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"Rory if you love me you have to lisen to me."

"Why should I lisen Jess you always run away you never stay." She swiped tears off her cheeks. "You always leave you say you'll take me to prom then you leave for california with out even talking to me I barley made it through graduation and when you called me I want to tell you I loved you I wanted to beg you to come home. I couldn't though no matter what then you come back say you love me and then disapeer again."

"Rory lisen to me I love you you know I do I left becuse I had failed Luke I had failed you the only two people that ever ment anything to me and I failed them. I couldn't stand to have to look into your eyes when I told you I couldn't take you to the prom."

"Hey" Liz interjected "What do you mean the only two people you cared about." She was hurt by her son's words."

"Liz shut up." Jess told his mother looking back at Rory. "Ror please say something you have to say something."

She slowly walked towards him never breaking eye contact. She reached out her hand and brushed it across his cheek. "Jess Mariano I love you and I wish you had just talked to me well we were in high school."

"I know I wish I had to but I can't change the past all I can do is try and have a future and try and be better."

She kissed him in her own world She was in Jess's arms again She felt like she had came home like she was safe. "Bridge." it was the only word she had to utter. Jess took her hand and pulled her out the door.

"Wow." Lorelai sat down heavily in the chair.

"I can't believe he told me to shut up."

Lorelai looked at Luke's sister she liked her well enough but she had heard plently of stories about her. "Liz you were a drunk you had multiple boyfriends you sent your only son away to live with an uncle he had never met and you expect him to greet you with open arms."

Liz wasn't sure what to say to this so she decieded to stay silant. Rory and Jess were laying on the bridge fingers intwinded. "Its like were eighteen again."

"You realize this is the exact spot that I found you after the dance."

"Well it has a lot of meaning thats for sure."

"Yup." He leaned over her brushing the hair out of her face and kissing her a kiss that ment the world a kiss to start there future. The hot Stars Hollow sun beat down on them and they were in there own world.

Luke came into the diner. "Were's Jess."

"Out." thats all Lorelai would tell him.

"Were becuse TJ is driving me crazy and I need Jess to help me with him he wants to go to a strip club and I am not going by my self."

"Arn't Jackson and Andrew going with you."

"So its Jess's step dad let him come."

"Don't call him that in front of Jess. He told Liz to shut up earlier."


"Him and Rory were having a screaming match in the middle of the diner and he said and I quote " I left becuse I had disapointed the only two people that mattered to me. Or something like that and LIz said I don't matter and so he told her to shut up."

"Wait back up Rory and Jess."

"Yup there back together."

"And your ok with this."

"What am I soupose to do she's nineteen he's not that bad and plus I have seen Dean looking at her again and he's married so Jess is the better choice."

"What ever if you see Jess tell him I want to talk to him."


Luke left determined to track Jess down he was happy for him and Rory but there was no way in hell he was dealing with TJ alone.

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