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Demonic Trinity

Identity Crisis

Darkness, that's all Leon knew at the moment. Cold, gripping, everlasting darkness. All the pain, the angst he held in all his life consumed him in a sea of memories. The memories pierce his flesh like rusty kunai and then suddenly a burst of light shatters the darkness. It's so warm, so welcoming that Leon makes his way towards it. The closer he gets to the light, the more he can make out a figure. When he finally reaches the light, the figure's identity is shown to him.

'Amy chan?' Leon asks confused, due to the fact he was surrounded by a sphere of light that kept the tidal wave of memories at bay. Amy looked to be struggling to keep the memories at bay as she forced more of her chakra into the sphere. Amy's skin is a soft cinnamon brown with hazel eyes and dark brown wavy hair that graces her mid back. She's wearing a pink tank top with form fitting black jeans.

'What the hell are you doing just giving up on me Leon baka?' Amy asks in outrage. Where was the once proud warrior Leon worked so hard to become?

'Do you have any idea what will happen if these memories hit you? All the work I put in to keep you safe?' Amy asks, the light barrier begins to crack as Amy tries to keep her focus on the barrier. Leon curls up into the fetal position, not caring what happens.

'Why does it matter? I try so hard to keep it all in, to deny what happened, but it did happen Amy alright? The more I run, the worse it'll get... Just stop trying to protect me.' Leon says, his voice full of emotions. He was so tired of running from it, he just wanted to accept whatever came with it. Amy looks at Leon with a glare, but she couldn't deny he had a point. His mind was literally destroyed by keeping all this at bay... With a heavy heart, Amy drops the barrier as they are both swept away by all Leon's past. The pain is unbearable as Leon screams in agony, memories he tried to keep at bay for so long rush his vision...

Leon wakes up back inside the darkness, only this time he is surrounded by seven figures. The first figure is tall, standing at six foot twelve, dark brown skin with eyes of coal. His torso is ripped with muscle and has the kanji for wrath where his heart is located. The second figure is Francois, the third is Lei, the fourth has a cruel smirk etched on his face. He stands at six foot even with light brown skin, emerald eyes with the kanji for pride as pupils. The fifth figure is a beautiful woman with fair peachy skin, curly sandy brown hair and ocean blue eyes. The kanji for envy is etched into her right breast. The sixth figure lays about lazily with the kanji for sloth etched on his forehead. He has tan skin with a bald head and deep bags under his half closed blue eyes. The final figure is Amy herself as she stands next to Leon in a protective manner.

'Dante, Lei, Francois, Evangela, Antwone, Drew what are you all doing here?' Leon asks feeling a sense of dread. Antwone smirks grimly as he approaches Leon, only to be stopped by Amy.

'This is what happens when you're overcome by your emotions Leon. Your body serves as a medium for us to exist in this plane, but whenever you're emotions are unbalanced, there's a rift that one of us can use to not only escape your mind, but completely take over your body.' Amy explains.

'That's right kid, you think you have it rough? Try not having a physical body! We're stuck here, watching the world through your eyes. Waiting, wanting to experience the joys of life. Even when you summon us, it's a pseudo life that is void of all feeling; it's like being dead!' Antwone yells as he rushes Leon, followed by the others.

"Ox, Boar, Snake, Dog, Dragon! 'Raiton: Plasma Carnival!' Amy roars as she inhales deeply and exhales an electrified plasma that spreads towards the incoming foes. Lei dashes right into the plasma as the plasma enters his body and shocks him from the inside out as he screams in agony. Not giving Amy time to recover, Antwone goes through his own handseals.

"Dragon, Ox, Horse, Bird, Rat, Monkey!" 'Shakuton: Scarlet Spheres!' Antwone proclaims unleashing spheres of steam with red flames that roar towards Amy and Leon. Amy grabs Leon and evades, but only to land in Dante's striking range.

'Katon: Blazing sonata!' Dante roars as flames coat his fists and feet. Dante launches a right flaming hook at Amy, who uses her chakra to form a barrier to defend.

"Rat, Ram, Snake, Boar, Dragon, Dog!" 'Ranton: Zeus' Bolt!' Amy roars, focusing ranton chakra into a spear of lightning and hurls it at Dante. Lei pushes Dante out of the way and takes the hit for him as his body is rocked to the core by powerful electricity. Lei's prone body begins to fall into the darkness.

'Dammit Leon snap out of it! I can't fight them all by myself!' Amy says, ducking under Dante's spinning flame roundhouse kick. Leon couldn't bring himself to fight, his body still stunned.

"Boar, Rat, Dog, Horse, Tiger, Sheep, Rooster!" 'Futton: Melting Apparition!' Francois says from Amy's blindspot. Francois unleashes a stream of boiling steam that takes the form of a ghostly figure that howls at Amy. Amy can't evade the jutsu, so she throws Leon out of the way and takes the attack directly. The steam burns Amy's skin as she screams in pain, but her agony isn't over just yet.

"Monkey, Rooster, Ox, Boar, Rat!" 'Jinton: Phantom Fist!' Evangela says, vanishing and reappearing in front of Amy. Evangela unleashes a volley of left and right hooks, high, mid and low kicks to Amy's severely burnt body before vanishing again. Amy's prone body begins to fade into the darkness as she looks at Leon with a sad smile.

'Sorry... I failed you... Leon kun...' Amy says as she is completely consumed by the darkness.

'No, AMY!' Leon roars. She was trying to protect him, keep him safe from all this and what did he do? He moped and felt sorry for himself. He let her fight alone and she paid the price... The rogue figures surround Leon, preparing to finish him off.

'No...' Leon says grimly as yang chakra begins to flow from his body. He would be damned if he let these bastards take over HIS body! He had too much to live for, too many people counting on him to return. Forming the Dragon handseal, Leon sends his yang chakra into the darkness.

'Yang kata: Shinigami's Embrace.' Leon says darkly, before the figures know it, their bodies begin to fade into the darkness.

'What the hell is happening?' Antwone asks, trying to fight the darkness, but that only quickens the process. Soon all the figures are completely consumed as Leon cancels the flow of yang chakra and the darkness begins to spiral in on itself and reveals the crystallized snow mountain. Leon explores the snow field, making sure to avoid touching the crystallized memorizes until he finds a log cabin. Entering the log cabin, Leon sees a roaring fire in the fireplace and someone drinking tea on a rug. Leon's eyes widen with realization.

'Kaa san?' Leon asks, his voice filled with emotion. He hadn't seen her since he was a baby, but there was no mistaking it. Her skin is a soft brown sugar and her eyes gleamed an almost pink hue. Her dress shines a brilliant white as she smiles at her son softly.

'Hello my Leon kun.' Leon's mother coos as she walks over to him and gently rubs her son's cheeks. Leon flinches away from his mother, not able to bare her touch. Fresh tears fall from his face. His mother smiles sadly and wipes the tears from his face.

'Shhh stop the water works Leon kun. That's no way for an Alexandros to act now is it?" his mother says with a giggle. Leon looks at his mother with utter confusion; didn't she hate him?

'B-but kaa san... I... I...' Leon says, not being able to finish.

'Killed me? Yeah I know, but a mother will always love her child. I carried you in my gut for thirteen long months and was in labor for eight hours! I brought you into this world and love you with my entire being. When you were possessed, everyone tried to kill you and I protected you with my life. I never once blamed you Leon kun, so stop doing so to yourself. You have been given a curse my son, but even a curse can be a blessing. Always remember that and remember kaa san loves her Leon kun.' Leon's mother says, kissing her son's forehead before fading away. Leon cries tears of sweet relief, finally feeling a weight lift. Leon himself begins to fade as he returns to the real world...

Real world...

Noel watches over her pack with worry evident in her face. Suddenly, Leon begins to stir until he fully awakens. He is instantly wrapped in Noel's caring hug.

'Ooooh Leon I was so worried!' Noel says happily!

'Alright, alright teach jeez. I'm just fine I even learned a few things.' Leon says, this catches Charles' attention.

'Oh and what did you learn?' Charles asks curiously.

'First I learned you're fucking crazy. Second, I learned my kekkei genkai has some seriously fucked up drawbacks to them, but it's nothing I can't handle. Besides I have help.' Leon says with a smile.

"You're damn right you have help!"Amy says

"I can't believe I lost to that crybaby..." Antwone whines.

"Well get used to it bitch! I'm going to be coming in there more often and putting you fuckers in your place! My mind, my rules got it?" Leon says mentally as Dante growls.

"Ay fuck you!" Dante yells, only to find his mouth erased off. Dante tries to swear, but it only comes as mumbles.

"I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over my awesome. Would you mind repeating that?" Leon says with a smug smile. Dyi-Edge only sighs, seeing all the extra company he'll have from now on. Leon chuckles to himself and heads over to where Naruto and Desro are.

'Dude what the hell happened to you? You look like an emo reject." Leon says to Naruto. Naruto just scoffs and then, in a blink of an eye his hair and skin return to their original states.

'I call it my "Night" form, it has something to do with this kekkei genkai I have." Naruto says chirpily. Leon can only smile proudly at his little brother, punching him in the arm playfully. Now only the girls had yet to awaken and Leon could only imagine the hell they were in...

And that's a wrap! Whoo oh yeah, before anyone says anything about the similarities between True Shinobi's characters and my own I have no problem with it. I've read the story and although the names are either the same or similar I already worked it out with LightSeeker. In fact, as a thank you for letting him use some of my OCs, he let me use some of his jutsus, the Jinton: Phantom Fist being one of them. There's nothing wrong with usign other's OCs if the author says it's ok, to me it's really flattering that he enjoyed my characters so much he wanted to incorporate them in his story.