Of dark and light veelas

Author: FelesMagica

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of these characters (these belong to J. K. Rowling), nor the idea of veela!Draco, femHarry, veela!Harry, and dark and light veelas. I don't know who owns them, to say I'm sorry for borrowing them. If I would know, I would ask. But I do own my plot.

Summary: Draco Malfoy is a veela, Harriet "Harry" Potter disappeared during the holidays after their fifth year and a new girl, Kiara Balgakow, appeares at Hogwarts. How are the students and teachers going to cope and what happend to Harriet Potter? veela!Draco, femHarry, bashings

Genre: Romance/Angst

Warnings: This story may contain graphic abuse or sex scenes in the following chapters. Furthermore it contains femHarry, DracoHarry and some bashings. Don't like it, then don't read further.

1. Chapter

The Beginning

Draco Malfoy was, what many people suspected but would never in their lives dare to tell him, a veela. But not any kind of veela. No, Draconis Lucius Malfoy was special. Like his parents, Draco was a fullblooded, light veela in every kind of aspect. Now, on the night to his 16th birthday, the first day of the big holidays between his fifth and sixth year of school, Draco was confiscated to his rooms, surrounded by his worried parents Lucius and Narcissa, his Godfather and uncle Severus Snape, who tried in vain to calm his parents and the nervous boy in front of him, and a good dozen of the best healers of Saint Mungos. His transformation was about to take place and it was a well known fact to everybody in the wizarding world that this process would hurt a lot.

At 11.55 pm the healers gave him five different looking bottles of potions and told him to lie down on his bed and to try to relax. They quietly made space for his parents and Godfather, who sat next to his bed, his mother holding his right hand in a strong, trembling grip and his father, who normally would never show affection openly, took a strand of his hair and tucked it behind his ear. Severus, who sat on the other side of his king-sized bed, reached for each of the bottles, explained its containments and gave them to Draco, who took them thankfully. All through this Severus was smiling reassuringly at his Godson.

"This is a Pain Reliever, Draco, so you won't be in as much pain as you would normally be. Infact, you won't feel anything, but you will experience the feeling of floating trough the air. It's similar to a muggle drug and helps the soul to seperat from the body for a short amount of time, to be free of its feelings.

This is a Bloodreplenishing Potion. It could very well be that you will loose a bit of blood throughout your, especially when your wings will appear. But thanks to this little bottle, it won't matter.

Well, this potion will help your magic to remain stable, so it won't attack and try top kill us all. Furthermore, it will suppress your urge to go to search for your mate and claim him or her inmediately. You will be able to feel your mate and to build a connection to him or her, but you won't be driven be this instinct like a puppet.

The next bottle will make your soul free, so you can, with a bit of luck, find your mate through the connection you share, before you even are awake the next morning. You would appear in your mate's dreams and thoughts, to be able to recognize him or her.

Finally, the last bottle, will put you asleep. You will sleep through your whole transformation. When you awake the next time, you will be fully transformed, your magic will be stable and you will share the unique connection with your mate."

After Draco had downed the last potion, he smiled at his Godfather and his parents. His eyes became heavy and began to close on their own, but he fought the urge to sleep to thank the peolpe around him.

"You thought of everything, didn't you? See you soon, hopefully with some good news."

With that, Draco's eyes finally closed and he was quickly sound asleep. His parents each took a deep breath and sat next to his bed on their chairs. His mother still held his hand and wore a worried look on her face. Lucius, who sensed the anxiety of his wife, lay an arm around her shoulder and squeezed her reassuringly. A little smile spread over her worried face and she leaned into the touch of her husband.

Severus observed the still figure of his Godson, thinking about the possibilities which lay ahead of them. He hoped with all his might that Draco's mate was a good person, who would come to love every single of his family members and the other way round.

"You don't have to be afraid, Draco. All will come to a good end. You will see, Draco."

At that moment the ancient clock on the other side of Draco's room chimned twelve o' clock midnight and Draco Malfoy's transformation began.

When Draco opened his eyes, he couldn't see a thing. The light in his room was shining brightly and hit his unprepared eyes with full force. He groaned. His body hurt like hell and he had the feeling, moving would only make it worse. So he decided to just lay there and wait. Not two minutes later the door to his left opened, and through came his parents and his Godfather. All three were smiling brightly at him and greeted him, while they sat down on the chairs next to his bed.

Draco blinked.

His eyes had gotten used to the bright light of the midday sun and he could now see the face of his visitors, not only their shadows. He had to smile. It seemed as if his parents and Severus had stayed with him through the whole changing process. They had dark shadows around their eyes and couldn't always suppress their yawns. It warmed his heart. To know that Severus, Lucius and Narcissa had stayed with him during the whole night, made him feel even more wanted and loved than before.

"My son, you look great, even better than before. Would you like to see for yourself?", his mother asked.

She waved her wand and a body-length mirror appeared in the middle of his room. Draco smiled his thanks at her and with slow and careful movements, he stood up and walked to the mirrow.

What he saw, suprised him. He had grown a few inches and was now officially tall. His body wasn't too thin, but with a lot of muscles at the right places. He had broad shoulders, firm arms and legs and an absolutely flat but muscular abdomen. His skin had changed a bit. He now had a light tan and wasn't as pale as before. His hair had grown a bit, too, and now reached his shoulders. It was now of a light, nearly silvery blond colour with light silver strands. He would have to cut his hair. It made him look too girly when it was this long, he thought.

His face looked like that of a man instead of a young boy and was really handsome. The colour of his eyes had changed a bit, too. They now were light blue, like the midday sky and had light silvery sparks in them. But the biggest changes were his wings. They were body-length wings with small to big feathers, which varied from bright white to light blue and silver. All in all, they were just beautiful.

"You really do look handsome.", his father told him.

"Your mate is going to drool."

A light smirk appeared on his father's face.

"Would you like to enlighten us and tell us, who this lucky person is, who will have the pleasure of being your mate."

Draco sighed and returned to his bed. He sat down on it and faced his family sitting cross-legged. The disappointment was clearly written on his face.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't identify my mate properly. All I can tell you is that my mate is a girl, around my age. She seemed very familiar and I would bet my entire fortune that she visits Hogwarts just like me. But she lives in a different house, because I haven't seen a girl like her in Slytherin. She has dark, long hair and beautiful, green-bluish eyes."

His uncle chuckled.

"Well, Draco, that helps a lot and makes it very specific. Only half of the students, who attend Hogwarts are females, and of these girls only half of them have dark hair. Fortunatelly we can be sure, that your mate is not Pansy Parkinson, thank God. That would have just been horrible."

The young veela sighed frustrated.

"I know, it isn't much. But I couldn't recognize anything else. Reaching her thoughts and dreams was difficult. It was, as if she was protecting her mind, I couldn't enter it."

Draco now was loolking really frustrated.

"Don't worry, my dragon. You will recognize her soon, I promise."

His mother reached for his hand and stroked it reassuringly.

"But now, I think it is more important, that you listen to your father closely."

Lucius cleared his throat to begin his lecture.

"I will now tell you everything about what it means to be a veela and what changes will occure in your near future. The first has something to do with your mate. Your mate being female tells us a lot about you. For example, we now know for sure that you will be the dominant part of the relationship, your mate will be the submissive. Had your mate been a male, too, we wouldn't have known about this, until you two had met.

You being the dominant means, you are the one to protect your mate and the family, you two are going to have. In presence of other males and other dominants, females or males, you are going to be more agressive. You will also be very possesive of your mate, of whom you will be thinking as yours and yours only whitin a few days. You will protect her with all your might and never allow anyone to harm her. Your mate is your soul partner, your other half, the one to complete you. You will only be able to love her and nobody else. It will be a relationship full of the best feelings, real, untainted love."

Lucius made a pause, to let all this information sink in. He knew that it probably was a frightening thought that Draco's personality was going to change drastically and that he was going to risk his life for a person, he didn't knew yet. But that wasn't all.

"You are going to achieve new powers within the next few weeks. With your wings you are going to be able to fly. You will still need to practise a lot, as flying is something you can't do naturally. You will be able to hide your wings within your back if necessary. This will require even more practise and is normally only able to be achieved with the help of your mate. It could also be that your teachers won't allow you to participate in Quidditch this year, as you would have a big advantage. We will see to this aspect, when you have found your mate and you had some time getting to know each other. Dumbledore will probably try to forbid it, but we will see who will win in the end."

Draco sighed and let his back rest at the head-board of his bed. This would be great. His favorite sport, his only hobby, the only thing that made him truly happy and Dumbledork could forbid him to participate. But his father wouldn't allow this treatment, that was for sure. Draco shook his head and directed his attention back to his father.

"Your ability to fly isn't the only new power you are going to achieve. Did you notice the change of colour of your eyes and the colour of your wings?"

Draco nodded.

"Your eyes and wings are an interesting mix of blue and silver-white. These parts of your body identify to which elements you have an affinity to. Blue is the symbol of water and silver-white the symbol of air. That means that in the future and after a lot of hard training you will be able to control these elements. Fortunately you achieved these two elements, as your mother and I possess these elements, too, and wouldn't be able to help you with your training to control earth or fire.

You will also notice that you gained a tremendous amount of power, the ability to memorize things better and with less problems, and that, thanks to our veela-alour, you will be able to persuade people to do things, they normally would never do. This ability should better not be abused, as you will be able to be punished, not by wizards but by veelas like us."

Draco now had big eyes. His new powers sounded interesting. It should be fun to explore them. That thought led to his question.

"When will I be able to train these powers, father?"

His father smirked. Of course, that would be the first thing his son would ask.

"Unfortunately you will have to wait until you have found your mate, as it is tradition that these powers are trained togehter with your mate. Without her you would have great difficulties training them. That's why the mates have to train them together. This leads me to the last aspect of being a veela I'm going to tell you today.

You told us that you can't feel your mate yet. That means, that your mate is younger than you, as she hasn't transformed into a veela yet. Your mate will, just like you, be a fullblooded veela and would transform in the night to her sixteenth birthday. That could be the next day or even years later."

Draco's face fell. The thought that he would have to wait for his mate more than a few days was simply too much for him to bear.

His father had to chuckle when he saw the scandalised and horrific look on his son's face.

"Now, now, my dragon, don't be afraid. This won't happen. Because now I'm going to tell you the importance of you being the dominant in your relationship. When the dominant mate transformes and the submissive mate is much younger than the dominant mate, meaning that the dominant mate would have to wait weeks for the transformation of the submissive, mother nature made a compromise to help the dominant mates, so that they won't go crazy.

The transformation of the submissive will start one day after the transformation of the dominant. In your case that means that your mate is going to transform this night or the next night. Your task is to recognize your mate and to find her, before she is fully transformed. If she would go through the changing process without proper help, it could be that she will be killed. Furthermore, she will be in a lot of pain through which only you could help her."

There was a long silence. Draco's personal house elf, Binky, arrived and brought a tray with food with her, which she placed next to Draco on the bed. After that she disappeared right away with a quiet pop.

"But how am I going to recognize her, when I couldn't recognize her in her dreams?"

Draco was now desperate. He didn't want to loose his mate just before he knew, who she was. She seemed to be too nice and beautiful to just loose her right now.

This time Severus cleared his throat. He had been silent until now, as he hadn't been able to add something new or important to Lucius' lecture, but now with this problem Severus could help his beloved Godson.

"That won't be a problem, Draco. I am here to help you with this part of your search. You will have to meditate. While you are doing this, I am going to free your mind and accompany you to your mate. There I will guide your mind to hers, so that you will be able to recognize her. But first of all, you should eat. Otherwise you are going to pass out through the whole process and this would neither be beneficial for you nor for your mate. So, eat up."

While Draco ate, his parents stood up and gave him a hug.

"We will leave you alone, Draco. Our presence would only disturb your search. Severus will stay with you for the whole time. You don't have to be afraid, my son. Severus will help you. You will find your mate before she transforms completely and you will be able to help her through it. Have patience, my dear dragon. All will turn out great."

With that his father gave him a last reassuring squeeze and then they left his room. Binky appeared and took his now empty tray with her.

Draco sighed, took a deep breath and lay flat down on his bed. With a little movement of his wand a blanket appeared and Severus tucked his Godson in. Silently he set down next to him on his bed and made himself comfortable.

"Now, Draco, you have to do exactly what I tell you to do. Open your mind, make it free of all your thoughts and feelings. Relax. Take deep breaths. Now, listen to your heart and let's see, to whom it guides you..."

Harriet "Harry" Potter officially felt like shit. She had to stay at her relatives' house during the whole holidays and the Dursleys hadn't been happy. No, to be honest, they had been furious. She had been at the Dursleys for only two days, forty-eight hours, and she already felt as if she was going to die.

It was night, shortly before midnight to be precisely and Harriet lay alone in the darkness of her small room. She felt lonely. Her aunt wouldn't talk to her and her uncle and her cousin would only yell, scream and shout at her, throwing insults at her all the while.

Before she had borded the train from Hogwarts to London, Dumbledore had wanted to talk to her. So she had made her way from the Great Hall to his office and had seated herself, so that he could tell her what the problem was this time. He told her that he had talked to all of her friends, including Neville, Luna, Ginny and a few others from the DA that they mustn't write her a single letter during the whole holidays.

He feared Voldemort could let his Death Eaters observe the owls of all of her friends and that he would finally be able to locate her relatives' home this way.

To say that Harriet was furious, was an understatement, too. She argumented that Voldemort couldn't come across the bloodwards and that writing with her friends wouldn't endanger her. Furthermore, old dear Voldemort probably already new where she lived, as he had access to all important information concerning the wizarding community, so writing with her friends shouldn't endanger her any more than she already was. But Dumbledore wouldn't have any of that and outright forbad her strictly to contact any of them.

To add further anger to her furious feelings, her friends told her that they would all spent the holidays at Grimauldplace, the home of her deceased and beloved Godfather Sirius Black. Hermine, Ron, Ginny, the twins, Charlie, Bill, his wife Fleur, Remus, Tonks and even Neville and Luna would stay together at his, no now her, new home. They would be taught by some of the teachers and Order members and would be allowed to use magic. They would be able to spend time together and have fun. And the worst of all was that Harriet wouldn't be able to speak with one of them and would have to wait to see them again until they met on the train to Hogwarts. Because this year she wouldn't be allowed to go to Grimmauld Place at all.

A tear escaped her eyes and slowly Harriet wiped it away. Dumbledore had sent a letter to her relatives, explaining that Harriet wasn't allowed to leave the ground of their house, that she would have to stay the whole six weeks at their home and that she was in immediate danger to be killed by a psycotic mass murderer.

To say that the Dursleys were displeased, was the understatement of the millennia, too. Uncle Vernon wasn't as dumb as he looked. He understood that if Harriet was in danger of being killed by a mass murderer, her staying at his family's home would mean that they would be in danger, too. He screamed, cursed, yelled and finally beat her up like he had never done it before during her whole life. Throughout his beating she had lost consciousness. After he had finished several hours later, her uncle had to carry her to her room.

That had been two days ago. Since then she had neither seen of nor heard anything from her relatives. Her door was locked several times and she hadn't gotten anything to eat. Her body hurt like hell and she was sure that some of her bones were broken, as she couldn't move her legs and her right arm properly. She had cuts and bruises lingering all over her body and her head hurt like it was going to explode. Furthermore, she felt like throwing up und felt a little bit light-headed because of the blood she had lost and the lack of food and water. Last year she had hidden a bottle of water under her bed and thankfully it was still there.

As she lay there in her bed, she was thinking about how long she was going to survive under these conditions. It didn't look good for her this time. She was weak, had nothing to eat, little to nothing to drink, couldn't move and couldn't contact someone to send her help. No, it really didn't look good this time.

She sighed.

At that moment it chimned midnight. Now would beginn the third day of her imprisonment and torture. She had now been in her bed for several hours and was still wide awake. But it wouldn't help her if she passed out through the next day, while her door was opened and she would be allowed to use the toilette. No, that would even be worse.

As she tried to finally fall asleep, it suddenly happend.

Her fingers started to twitch and jerk. At first she thought it would go away after a while, but after a few minutes her fingers were still twitching and her legs and arms started to tremble, too. Now she was getting nervous; that couldn't be normal. But in that moment, as she wanted to try to get up, a spasm shot through her body and stopped her. With every passing moment, a new spasm would shoot through her and finally she started to convulse. Her body hurt like hell. It had started being a slight pain in her upper body, but soon it had changed and had become worse. Now she felt like her chest was on fire. She couldn't breath and her vision began to blur. The convulsion got worse and hearing got difficult, too. She had to bite her tongue until it bled to stop herself from crying out loud.

She was affraid.

No, this really wasn't normal. Suddenly a sharp pain errupted in her heart. Her body felt like being burned alive and her room started to shake. The pain finally got so intense that she couldn't help herself.

A tortured scream full of pain and angony errupted from her lips and then everything became black.