"DB 606"

five contrasting reflections on 'de Blob'
which, coincidentally, I own absolutely no rights to
...I think THQ owns them all?...
you'd probably guessed that already

written because we're all entitled to a little fun
be aware, though, that parts 2 and 3 are absolute trash
I mean, free verse? double dactyls? sonnets?
clearly I was just trying to fill space

reviews welcome - encouraged, even -
so long as you capitalise properly

I. Colourless

A radiant city by the sea

a people happy and carefree

a placid, dull serenity...

Perfect? No – step back and think.

Blinded by colour and by light,

naivety like theirs incites us:

March as one! Bring back the night!

Drop by drop we lay the ink.


Colour is a vile invention

made to serve one cruel intention:

forming rifts and differences where there had been none before.

Thus did Comrade Black envision

life sans pointless class division–

Strip away the hues and shades and war itself is nevermore!


Our critics and dissenters claim

there's sinisterness in our aim

their words defile INKT Corp.'s good name

But they won't push us past the brink:

We will stand tall against such swine

and should there be resistance? Fine!

We'll still uphold the party line.

Drop by drop we lay the ink


There's colour everywhere one looks

in shadows, corners, crannies, nooks

it may take many lifetimes to erase each last bespeckled trace

The hateful colours must be drained

The Raydians must be restrained

They must be painted grey and made to hunch their heads and stand in place.


With each and every gruelling day

as we drain endless paint away

our calm façades begin to fray

and our resolves begin to shrink...

A vision comes our way – we see

the day shall come when we shall be

a sterile, pure society

resplendent in monotony

'Til then, by Comrade Black's decree,

Drop by drop we lay the ink.