Kira: As promised, here is the HAPPY ending. Yes, people had to beg me to make this. There's Renaj, Sephoud, and Angezack.

"You know, I think that this will be the best Christmas Eve Kadaj will ever have."

The silver haired remnant couldn't wait for the shopping to be over with now. Since he began thinking that everyone was hiding something from him, his mind was now really set on meeting Reno. Just thinking about it made him want to forget the presents and just go home straight away, but the remnant knew he couldn't. Although he yearned to have the Turk's arms around him, the presents were sadly first on his list to get done. Santa would put him on the naughty list if he didn't, or so Cloud said. Looking up, he felt a snowflake drop on his nose. Long eyelashes caught more of the tiny snow particles, a soft smile on his lips as he stared up at the grey clouds. Any given moment and it would start snowing.

Snow… That was such a rare occurrence that even the other shoppers paused in their hurried paces to look up as the first snowflakes made their way to their destination, the ground. Smiles broke out onto almost everyone's faces, in awe of the rare event that was occurring. Kadaj felt suddenly at peace, just staring silently up at the falling snow. For a moment, just a moment, he felt like everyone else was gone, the streets cleared of people, shops closed, it was just him and the snow. One blink was all it took to undo the daydream, causing the mako eyed male to look around, the crowd now buzzing on their own ways again.

The ground was quickly being covered with snow, which meant that soon it would get colder and harder to shop around in. Sighing, he continued on, eyes scanning for the next store to shop in, determined to get each gift done. Except Yuffie's… He already had the perfect gift for her. Materia, what else would she want? Now just to finish shopping so he could… play in the snow for a bit.. Then go back to the bar…

"Cloud, if you don't relax, then I'll tell a certain General to push you under the mistletoe to steal a kiss and then take you into a back room." As the sentence slipped out from his best friend's lips, the blonde elbowed him in the gut as hard as he could.

"Knock it off Zack." Cloud said, frowning a bit as he plopped his head back onto his now crossed arms. His sapphire eyes were locked on only one thing at the moment, his cell phone which was on the counter of the bar. When was he going to call? Damn it, if that bloody Turk wasn't going to come for the surprise, then he was personally going to strangle him for it.

"Hey, Spiky, watch it, I still have some eggnog in this cup here." Zack laughed, smirking as the ex-general glanced boredly over to them from where he sat on the couch provided in the room. Sephiroth's arms were crossed over his broad chest, glowing eyes staring with disinterest at the totally decorated tree. One leg was crossed over the kneecap of the other to prop it up. The busyness of the Seventh Heaven occupants had died down. Though Sephiroth had offered to put the star on top of the tree, Tifa had refused, ordering Cid to go grab the stepladder so she could use it.

"Cloud, if you want to talk to Reno, why not just call him? You know the Turk procrastinates on everything. I'm certain he is still picking out that perfect 'gift' for your younger brother." Genesis said, leaning on the counter in back of him as he stared down at the oven, where four of his precious pies were being baked. A dozen of the Banora Apple pies were already cooling on the big bar counter where other desserts were placed, like a few batches of Kadaj's homemade chocolate chip cookies that Genesis had taken over the responsibility of making sure than none of the desserts were disturbed until everyone was home.

Cloud was about to reply when two sets of footsteps were heard running down the stairs. Another set of footsteps came down after Denzel and Marlene, the middle remnant of Sephiroth's. The two came to where Vincent sat in an armchair, simply loathing the mistletoe in the box next to him. The gun wielder looked up at the two children, blinking his unnatural colored eyes.

"Vincent, can you help us put the wreaths up outside? Yazoo said he'd help as well before making gingerbread cookies!" Marlene exclaimed. With such big smiles on the children's' faces, he couldn't refuse.

"Very well." he said, standing up in one graceful movement. The two giggled in happiness and picked up the boxes containing the wreaths, darting to the door to disappear outside. The action caused Tifa to smile form the stepladder, watching the two gun-loving men walk out to follow the two kids. Cloud sighed, picking up his phone and speed dialing the Turk's number, ignoring Zack when he went over to Sephiroth, whispering something in his ear.

Ring ring… ring ring… ring ring…

What was it now? The Turk tore his eyes away from the display of beautiful rings; he pulled out his vibrating and ringing phone, sighing as he put one end to his ear.

"Yo." he said, frowning as he noticed one of the ladies behind the counter eyeing him in a flirting manner. Sorry lady, he was taken. As he turned around to stare at the big glass front of the shop, he briefly glimpsed a bit of snow falling. It easily made him think of Kadaj's silver hair, and then his now innocent nature. He was startled from his daydream of his beloved remnant by an almost irritated voice.

"Reno, where the heck are you? Kadaj was asking about you earlier, and you better be back before he gets home. I will kill you if you miss it, Turk!" Reno blinked, never having heard the chocobo-headed male threaten him like that. But it was natural; Cloud cared so much for his little brother.

"Relax, yo, I'm still working on picking out one. I want it to be the perfect gift for him." Reno said, running a hand through his unkempt hair, totally at a lost at which one would be the one for Kadaj.

"Try green, he loves that, and it happens to match his eyes." Cloud said, before he hung up. The sudden disconnecting made Reno blink a bit in confusion before he realized what Cloud had meant. An emerald… It was as if a light bulb went off in his head. Of course, how could he have forgotten? He slipped the phone back into his thin jacket, flipping the end of his red scarf away from his shoulder. Once more he turned his brilliant ocean eyes to the gleaming rings, searching for the ones with emeralds. Walking past the ones that had rubies and diamonds, he finally came across a ring that caught his eye. It was simple, but he immediately knew that it was perfect. The ring had a medium sized emerald set into a beautifully crafted silver band, which had an intricate design that lined the outside. His eyes caught the price tag, surprised at how much it cost. It was actually affordable, just right for his wallet at the time.

"Excuse me miss, I'll take this one." he said to the young girl who was constantly eying him like a love struck puppy. She seemed disappointed that he hadn't seemed interested in her, but smiled at him as she took the ring out, gently encasing it into a small black box which could be concealed into his pocket. He dug through his wallet for the required amount of Gil, placing it all in her hand before taking the ring. He opened the box to stare at it, and then nodded, as if extremely pleased with it. He thanked the girl politely and turned, leaving the store just as the snow started to fall, sprinkling his hair with white specks. Now to get to the bar to surprise his adorable lover. He wasn't about to get yelled at by Cloud when he was late… Cloud could be such a mother. A mother with a hidden mean streak, that was for sure.

Things at the Seventh Heaven were going pretty good. Once Cloud had finished talking to the Turk, he decided to help hang up the tinsel, pinning and tying them in place. At one point he couldn't reach high enough, standing on his tip toes to try and pin the last end, biting his bottom lip.

"Let me help you with that, Cloud." The voice was deep, soft against his ear. He froze, blinking his bright eyes as he saw a gloved hand slide the tinsel end from his grip, easily bending up to place it where it belonged. The ex-General didn't let it known that he had seen the faint blush that was forming on the younger male's cheeks. It was just then the Sephiroth had noticed a certain holiday plant hanging above their heads. His eyes locked onto it, and, as Cloud's gaze traveled up to see it, he smirked.

Three pairs of eyes were on the pair. With the other occupants of the bar busy, the three ex-SOLDIERs smirked at the sight.

"Aww Sephy likes Cloud!" Zack squealed, his eyes big as he giggled from where he was in the kitchen. Angeal rolled his eyes.

"Quiet down, pup, if Sephiroth hears you it will ruin the moment." Genesis didn't say anything smirking as he tossed a Banora apple up and down in his hands. It was amazing to see that the mighty Sephiroth liked a male that hadn't even made it past being a cadet.

The two's eyes were locked with each other, mako eyes staring into brilliant blue. The blush became heavier the longer they stared at each other. A leather covered finger brought Cloud's chin up, bending down slightly as he pressed his lips to the blonde's, completing the magical moment. Cloud's eyes widened at the action, shock and happiness flowing through him. His eyes slid closed as they shared a sweet kiss, only drawing back for air.

"You owe me 500 gil, Angeal. It was on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day." Genesis slyly commented, holding out his free hand as the required Gil was dropped into the waiting hand. Angeal rolled his eyes. The magical moment of the kiss was shattered when a loud belch echoed through the bar, making a certain bartender bristle in annoyance.

"Loz, where's your manners? I don't care if you're having a drinking contest with eggnog with Cid." Tifa scolded them as she marched over where they sat at the bar. The airship pilot just ignored her, drinking another cup of eggnog before smirking at the oldest remnant, as if challenging him again. Cloud sweatdropped at the remarks, feeling three pairs of eyes burning into the back of his head. However, the blonde couldn't do anything as he felt Sephiroth trail a hand down his cheek. He was embarrassed to mentally say that his knees nearly buckled.

Seventh Heaven should be nearby. That's what the remnant was thinking as he balanced his heavy load of presents. One misstep would cause him to slip and scatter all of them in the three inch snow drift around him. His phone beeped, signaling a text message, and then started to ring immediately afterwards.

"I'd love to answer it… Probably Cloud wondering where I am…" he muttered to himself, sighing. The breath left his mouth as a cold pocket of air, swirling above his head to disappear. Cloud was such a worrywart in his opinion. Oh, he loved his brother a lot, especially after all that he had done for them, but it almost made Cloud seem like a father with all the worrying he did. He guessed that that was what older brothers did, especially when it came to Yazoo as well, he was the same way with him.

Ring ring ring…

He just rolled his eyes at the constant ringing.

"Can't answer it. Have my hands full." He said out loud. To other it would have seemed strange for the boy to be talking to himself, but no one else was outside in the cold weather. It was quite late as well. The phone seemed to answer by buzzing louder. Glancing down at the annoying device, he nearly stepped into a snow drift, making him quickly recover his footing without losing a present. He blinked a bit, moving so he could stare straight ahead. There was his destination. Seventh Heaven… Home. He quickly covered the last few feet to the door and shook his head, nearly dislodging the santa hat from his head in an attempt to shake the snow from his head, it perfectly blending in with the moondust color. He shifted so he could jiggle the door's handle, managing to open it easily despite having so many presents he was holding. His excellent hearing picked up something, a tap of near silent footfalls.

"I swear, Zack, if you tackle me and make me spill these presents I will sever your head from your shoulders without a second thought!" the remnant growled out in warning, right before the excited ex-SOLDIER leaped for him. The comment stopped him in his tracks, making the older male sweatdrop.

"You wouldn't dare! You love me too much!" Zack said, smirking. Kadaj rolled his eyes as Genesis came to take half of the presents, being sure to hide the materia presents from Yuffie, who came snooping over to see if she could find her said presents. The silver head male looked around, having hoped that Reno would have been there before him, but frowned when he wasn't. Movement happened to catch his eye, making him glance to the sofa in the living room. The scene he saw made him stop in his tracks, liquid mako eyes widening to their most potential.

The scene included a coach, which in turn included both Sephiroth and Cloud, but instead of them just setting at opposite ends casually, they were… No... It wasn't possible. How on Gaia!?...

Cloud was sitting in Sephiroth's lap, their lips locked.


In shock, the remnant nearly dropped his half load of presents, which in turn was saved by Angeal, who took them safely to the tree. Apparently the two didn't see the younger brother standing there with his jaw hanging open. It took a few minutes for Kadaj to remember how to work his vocal cords.

"H-How… WHEN did this happen Cloud?" he said, still staring. At the voice of his little brother, Cloud suddenly jerked back, promptly falling onto his back on the ground in startlement. He then rubbed the back of his head, opening his mouth to say something as Sephiroth chuckled amusingly. However, he was cut off by Kadaj, who held up a hand, suddenly grinning.

"Never mind…" He tackled his brother, giving him a smirk as he was caught in a mid crouch.

"It's about time!" he said, seeing Cloud blink at what he said. He had always seen big brother Cloud sparing a glance at Sephiroth when he thought no one was looking. Oh how wrong he had been at that. He then giggled, before again realizing who was currently not there.

"Cloud. You said he'd be here!" he complained, frowning deeply. The whine made him sound younger than he was, like a child who wanted some candy and being refused it. Even the smell of Banora Apple pie and fresh cookies couldn't lift his sudden downfall mood. Cloud glanced at the still smirking Sephiroth, who stood up to pat Kadaj's head before going to make sure everyone was inside from the cold, the kids included.

"He will, Kadaj, just have patience." Cloud assured him.

Oh I'm going to kill that Turk. I told him not to be late and make my dear little brother sad!

He then sighed as Cloud went to steal a cookie from the plate on the counter before Genesis was able to slap his hand with a spatula. A few seconds later someone pulled the santa hat down so it covered his eyes and part of his nose. That made an annoyed growl slip past soft lips, yanking the hat up before he balled his hand into a fist, twirling around. Oh Loz was certainly going to get a beating for doing that.

Wait a minute, the remnant thought as he twirled, wasn't Loz still at the bar with Cid? A hand caught his arm before it could get near him, suddenly finding himself staring into twin vibrant pools of blue. He knew those eyes.

"So this is the greeting I get? Is a little remnant turning bad on me?" The Turk let the tease sink into his lover's head, a happy smile on his slightly tired face. His heart was warm despite having been in the cold, so delighted to see his beloved again. Kadaj's eyes widened, hints of a tear forming in them as his breath caught in his throat. It was him…

"RENO!" he said, throwing himself into the Turk's arms, causing him to fall backwards back first onto the ground. Instantly Kadaj felt those warm arms wrap around him firmly, as if to silently confirm that he was real. He buried his head in the nape of Reno's neck, breathing in the scent that was purely Reno. A silent sigh escaped those lips as he understood that it wasn't a dream. His Turk had come home to him, just as he promised.

Yazoo glanced at the couple from where he sat in an armchair, sipping some hot chocolate. He smiled, such a rare occurrence, but quite common on holidays. He too, however, shared Cloud's thoughts in wanting to strangle the Turk for being a few minutes late. He cared too much for his little brother to see him sad. Reno lifted Kadaj's chin to stare into those eyes his beloved possessed. He pointed up at the mistletoe plant hanging above them. The silver haired male just smirked, happily kissing his lover, regardless if the plant was there or not.

After what seemed like an eternity the two broke apart, both still in each other's embrace. A slight cough from a grinning Cloud indicated for the two to get up and join them with eggnog and dinner. But it also held a different meaning aimed towards a certain red head. Quickly the two got onto their feet, the santa hat lopsided, yet still clinging to Kadaj's head. Reno had to admit that it was adorable on him. Before Kadaj could walk to the bar counter, Reno caught his arm. Two certain people had their eyes trained on a jacket pocket, where something was obviously hiding something. At the confused look, Reno went down on one knee, hand slipping into his jacket pocket. Kadaj's heart fluttered, nearly stopping as realization dawned on him. All eyes were on the two, Yuffie barely being able to hold back a squeal.

"Kadaj, will you marry me, and be at my side forever?" Reno asked, eyes locked onto those of the remnant's, opening up the box to reveal such a beautiful simple ring that it made his knees weak. The emerald perfectly matched his eyes. He tried to make his voice work, but then threw his arms around Reno's neck, a few tears breaking free, trailing down his cheeks.

"Yes!" he said, his voice shaking with happiness. A bright and loving smiled graced Reno's lips, pulling Kadaj's lips to his own in a deep sweet kiss as he slipped on the ring. It was the perfect moment… until…

"Awwww! … Now can we open presents?"


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